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... but is it going to be like RE: H - meaning... choosing romance or intimacy is ALL doomed and/or disturbing?  Will there actually be a possibility of a positive outcome in that area?  At all?  Or are the players going to 100% be punished for choosing some sort of 'intimacy between characters', like in RE: H? 

Personally, hoping for something more balanced, less bitter -  super stoked about Zhang being a real character this time (not just side-filler).

Hospital?  Aiyo!  I hope you feel better soon!

Ah, so I will just have to click through, that's fine.  It's not 'skipping' I want but the auto-forward,  meaning that each line of dialogue or narration will appear by itself after a set time (so, in Ren'py, you had it right initially - and I can definitely believe it's buggy).  Too bad though, it appears to be a very good VN system otherwise... and Unity seems to randomly decide to crash games for no reason - is there no good option for a program (sad sigh)?

And as for your new game... of course I'm watching - always following.  It's been a joy to see the progress from the earlier games to now (everything keeps getting better).

Wow... talk about artwork evolution - this looks ... amazing - (played Freak-quency and Amplitude previously).  I just need help (from anyone, really) - Freakin' Ren'py... there's an auto-forward speed setting... and yet... no indication of how to toggle auto-forward on or off.  

I tried doing a search to see if there was some 'default hotkey' that I just didn't know about... and got nothing except command/code line discussions.  I'm not making a game... just trying to play it - while being able to get 'tedious and brainless stuff that requires hands being occupied" at the same time (like sorting, folding, pea-shelling).

So.  Anyone... know what the magic auto-forward key is?  Please don't say all I need to do is go into prefs and set the auto-forward time shorter/longer... I've already tried that, no dice.

Much thanks!!!  You know you're one of the few where I'd do it for free (ssshhh!) even if the KS is short by a bit.

Ahhh... thank you for clearing up the Omen story... hahaha a "... little trip home to visit his father..."  The understated, stiff upper-lipness of it is wonderful.  Love.  It.

Ooooooh minyan!!!!!  Another game!  So exciting!  I have GOT to get my VN on again... took a break for a bit... still doing the VO... and naturally thought about your games.  My heart is in my throat waiting for this.

Well well well.. updated comment... finally... finally did my stupid-obsessive-completionist thing... and played through all the routes, read all of the codex, did all of the mini-games... worth it.  I am confused and wondering if I missed something though... I played through Omen's route twice... and it still feels like I missed a chunk of story between the end of the main game and the start of his mini-side-game?... Don't want to put any further details (spoiler 'n' all)... anywhere I can get filled in?

also... ... HA... So It IS a UK company... I was wondering why I appreciated all the humour so much (many of the VNs I've played have ... just... really not-funny-to-me cringe humour... ).

Also.  Piper is bloody brilliant.  Thank you for creating and writing this character.  That lovely lady has fulfilled the dream of every wronged-employee out in the world... to call their boss a t**t and NOT get fired.  She made me laugh so hard.  I'd take up fight training just to try to be her bestie.  Mama Ezra would also have a fan in me... migraine meds?  Always?  Oh please. Yes. Please... my other best friend...

I nearly spit out my juice when the name of the... erm... "author" was revealed.  I can't believe I haven't heard that one.  I used to be a telephone operator.  

Reading another comment (in this looong list of comments) ... someone indicated that het romances in VNs are usually "not great".. and I have to agree... so many of them... the protagonist and their respective choices are... so... vapid, or infuriatingly shallow... I had to stop playing a game just recently because the MC was this irresponsible twit who felt self-entitled to have everything just handed to her... and it wasn't even a platform for 'growth' it was like the creators expected us to AGREE and LIKE it... and this just set up the game to play out where you know the 'love interests' are going to be just as shallow and undeveloped.

I am rather in a bit of a pondering mood now though that ... after reading all these comments... good lord... am I the only HN to play these games?  Damnit... Am I trespassing upon disallowed ground?  I'm so sorry... What can I say?  The best looking boys ALWAYS seem to be drawn into the LGBTQA+ games (I apologize, I don't ... know if I missed a letter in there).  I very much appreciate the artwork and the depiction of light.  That ONE CG of August (I think it must have been in promo ads or something) going full-juice was actually what spurred me to say "I must try this game."

When did I know I was going to love this game? RIGHT in the beginning... whilst reading the Codex and I saw this beautiful piece of wisdom: 

" Of course, unfortunate things happen.  You can't cure stupid."

Some of the truest words ever put to print... and I give ALL the likes to the creators who included it in the game.

Just started the game - excited about it - as from all appearances it seems to have a real story and obvious effort  went into the artwork... having some weird bugs though?

Running Win 10 - keep getting intermittent "An exception occurred" screens - any idea how to get around this...?

*thaaank youuuuu* - After missing a cue and becoming deader-than-dead so so so many times... this is a TREASURE.

I ... can... hardly believe this beautiful game is 'name your own price' - I think I read the description a few times over to make sure.

How... what????

Okay.  Now this is where I'm a pain the a$$... is there a walkthrough in the works?  After I die (repeatedly) and end up with the same ending (repeatedly) - I get fruuustraaated...

I love the fact that the MC looks like a grown up Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch) - at least the colourization I choose for her.

This game is sooo entertaining - partially due to my own background actually being on "educational retreats" like this in University (thankfully... no murder...) - and meeting/dealing with these personality types. 

*sigh* can't wait for some enterprising soul out there to make a walkthrough though... I have died... and been in jail... a LOT (in this game)... I can't figure out if I just suck or what.

I know this might have already been said but... the premise is just... something that has been needed for SO LONG in these VN games.

The MC is not instantly "incredibly beautiful perfect and beloved by everyone - and all the guys want her and all the girls wanna be her" from the get go.

This is a fabulous alt-universe that asks: "What if Cinderella was a spoiled, emo, narrow-minded, stuck-up, narcissistic b**** that needs to grow the eff up?" - I just started, still in the prologue... and have never been so HAPPY to watch the MC get herself thrown a nasty curveball (the aforementioned 'curse' in the description).

I can't wait to see how she grows (oh, gawd, I hope so.  If not ... it makes the whole game kiiinda pointless...)

Gorgeous - all the characters look like crafted porcelain - and the writing is on point - thank you thank you thank you.

Hello - you're a fabulous artist - clean lines and the facial expressions really made the characters.  I wanted to get in touch with you regarding your work - but it would seem your patreon page isn't loading?  Is there another way to privately message you either on here or...?

I... I... oh please please please... don't back out on the sequel... I'm a-DYIN' here... I keep checking back to see if there's a kickstarter or greenlight request (ie: meaning... it's possible for us, the fans, to help you!).

I think the peach is ... really cute. I seriously crave peaches while playing this game...

Hehehehe. :) Hello fellow Dragonquest lover. I nearly squee'd out loud when I saw a slime pop up...and groan with the slime puns... but SO GOOD.

Love. It. THANK YOU.

Omg. Cotton and his Zettai Ryouiki... correction... his PINK AND LACY Zettai Ryouiki... complete with stubbular wings and hotpants?

BWAHAHAHA. You, Game Creater, are a GENIUS!!!

Okay, I've been playing this game for all of 5 minutes and I'm LOVING IT already. I can.... hear... Cotton's voice in my HEAD... and... I can hear him already complaining about how much a deep pore cleanse for his soft white skin is going to cost... I LOVE IT!


- Artwork is wonderful. No uncanny valley... some games I've seen (that charge $$$$ ...) have the most... gawdawful.... everyone looks like a muppet on crack. Your characters look like they could be expanded into an animated series... bravo!!

- Character Development: There is some! The characters have distinct (and believable) personality attributes and quirks/flaws... thank you. It gets tiring when characters feel so contrived - which these don't. I could imagine having real conversations with people very similar to this...

- Music: the discordant semi-tonic notes, the sevenths... very fitting for a beautiful yet discordant background music - which fits the atmosphere of the Hallowed-Eve game


- The MC... uhm... I'm hoping that she's supposed to be written as a parody of the "popular girl"... because... usually I like to LIKE the MC... but her whole inner monologuing of "I am so beautiful, I'm always treated like a princess" and "I'm just so sick of men falling for me all the time" ... "Don't you know how many men have fallen for me?" - Those lines... that attitude (Why was she going hiking... in... a DRESS?)... was a little... erm... off putting.

She doesn't appear to come to any sort of "bring ya down to reality" epiphany either... like "I always thought everything was going to be easy because of my beauty... but I'm realizing maybe my beauty was only skin deep" or whatever... she just... comes off as super conceited... and I found it a little difficult to want anything good to happen for her... at all. I started feeling bad for the boys!

Sorry for long comment... something must've struck a nerve...