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I see "romance" is an advertised possibility and feature for this game...

A topic by Migraineus created May 23, 2023 Views: 904 Replies: 1
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... but is it going to be like RE: H - meaning... choosing romance or intimacy is ALL doomed and/or disturbing?  Will there actually be a possibility of a positive outcome in that area?  At all?  Or are the players going to 100% be punished for choosing some sort of 'intimacy between characters', like in RE: H? 

Personally, hoping for something more balanced, less bitter -  super stoked about Zhang being a real character this time (not just side-filler).


Hello there,

Thank you for the interest in RE:P! 

The nature of RE:P romances will be quite different from RE:H, just like the overall atmosphere and direction of the game is. There are a couple of potential outcomes for each love interest, and one of those outcomes will be hopeful/positive (including the continuation of the relationship). 

Hope that answers your question--feel free to let us know if you have others! :)