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Are you having this problem through the Google Play store or the itch store?

What Mac OS are you running?

Ah, thought you had purchased it here. The Android version on itch is more or less the same as that of Google Play. 

When you say it hangs when "passing through each phrase", do you mean every time a new dialogue line shows up, or more like when the background scene changes?

Does the Android version here also hang a lot? We unfortunately can't do much with Android optimization.

No, we will not add more save slots.

We have seen reports for playtimes of anywhere from roughly 10-60 hours, depending on how much of a completionist you are.

Hi! If you engage Saorise in one of her side/optional conversations, she will explain about why the spelling (Saorise instead of Saoirse) and pronunciation of her name is different from the traditional Irish name. 

Ahh, okay! If you should have spare time at some point to skip through again with similar choices, we made a new build that may or may not fix it. If you get stuck again, please let us know.

Build link: 

Thanks! Could you tell us where exactly the black screen/music looping occurred (after the scene faded to black after the final CG of Beth, or earlier)? Did the credits never appear at all?

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The ending of the game should fade to black, show credits, and then send you back to the main menu. Can you recall which choices you selected/which ending you reached? It sounds like there may be a bug!

There are two endings.

Did you fully unzip all the files into a folder on your computer? If that doesn't work, does the browser version of the game work for you?

Hello! Did you download the most recent build (from yesterday)? 

Could you tell us what the error is? What platform are you attempting to run the game on?

Yes, please look forward to the next Red Embrace game. You will be able to customize your pronouns and appearance.

No, this game is complete as is.

Can you provide more details about your setup? Are you on Mac, Linux, or Windows? Did you download  patch.rar or

No, you will only receive the DRM-free copy.

What android device are you using?

If you download the demo from the Google Play store, does the game run?

You'll need to complete Damian and Carrault's routes to make Kaul's route (and choices) available.

Thanks for letting us know about this crash. Can you try the latest version and see the error is gone?

Yes. An Itch key will give you access to the R18 Windows game to download.

Hm, looks like we may have uploaded the wrong Android version to itch. We''ll have to update that to fix it.

Hi, there are no other versions or sequels planned for this game. Thanks for the question!

If you have the game on Steam, then you can just download the patch and follow instructions for installing it. Instructions are listed on the store page and also in the text file within the patch. There is no Steam R18 version that does not need to be patched.

For any deluxe version, you might be referring to bundles with the music or the artbook? They do not affect the game.

We have updated all the versions, if you could try reinstalling again!

Which android version are you trying to install?

Yes, download the version that says R18 for Android.

Hi! Please let us know if there are any issues with the latest update!

Thanks! We'll work on an update for that. In the  meantime, you should still be able to continue playing (if you do not want to wait for an update) by selecting the IGNORE option.

Can you send a screenshot of the error? What Android device are you on (android version, device type)?

You should not need to purchase the game again, nor should you receive a prompt to purchase the game.

Are you playing on Android?

-- Did you previously have the demo installed?

-- Did Google Play update the game?
-- If you are playing on mobile, please try first uninstalling the game and any demos (you can make a backup of the saves if you do not want to lose them: instructions). When you reinstall the game, you should be prompted to *install* the game, not to *update the game.

The Android version is only available through an purchase or through a Google Play purchase (not recommended, only censored version available).

No, the game is complete as is :)


For Mac, you'll need to "Show Package Contents" of the game. Screenshots below are for Red Embrace, but the same applies to CoB.

Can you provide more details on the issue?


Can you attach more detailed screenshots and descriptions of where exactly it happens? What is the exception? Are you playing on Android or Windows/Mac/Linux? What is your MC's customization options?