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How are refunds handled

A topic by Lapioware created Aug 02, 2017 Views: 1,458 Replies: 10
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Does itch have any built-in support for refunds like Steam does?

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Someone who has bought a game can request a refund by contacting There's more information about refunds on our TOS:

Since we are  a DRM free website that supports downloading from your browser, we can not track time spent in a game so we can't have the same automated process that they have. We try our best to make sure everyone comes out happy in the end, we'll typically ask what the issue was with the purchase before granting a refund.

If a seller wants to issue a refund, there currently isn't a place in their dashboard to do it, they'll need to contact us through our support email to initiate it.


Thanks, just the information I needed. I'd forgotten about the refunds section on the TOS.

I just bought a tool and its just bad and near unusuable. Ratings are disabled and there is no way to give the developer feedback (no forum and no comments). Its not in the refund / support page you provided. Maybe I'm trying to refund it too quick, but I knew within two minutes it wasn't what I thought it was.


Send us an email at with your purchase information and we can arrange the refund. Thanks

Thanks Leaf. I sent an email. While I'm here I might as well ask... there's one tool I can't seem to purchase. PayPal always refuses the transaction and tells me "We can't process your payment right now, so please try again later. We're sorry for the inconvenience." 

Its been a few weeks of trying. I've also asked the developer for assistance via Twitter, but never had a response. Chances are these are all red flags, but I thought I'd ask you.

Here is the tool:


That seller is using our old "direct payments mode" with PayPal, which restricts purchase to however their account is configured. I can reach out to them to see if they'd like to switch to our new mode.

H, I'm late to this topic but I'm wondering how long it will take for someone to reach me back? I wasn't paying attention and made a mistake buying a game I didn't want. I sent an email already btw.


If you've sent a support ticket then you can generally expect a response within a day. More complicated issues may require some time. Thanks

Oh, alright. What is a support ticket though?

I just sent an email regarding the Refund, Thanks!