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- Artwork is wonderful. No uncanny valley... some games I've seen (that charge $$$$ ...) have the most... gawdawful.... everyone looks like a muppet on crack. Your characters look like they could be expanded into an animated series... bravo!!

- Character Development: There is some! The characters have distinct (and believable) personality attributes and quirks/flaws... thank you. It gets tiring when characters feel so contrived - which these don't. I could imagine having real conversations with people very similar to this...

- Music: the discordant semi-tonic notes, the sevenths... very fitting for a beautiful yet discordant background music - which fits the atmosphere of the Hallowed-Eve game


- The MC... uhm... I'm hoping that she's supposed to be written as a parody of the "popular girl"... because... usually I like to LIKE the MC... but her whole inner monologuing of "I am so beautiful, I'm always treated like a princess" and "I'm just so sick of men falling for me all the time" ... "Don't you know how many men have fallen for me?" - Those lines... that attitude (Why was she going hiking... in... a DRESS?)... was a little... erm... off putting.

She doesn't appear to come to any sort of "bring ya down to reality" epiphany either... like "I always thought everything was going to be easy because of my beauty... but I'm realizing maybe my beauty was only skin deep" or whatever... she just... comes off as super conceited... and I found it a little difficult to want anything good to happen for her... at all. I started feeling bad for the boys!

Sorry for long comment... something must've struck a nerve...

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! This is super helpful and I really appreciate it. :)

About the MC... oh, I wrote her like that on purpose! When I was first creating the concept for this VN, I had been watching the Korean drama "My Love From The Star", whose leading actress was a snooty woman who considered herself high above others. I found her antics super funny and adorable, a far cry from the goody-two shoes, push-over type of leads that I was already starting to get tired of that time. In real life, I would probably love to tell that woman off or something, but in the drama, she provided a refreshing change from the norm.

So I decided to make my protagonist have a little attitude as well, though it's more for comic relief than anything. I realized that all my other MCs have been shy, meek, or naive ladies... and I didn't think that fared well with the setting of OUHE. (For one: I always thought that the shy, meek, and naive girl would have been terribly scared or embarrassed when Vonn initially shooed her away, and the whole story may not have even taken place the way it did, hahaha.)

Haha, I don't mind your comment about her being conceited at all; in fact, that's exactly what I wanted her to be. The word 'conceited' is actually written in her character outline! She did learn to be less conceited (her thoughts about her awesomeness lessened on purpose as the story went on) but I never wanted that side of hers to disappear completely. After all, Cara Lee wouldn't be Cara Lee without the attitude, and I wanted the guys to love her for who she is; kind-hearted, warm, thoughtful... but imperfect, with her own little flaws. Just like a real person.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion! :) I actually got a lot of mixed comments regarding the MC's personality, and for me it's always fun to see how everyone's opinions differ. Reading all your comments make me super psyched to try out different personalities for my future games, so thank you so much for that!