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Thank you for the support! :)

By Sebastian Zunino: Chamomile A.M., Late Blossom, Fading Petals, Clock Flower

By desert sand feels warm at night: New Age Spending, Gridlock Trance, Pranayama Waters, With All the World

Hello there,

Thank you for the interest in RE:P! 

The nature of RE:P romances will be quite different from RE:H, just like the overall atmosphere and direction of the game is. There are a couple of potential outcomes for each love interest, and one of those outcomes will be hopeful/positive (including the continuation of the relationship). 

Hope that answers your question--feel free to let us know if you have others! :)

You can try to follow similar instructions for other Unreal games, such as this or this. We've tried disabling it ourselves but somehow the settings refuse to stick... 😅

Hi, the R-18 patch does not require any codes. You can download the free patch from here and install it into the Steam version.


Please request refunds through itch support.

We will investigate this SDL2.dll error.

Please provide more information:

  • What device and operating system are you using?
  • Where are you receiving the exception?
  • What happens when you receive the exception?

There will be an Android version!

What Android device and OS version are you using?

There are no female characters that you can hook up with.

Romance is optional, and you can choose to be male, female, or nonbinary. 

Leslie's route (which is focused on his relationship with Richter, instead of Eastman's) can be reached by choosing the options in this screenshot (spoiler warning). Let us know if you're still having any trouble!

Thank you so much!! We made free mode with the exact idea in mind of sitting at the fountain and relaxing. :) So happy to hear that you enjoyed it! 

Hello! Are you playing as a Golgotha in Markus' route? Note that you also need to have seen Markus' normal ending (Amor Fati, with the unique CG) for the special ending to be unlocked.

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Hi there! We decided to remove the dev book mainly because a) it mentions some things that were poorly worded and could be misconstrued, and b) it has quite a bit of discussion/praise for a celebrity who had a lot of horrible things recently come to light, and we do not want to have any association with (or condone) their awful behavior. Editing the book would require quite a bit of time and rewriting, which we'd rather devote to our new games.

We're very glad to hear you enjoyed RE:H, though! If you'd like to learn more about it outside of the dev book, you could scroll through some of the older posts with the #killhollywood tag on our dev blog. There's quite a bit of discussion of the dev process.



Can you try updating device drivers, tweaking graphics card settings, slightly lowering the clock settings on your graphics card, and reinstalling the game (you should be able to make a backup of your save files so that you can use them in a fresh copy of the game)?

Some articles that might be helpful

Shucks! This is the only game we've built with Unreal, so we just hit the button to build for Linux and hoped it would work.

May require some deeper dives into renderer issues :( What are your device specs and OS?

@tuubi Thanks for the offer to test! We may have to take you up on that offer later.


We have uploaded a new Linux build. We're unable to test it (no access to Linux machine). If you decide to update the game to try it out, please let us know if it works ok!

It's a minor reference to a previous game in the series--Red Embrace: Hollywood. :)


We are unable to replicate that error :( What Mac OS are you using?

Can you try patching by opening Package Contents of the (downloaded from itch) and copying the game folder into the Steam one?

(itch folder)

Steam folder

Can you send a screenshot of the folder of the game before/after you replaced the files?

Hi, there is no way to buy just the Android version on itch, but the cost of the game includes both PC and Android versions. There wouldn't be any discount for just an Android purchase from here. If you really want to own only an Android version, the game is available on the Google Play store, but that version is missing some censored content.

The google play store version has some censoring.


Have you contacted Itch support about this? We have no control over what the purchase/download pages look like after we provide builds and keys. You can also request a refund for through them for the duplicate purchase.

Correct, the R-18 patch is only applicable to the full game.

Hi, there shouldn't be motion's been a while, but we vaguely recall spending a while trying to debug how to get rid of it.  The game engine has some config files that you could try to tweak if it looks like it's still there; this post might help.

Are you having this problem through the Google Play store or the itch store?

What Mac OS are you running?

Ah, thought you had purchased it here. The Android version on itch is more or less the same as that of Google Play. 

When you say it hangs when "passing through each phrase", do you mean every time a new dialogue line shows up, or more like when the background scene changes?

Does the Android version here also hang a lot? We unfortunately can't do much with Android optimization.

No, we will not add more save slots.

We have seen reports for playtimes of anywhere from roughly 10-60 hours, depending on how much of a completionist you are.

Hi! If you engage Saorise in one of her side/optional conversations, she will explain about why the spelling (Saorise instead of Saoirse) and pronunciation of her name is different from the traditional Irish name. 

Ahh, okay! If you should have spare time at some point to skip through again with similar choices, we made a new build that may or may not fix it. If you get stuck again, please let us know.

Build link: 

Thanks! Could you tell us where exactly the black screen/music looping occurred (after the scene faded to black after the final CG of Beth, or earlier)? Did the credits never appear at all?

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The ending of the game should fade to black, show credits, and then send you back to the main menu. Can you recall which choices you selected/which ending you reached? It sounds like there may be a bug!

There are two endings.

Did you fully unzip all the files into a folder on your computer? If that doesn't work, does the browser version of the game work for you?