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I ... can... hardly believe this beautiful game is 'name your own price' - I think I read the description a few times over to make sure.

How... what????

Okay.  Now this is where I'm a pain the a$$... is there a walkthrough in the works?  After I die (repeatedly) and end up with the same ending (repeatedly) - I get fruuustraaated...

Well, we did insert a hint system at each dead end. If invoked, "Professor Cassandra" should provide a suggestion about how you can get past a given "bad end". There's only one part in the game that, in our estimation, might be a little tricky. But, even if you have to back track quite a way in order to correct the issue, we also implemented a skip system which should let you skip past any scene you've already viewed.

That being said, we have considered making a Let's Play. Well, since it'd be from the creators, it'd be more like a Let's Play mixed with "director's commentary". But, not sure there's really enough interest to create such a thing.

Regardless, thanks for the comment.

I know that this a really late response, but that is such a great idea!!!!