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Hello, unfortunately Google Play versions cannot be patched to add R-18 content.

No, Red Embrace is purely a PG-13 game.

Ah, looks like we changed it to just be the single .apk file. There should be another download button for the R18 version in your itch downloads page (4 Android download buttons really...2x no-VA and 2x VA ones).

You can resume playing from where you left off, no need to start over! :)

What was the error on your computer? If you shoot us an email (contact@argentgames.co), we can try to send you another Android build.

This isn't normal. Are you trying to click/skip through the dialogue too quickly when backgrounds change?

Please try following this guide!


Please download the patch .rar or .zip under the "demo" section on COB's Itch page:

Inside, you will find a text file with directions for patching on Steam. The image links will show you what to look for!

Send us an email at contact@argentgames.co if you run into any more difficulties! ^^


Please download the patch .rar or .zip under the "demo" section on COB's Itch page:

Inside, you will find a text file with directions for patching on Steam. The image links will show you what to look for!

Send us an email at contact@argentgames.co if you run into any more difficulties! ^^

The zip file has been uploaded. Please let us know if that doesn't work!

Thank you for the kind words! <3

Some kind folks over on Steam have made an achievements guide!

Hello there! Yes, you should be able to find a "Get Steam Key" button on your Itch.io purchases page (you may have to be logged in).

If you can't find it there, please send us an email at contact@argentgames.co!

A couple of people are already making one. They've passed along a single version for getting all the good endings that we'll link to soon!

Thanks for your feedback! <3 And if you purchased through Itch, you can download the Android version on your phone as well -- both the PG-13 and R-18 versions should be available! :)

If you send us an email (contact@argentgames.co), we can try sending you the files in another format.

Please try using The Unarchiver (https://theunarchiver.com/) to open the file. It should be able to open the .rar!

Are you having difficulty unzipping the file? 

We have no plans to add any 18+ scenes, unfortunately!

There are separate PG and R18 android builds on itch ;) If you buy it through the google play store, you'll only get the PG version. 

The two versions are the same aside from the NSFW scenes. Enjoy! 

Not yet. There are some parts that still require some mobile optimization. When it is ready, we will upload it and make an announcement! Only the pg13 version will be available through the Google Play store due to store policies. 

There are CGs with nudity, descriptions, and voice.  Some scenes may be more obvious than others if played on speakers? 👀

@Rinvee -- please send us an email at contact@argentgames.co, and we'll get your saves working again asap!

Thank you very much for the kind words as well ^^ Celeste's VA was awesome to work with!

We're just waiting on some actions from Steam admin before we are able to release it on Steam. Pray for a swift response from them XD 🙏

We're planning on letting players create their own! There's one currently in progress by a user of our Discord channel that'll probably be done by the end of the week~

Yes, just download the PG-13 version and add on the R-18 patch! We'll also be uploading a pre-patched R-18 version for Itch exclusively before the end of the day~

We'll also be sending out digital rewards ASAP! Don't worry <3 

As for your missing key, could you email gamma@argentgames.co with a screenshot of the email you got? We'll get your key sent over!

The full version's final price hasn't been set yet, but it will be available at a special price of about $15 on the release date. The stretch goal for a Silas romance route wasn't reached, but the Sabre goal was!

Due to some delays with our artist, we're now looking at a Nov-Dec release date. Since we only have one artist, we don't want to injure her by rushing her with work! 

Looking at somewhere between November-December now. Our artist has had to slow down her pace a little to take care of her family.  We'll be releasing an updated demo soon with new gui, art, etc., so stay on the lookout for that!

Heya! Dovah here, the writer/lead dev on Requiescence. Thank you very much for your kind words -- we really love getting such detailed feedback. :) It's super helpful for us as developers to know what you guys want!

Just to address any potential updates to Req in terms of art etc., they may happen at some point in the future, but right now, we're focusing 100% of our efforts on getting new games out. After COB is done and we have a few more under our belt, we may revisit Req and give it some TLC. It was our first project so it's definitely a little rough around the edges.

We've also had similar thoughts ourselves about a lot of the things you mentioned, like having in-route choices matter (in COB, they all contribute towards your ending) and (hopefully) character development. From a writer's standpoint, I'm not fully satisfied with how a lot of aspects of Req turned out, and I tried to make note of things I wasn't happy with so that I could avoid making the same mistakes in COB's story. 

We have our own interpretation for the endings, but we'd like to leave the ultimate decision up to the players. ;) There may be another game in the Requiescence world that takes place on a later timeline, so the real impacts of the "canon" ending might be explained there. However, I will say this: I personally consider Kaul's "bad" ending to be the most ambiguous, and not necessarily a "bad" ending, either. Absalom actually has a sympathetic backstory that makes it difficult for me to really see him as a villain. 

I'm considering releasing the backstories for the characters that I wrote out during Req's planning phase, so that might give a little insight into their personalities as well down the line~ 

You'll need to finish both Damian's and Carrault's routes in order to unlock Kaul's route. Hope that fixes everything >_<

Have you tried closing the game and reopening? It's a bug that sometimes appears that we can't figure out :(


After downloading the R18 version, are you still launching the game through Steam? The R18 version is a standalone game and would need to be launched from its unzipped folder.


The preorders and Kickstarter tiers should be the same, so you'll be receiving the rewards without the need to support us on both platforms.  If there were any discrepancies, refer to the Kickstarter page as the final version.

$25 tier: 

  • Beta test the full game
  • Digital Copy of OST
  • Digital Copy of the game
  • Desktop wallpaper
  • Name in Credits

Thank you!

Thanks for alerting us to that! You don't need to buy it to play the demo, and the demo should now be available for free download. Let us know if you still can't access it.

@Scorpio Update on our plans: We'll go back to Kickstarter in about a month with a goal just for funding the art expenses. You can find more info and an art preview here.

We've narrowed down the voice actors to the Top 2-3. It was a difficult process, but after going through 500+ auditions over 2 days (~6 hours total), it is done!

You can vote for your favorite actors over on the Kickstarter.

Disclaimer: The polls are purely for fun and will have no influence on how the actors are chosen.

Ideally it'll be released in June, but if the KS doesn't get funded, the date may be pushed back to around August. Although there are already a couple of factors that may delay the release even if KS is funded (most of our potential voice actors are in UK/Australia). It'll definitely be released this year though!

Yeah..they've had that issue for a long time now >_<. And we speculate that a lot of our market doesn't use a CC. But worry not, you will definitely be able to play the game in the future! Just maybe on a slightly delayed timeline. :) Thanks for all your support <3