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Seems sort of unfair to me, occasionally spikes would appear for instance in a line right in front of the exit, at which point there isn't really anything I can do since I obviously can't jump down to there but if I stay on the playform a spike will appear there soon enough as well. Obviously this is harder to program, but fewer, more cleverly placed spikes would be better than large numbers in obvious roadblock configurations. That said, the visuals are awesome and I quite like the AI character (although I guess he's not terribly unique). Excited to see where this goes!

Cool game! One technical issue I had: the embedded player on the page cuts off the edges of the game, so I had to fullscreen it in order to see the timer. There might be a setting you need to change in itch, if not you could put a message to remind people to fullscreen.

The background audio is awesome. Very creepy. You might be able to cross fade the end onto the beginning so it doesn't fade out when it loops, although that's a minor gripe. The gameplay was engaging, and it definitely had the feeling of being slowly overwhelmed by a horde of zombies. The graphics were functional (I like the font choice) but I think you could do a lot more with the art if you wanted to. Some shadows or other lighting effects would be neat, as would more variation in the zombies. I wasn't really sure what the spike ball things were.

I beat the game on my first try, so perhaps it could be a touch harder. Keep it up!

This was really weird. I quite like the art, although I got pretty motion sick after a while (which doesn't normally happen to me). I got stuck wandering around for a long time before I found the ending, and I don't really feel like I understood it, so I'm a little bit dissapointed I guess, but I don't regret playing it. I just wish more of the mysteries got paid off. I feel like some aspect of this probably went over my head.