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ok cool. I coincidentally found another shmup sprite generator last night, but I like yours better as its stand alone :-) I just like seeing what it comes up with.

Awesome. I look forward to it :-)

Created a new topic A few things

Why is it when I touch the checkpoint the game will still send me to the start of a level? When I'm next to a wall the player seems to just bounce off the wall as if the jump hit box is different from the standing hit box. 

Kudos on being able to butt stomp through boxes. I've never seen that in a fox game before.

Created a new topic Needs controller support

Yep. That's all.

This is it: https://jtruher.itch.io/shmup-sprite-pack It looks like your generator's work. I like your generator. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I lost it in the sea of itch.io stuff.

I can only hope this becomes an official Domino's game and gets ported to N64 or PS1 :-)

I think I found someone selling sprite sheets of these sprites.

Yeah I kind of figured with Andromeda something would have the copyright to the name. Thanks for chiming in and NecroCosmos is better!

Ah yes. That's it. Thanks!

Created a new topic Was this game here before?
I feel like I've seen it here or something reasonably similar.
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Howdy there. I've had some of the same games cluttering up my "recommended games" I've looked at them, they're paid assets, I'm not interested at all. Its been a year and I just don't want to see them anymore so I can get things I might be interested in.

... also a wishlist feature would be nice.

Oh yeah and what about a private star review system. Where I give a game a star rating for my own usage without the star rating going to the game's overall rating? Since developers can see who left star ratings, I have a difficult time giving a game less than 5 stars as I don't want ratings to come back and bite my games.

There is so much piano that it all blends together track after track.

The boss invulnerability when you shoot them makes them far harder than they need to be.

Still well worth the price!

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I set one of my free games to paid. Someone bought it and told me my paid game was getting flagged as a virus (via Windows Defender) by the client when it had not been previously when it was free. I had him download my other game... a free game and he said it downloaded fine and was not flagged as a virus when he downloaded it.

When I logged into the itch app I had to uninstall the game and when I tried to uninstall the Windows Defender threat detected popup happened.... when I was trying to uninstall it rather than install it. So I can't uninstall it. I went to a second computer and had the same results, but on the second computer it wasn't installed via the app, so when I tried to install it via the app there was a virus threat warning.

A friend of mine tried and had the same results.

I have uploaded a new .exe hoping that would fix it, but no. Maybe its just that one game / exe, but it never had threat warnings before.

This seems like a big issue.

I had no idea there was such a thing, but yes I ended up looking it up and stuff.

Admins rate games? Perhaps if you labeled NSFW as "not safe for work" or even "mature." It took me years of seeing NSFW to understand what it meant.

I use the client. Its far easier than opening zip files and exes. With that said I've noticed a few games in the client that just don't work when they do work outside of the client.

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Is there more content to warrant the sudden jump to the $10 price tag?

Sorry. I'm not in this jam.

Your music is fantastic.

Posted in Ro_bit comments

Needs controller support as well as full screen :-)

There is a video for it on the game page. I will go digging in the code again. The lines of code in the error output don't seem like they'd be an issue.

Great little game. Good to look at and fits the candy thing to a T(ooth).

I have uploaded a new version of the game. While it gives me specific line numbers that caused the problem, there is nothing to cause the problem. So I made a generic catch all that will hopefully solve the problem because I can't duplicate it. Please let me know how it works for you.

I will fix that yes. Thanks for telling me. In the mean time, open it up again and see if the same error happens. I am hoping the error is a rarity.

Needs more. Make the candles flicker or something.

Why just yes?

Thank you for the inspiration!

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I updated the game its got 9 levels now and takes me a little under 30 minutes to speed run it. The first two levels are more of a tutorial without enemies:

Firefox. Windows 10.

Much fantastical. :-)

The HTML 5 version on the page gave me this issue: Exception thrown, see JavaScript console

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Here is a hastily thrown together game using your incredible art:

8 levels is all I can stomach to make at this point. The levels get larger and more complex. They could probably use a map but eh who needs maps when you have exploration?

I see input method keyboard, but there seems to be no way to change it to controller. Is that correct?

The idea: On the forum hHave gifs only play when a user is looking at them or mouse hovering over them. Would that be possible even if the .gif is off site?

My dev log has like 40 .gifs that are 10+ MB. That creates quite the burden on anyone who visits including myself.

I see the off site RSVP has ended. Is there any chance to enter off site?

If I've had 40 updates and each one of these is 10+ MB this page is 400+ MB. Maybe even 600 MB.

To give you all a break, I'll space out a visual update for next time.

Production continues, but its obvious I am spinning my wheels when it comes to marketing... all my games. Over on Twitter, Cake Kills Candy gets a lot of likes and a few retweets. I can break into double digits and it feels good. Getting people to the page is a different story.


To make the page look more desirable, I made a new 2+ MB .gif for the itch.io to get people to click the game.

Has it worked? Maybe. 5 page views and 5 downloads yesterday. Interesting enough the other game AlienVania's page view rate took a dive.

I consider itch.io more a place for developers than players. Perhaps if I had a grander game it would get more players, but in the meantime I have gone the free asset route. I made a free art asset pack for publicity. Come for the art, stay for the games.

Has it worked? Again, maybe. It managed to net a new follower so I consider that a success. A developer that uses free assets, so I assume he's here for the assets. As for the traffic, it seems to be flowing to the free assets. 25 is better than 5 even if 20 is going to the assets. According to the analytics the majority percentage find the assets from the game assets tag over the newest game assets, my profile and my feed. That gives me hope that people will still find the assets after they get older.

Its a bit tough to control with wall jumping. Any chance of getting controller support? Even with the first wall having to push in into it, push up to jump and push away from it to jump off the wall then move back to the wall is a strain.

I took five hours to make an 8 bit platform shooter pack free to use even for commercial project. It will be interesting to see where it goes and how many games end up using it. Here you go, 5 characters are animated, 4+ enemies animated and around 300 tiles to use:


Its my way of giving back because I've made use of a few pixel art packs when trying to learn.

As for my other art, I am still new to pixel art so I keep it simple with limited colors.

Here are a few highlights (sorry they're on Twitter. I tried to get the images but I can't find the .gifs):

Waiting for the Plumper. The theme was plants... so I went overboard.


A Healthy Hollow Knight. The theme was Hollow Knight probably should have made fan art rather than an actual hollow knight.


Jungle Background. Just a simple background.


Bayside Steel. Just a fake screenshot I made for a game that will never be made.


Cupcake Construction. Probably not the best name for this. Anyway I take random color suggestions and make fake screenshots using the color palettes.


Mad Science Lab. Another fake screenshot there are a lot of them. Sorry these are all on Twitter.


Anyway, you get the picture. Thanks for taking the time to view all or some of them.