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It seems like I can't install this via the itch.io client.

Thanks for replying so fast! It might work without the itch.io client, but its just more convenient to use the client.

The game doesn't seem to install with the itch.io program.

Still a fantastic pack. New content!

Hey do you realize you literally have the tileset as one of your images?

Nope. I had no holiday characters. Speaking of holiday...

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Is that a Construct logo? Anyway.... needs more NES, GameBoy, SNES and Genesis palettes. Maybe a way to preview them before they're loaded? The palette load should probably go into the default palette directory. Its tough to find after loading an image and then having to find the palette directory from there. Perhaps an eye dropper for the color picker?

Thanks.  I'm happy the game is larger when I maximize, but its still a window rather than full screen.

Needs full screen.

I have more pixel art from the holiday:

I was working on trees the week before Christmas, so I threw some hats on them.

Someone requested a Santa. So I gave them a bowl full of jelly.

Game looks good. Please add more screenshots. :-)

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Thanks for the reply! It doesn't seem to be a fixed. I would say maybe a money conversion fee, but its two Americans and I'm an American (and David Bowie is Afraid of Americans).

I didn't even know it was possible to let money accumulate or to adjust the percentage. I'll dig through the FAQ again. * edit * Its easily in the settings. Done.

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When someone makes a purchase via itch.io,  it seems like its only a fee to the seller. I've never noticed it until now. Then itch.io takes its fee. So from $1, it comes out to be 55 cents. 

Paypal says its a "fee amount" with no other description. I took a look in itch's FAQ and couldn't find the answer.

As a child this was my first PC game. Even if it wasn't a PC game.

Great screenshots, but is there anything that shows off the level editor?

Its been a struggle to get downloads or page views even when publicizing the games. Game jams were a good start for page views and downloads, but that quickly dries up and its only a small amount to begin with.

By some amazing coincidence I posted a new game yesterday and after months of 1 - 5 page views a day it got almost 500 page views and 100 downloads. It seems like a luck thing. I'm on top of some popular games list here at itch.io when I can't imagine why I'm there considering I just dumped the game with only a tweet for bare minimum publicity.

The down side is the game .exe comes up as a virus. So people can't play it. Oh well. At least I got the 100 downloads.

I think I've had 400 in a year of games + 1 art pack.

I am following a few developers.... one developer has posted a lot of excessive updates on a game that I just don't care about. Its great that he keeps updating it and building the project, I just don't want to see about that particular project, but I still want updates from his old work and maybe new projects.

So I would like to suggest a block updates about this game rather than just unfollowing the person.

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Plenty of people consider the $5 or lower pricetag to be someone's bad game. As for the amount of sales you'll get? On itch.io I've only received 1 sale from someone I didn't know and that was a donation for an art pack. Beyond that I've made $8 in a year of being here from 2 generous people I know. I hate to be a wet blanket, but that's my reality that you might be walking into.

You have to publicize and keep publicizing. Draw people in. I think out of 3 games and 1 art asset pack I have 1,500 page views and maybe 400 downloads.

Looks like someone made their own Foxyland with the tileset and added it to Steam. It still looks good though.

I played it 20 minutes. Its enjoyable, but I feel it needs more enemy variety and more ? chances with the potential for something bad to happen. My highest score was 125. 

Great game. Maybe one of the best exclusive to itch.io. I found an issue with level 5 I can jump and get wedged into the gargoyle then stuck until I restart the game.

Thanks Leaf. I sent an email. While I'm here I might as well ask... there's one tool I can't seem to purchase. PayPal always refuses the transaction and tells me "We can't process your payment right now, so please try again later. We're sorry for the inconvenience." 

Its been a few weeks of trying. I've also asked the developer for assistance via Twitter, but never had a response. Chances are these are all red flags, but I thought I'd ask you.

Here is the tool:


I just bought a tool and its just bad and near unusuable. Ratings are disabled and there is no way to give the developer feedback (no forum and no comments). Its not in the refund / support page you provided. Maybe I'm trying to refund it too quick, but I knew within two minutes it wasn't what I thought it was.

Needs strafe rather than rotate. Its just easier to play that way. I didn't make it far.

ok cool. I coincidentally found another shmup sprite generator last night, but I like yours better as its stand alone :-) I just like seeing what it comes up with.

Awesome. I look forward to it :-)

Furwind community · Created a new topic A few things

Why is it when I touch the checkpoint the game will still send me to the start of a level? When I'm next to a wall the player seems to just bounce off the wall as if the jump hit box is different from the standing hit box. 

Kudos on being able to butt stomp through boxes. I've never seen that in a fox game before.

Yep. That's all.

This is it: https://jtruher.itch.io/shmup-sprite-pack It looks like your generator's work. I like your generator. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I lost it in the sea of itch.io stuff.

I can only hope this becomes an official Domino's game and gets ported to N64 or PS1 :-)

I think I found someone selling sprite sheets of these sprites.

Yeah I kind of figured with Andromeda something would have the copyright to the name. Thanks for chiming in and NecroCosmos is better!