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We still see it: 

We're certainly considering it.

The first image in the OTHER tab should be the intro CG (the scene at the  very beginning of the game). Does it say   LOCKED or  is the game crashing when you try to view it? (Or any other  problem?)

We are indeed. Please feel free to submit information!



Hello! Thanks for your kind words. While the Kickstarter is over, you can support us through Patreon (currently undergoing a rewards update/addition) if you'd like!

As for voice acting, we unfortunately didn't reach that goal on the Kickstarter. It's possible that in the future, there may be a separate post-release campaign to add VA, but the initial release won't contain any.

Yes, it's just an image with the credits for developers that is broken. We're planning a bugfix for that that includes some other additions, which is why we have not yet pushed that fix. Hitting "Ignore" should work, and you won't be missing any in-game content.

Nope, no route is more canon than the other!

It should be in the download demos section (

Hello, please play through the beginning again and make different choices. Depending on which choices you make, you'll automatically be placed on Arden's (or another character's) route.

You can download the file, then unzip them. For the Windows version, enter the folder after unzipping and you should find an icon for Requiescence. Double click that to play. For Android, unzipping the file will return a .apk file, which you can transfer to your phone. On your phone, find the file and click on it. It will ask if you want to install.

We're working hard towards a Spring 2019 release!

Please download the [Patch] file on this page (under the DOWNLOAD DEMOS) section and follow the instructions included in the README to install the R-18 patch.

You can find instructions for finding the Artbook at the link:

Updated the link in the README, but you can also find it here. Thanks!

We've updated the Google play version to fix the bug with the Extras section. Credits will be unlocked once you've completed the game at least once. 

Purchase screen will show up once you've ended up on one of  the routes, and it will ask if you want to purchase the single route or the full game. A future update will add the ability to purchase the full game to the main menu.

Not at this time. There used to be an R-18 version available through here, but we removed it with our recent update to the PG-13 version. We may add it again later.

Hello, we have just updated the Google play version of the game. Could you try that and let us know if it works? ((

Can you let us know if the newly updated Android build ([DEMO][Android][Renpy 6.99] Red Embrace: Hollywood) here does or doesn't work?

Does the demo run on your phone? There are some Android phone/versions that are incompatible with our engine, but the incompatible combinations can include 8.0+.

Is this game still in development? It's really beautiful and wonderfully designed, so really hoping to see a final version! <3

It should be there? Did you meet the route conditions to get on his route? 

Our projected timeline is a release in Q1-Q2 2019.

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Thank you for your kind words~ Some people have remarked the stat bars are slightly confusing/they're reading them the opposite (the GUI will definitely be altered), so that might be why your aggression bar doesn't seem to correlate with your reputation.

Stats affect different things, such as dialogue options, character reactions, and the "ending path" that you're on. Your reputation is usually a reflection of your stats, or at least certain ones. Secret motivations are a bit of a tricky thing to address, but you certainly can have them, to some extent. ;)  The demo version of the reputation/stats is a taste of the final game, where the bars (and reputation) will move more slowly and start to gradually affect things more and more. 

There are also unseen stats that are affected by conversations and behavior, which in turn affect both your reputation and your ending path. 

Hope this answered your question some, the system is fairly complicated but should turn out to be enjoyable!

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Word count is still tentative, but because of the large amount of choices and branching paths, we're estimating about 100k for the whole thing! (Very subject to change still.)

For stretch goals: a side character romance has potential, certainly. We'll have to see how things go with the first week or so of the KS first, though!

18+ version is only available through purchases here, unfortunately, so you would need to buy the game again to access them.

RE:H will have a price (we're still working on setting an exact one). Individual routes plus the full game will probably be purchasable on mobile, while computer versions are just the full game! 

Yes, RE:H will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms! (Possibly IOS too, at some point~)

No, you'll be able to do any of the routes in any order (although the recommended order will be Randal->Heath->Markus) and as any House. However, some special content will be locked to specific Houses.

Regarding tattoos: Not planned at this time because of the amount of work tattoos put on artists (all those details!), and the consideration for MC's appearance in CGs. It may be feasible with a Kickstarter stretch goal, though, if enough people would like to see it!

Let us know if it works without the patch. If it does, then something is being deleted improperly when you apply the patch.

Could you try downloading the game again? It sounds like not all the files were downloaded properly o_o

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! At this time, there is no plan to create a sequel.

Yes indeed, the visual aesthetics and atmosphere were very inspired by VtM:B. If you're a fan of that game, chances are you'll enjoy RE:H as well~

Can you try this?

Thank you for the kind words! And certainly, we'd love to see any Let's Plays!

Just in case you haven't seen:

The full game will be free, so there won't be a separate demo. You're welcome!

Hello! It will be available for Mac (through itch and Steam), just not iOS (app store).

Let us know if you need any help with making VNs!  We have a dedicated channel in our Discord to general gamedev and helping others out^^