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The Android version is already available

This may help you:

Does this happen with both the armeabi and arm64 versions?

Hello, you cannot apply the R18 patch to Android/mobile versions. The patch only works for PC versions.

You may have to start from the beginning with your choices to avoid the death ending. There's a guide available here.

Hello! This bug should be fixed in the patch we just pushed today--please let us know if it's working for you or not!

Hello! We've updated the instructions for installing the Android version. You'll need to unzip the file after downloading it to your phone. You might need to search the Play store for an app that can unzip files. Then, if only one file (.apk) appears, clicking it should lead you to installation instructions. If two files appear, try to follow the installation instructions.

Thank you! We hope you'll be able to enjoy the Android version. Please let us know if you encounter any problems!

We just pushed a fix to Steam (and! Please let us know if you're still encountering the error.

Can you please send us screenshots of the error message and the tracebacks? You can email them to or post them directly here.

There are no plans for adding in character relationship bars again.

The Gol rep should probably be fine. If you were grumpy with Andrei during the first meeting, it's possible that your relationship is kind of low. Your route/mentor and House also affect how good a relationship you need.

You won't be able to access the 18+ material. Only the Android version available through itch has access to it. 

This may be helpful:

Endings are not solely dependent on faction rep. You'll want to maintain good relationships with key players in a particular ending.

If you don't select enough red options before you're supposed to head onto the special ending path, the game will continue to normal endings. There are some red options hidden behind white ones.

Downloading the most recent update will work, and if you use the itch app, the game will update automatically.

Odd. Shoot an email over to and we'll get you your key!

The Andrei <-> Randal ending swaperoo is a nasty bug we're trying to track down (a couple others on itch have mentioned it). It's possible your ambitions aren't evident enough to get the Leader option to show up.

It might be helpful to pop into the Discord for a bit and ask the other players! They'll give fairly detailed responses (all heavily prefixed with spoiler tags). Some have completed all endings, so if there are any specific questions, they can surely help.

Did you purchase the game through itch, or was it a Kickstarter key?

Hello! Glad to hear Heath's SE got all worked out. You should be able to raise your reputation with all factions to a decently high amount by the end. All Houses will have the same stat boost in their respective factions, though certainly some factions are easier to boost rep in-game than others.

Good luck on becoming regent! We believe in you.

Can you try loading from a save that's a little earlier than the announcement (maybe a day before) with v1.5.x and send a video/gif of the ending swap? We're having a tough time replicating it.

If you try saving before selecting the choice to eat/resist and load the game up again, does it still freeze?

Are you on the latest version (v1.5.x)?

They should be uploaded to now

Yes! You'll be able to purchase it soon :)

Can you send a video/gif/some screen shots (and also try playing from an earlier save if you haven't tried that yet)? We're having a tough time finding the issue/where exactly the jump is.

Did you agree to work with Andrei during the Graveyard conversation?

Randal is saving you, or is Zhang saving you and then it switches over to Randal/Heath disappearing?


You should be able to skip past that error by hitting "Ignore" (or "Rollback" and choosing another choice). We'll be adding that fix to the next update!

Does this happen when you try to load on any CG or only  this one?


Several players have achieved all endings! Having (or not having) a romantic/sexual relationship with Markus does not affect how the story plays out.

Glad to hear you've sort of worked it out. It sounds like an itch app issue, which we unfortunately can't help with :(

If you are using the app, then it should update automatically. Otherwise, simply downloading the files again and launching from there should be fine. Some older saves might not be compatible (but most of them should be if they aren't too old).

Please try using v1.4. It should resolve the issue with being difficult to survive after the announcement.

Would restarting the computer or reinstalling the app work? The way that the updates worked is that v1.0 was on one download track, and all later patches are on another track (where we hid v1.0). Our other games also use the additional track, and we haven't heard of others having a similar problem with their itch app...

Hoping to have it out within a month! There are additional optimization challenges associated with mobile versions.

Is this in the latest v1.4? What House/Route/Ending/MC Personality/Stats did you have?