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Itch won't let me paste in a review, so I'll paste it here as a comment:

Sword Lords is an 8-bit style RPG with a deep combat system, and an openness of using equipment to truly customize your party of 3 to your liking. Took me 2.5 hours to complete the demo, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The big appeal is the game managed to hit that 8-bit NES vibe with art, characters, and music. The boss music is particularly good.

You begin with a single character, and over time, expand your party into three. Combat is where the game shines. Characters have typical fighting, and magic, but they also have skills that use skill points which build during battle. Increasing your character levels through combat will unlock new skills. Runes when used in empty equipment slots will add magic to a character. Some characters are worse with magic than others, but you have that choice for customization with plenty of spells. With each party member able to have two relics, that rounds out the customization nicely with certain bonuses anywhere you want them, whether it's more attack strength, defense, magic power, luck, or speed. These elements arrive very early in the game, but never feel overwhelming to grasp, despite there being so much.

With this being a demo, there is a single region to explore with 4 settlements. Each settlement has a surprising amount of exploration in towns with rewards everywhere for those willing to check every dresser drawer. It could almost be considered a thief simulator from how much you can pilfer in a single town. Beyond that, the mine rewards those for exploring every nook, and cranny. Most of the dungeons aren't nearly as rewarding, and a bit more straight forward.

Each town has several shops with a wide array of items to keep you fighting, runes to customize your arms, and a few select pieces of equipment. Inns recover health, and magic points at a fair price compared to the greater expense of coffee to restore mana, and crosses to revive your deceased allies. This is one of the few RPGs where items felt useful, even when magic became so abundant.

The quests were formulaic, someone would tell you where you need to go, you go there, the story unfolds, you enter a combat area, defeat a boss to get a special item, then you return to get a new quest that will be unlocked with the special item you just earned. It all fits into a bite-sized 30+ minutes each. The story didn't feel overbearing. Every character had motivations, and connections to the world, but that didn't really feel like a standout like the combat, and style. The world would also change as the series of quests built to something. A town would be on fire, with smoke all around. Merchants would mention what's changed in town, but still be willing to sell their wares. Townspeople, and soldiers also point out that they know only you can accomplish a mission, and so they'd give you things, rather than simply selling them to you.

The only real down-sides that I see are lack of full screen. Maximize works, but full screen just doesn't. Once you've gone into the final dungeon, you're not allowed out. However, you have plenty of save file slots, and auto-saves to go back to. It's still beatable, even if you might have no choice, but to press on in that finale. There needs to be battles with more, but weaker enemies, and enemies that have different shapes and sizes. Bosses are big, but there can be some common enemies that are large as well.

Hopefully the game continues with more of this formula of several missions, each building to a finale of the region, and then driving you to a different region. If it doesn't make it to that point, this demo was still very enjoyable.

YouTubers need content? It's not just itch.

Not my game, but I went through it recently. It hasn't gotten attention, and I quiet enjoyed it, especially when I started to upgrade things. It's a platforming adventure with selectable levels. It has a fun, homemade charm to it:

I'm the type that downloads a few hundred games a year from Itch. There are red flag projects, like no art, people in the comments saying "dude, it's a virus." There's only been one game that my 2 (or 3) antiviruses labeled as a virus. It was quite a popular horror game too, from a group that had made several popular horror games, so I assume it was a false positive. I've worked on a project that registered the game a false positive, because there was a version checker to let players know if they had the most current version.

Perhaps making it private, so only members of your club can participate? I'm unsure if such an ability exists. The games would still be posted, even if the jam isn't public. I've seen plenty of games that state "made for college project."

Assets are a good way to limit things, so you know they were made for your game jam. Most game jams go with a theme, or 3 themes "dark," "pink," "world shifting." Bonus points for including all 3!

As for the 1 week, seems fine. I've seen others argue 1 month is lower commitment, if you're busy with stuff for 3 weeks, you might not be busy that one week. Then again, people like me, might work that entire month.

Best of luck to you and your game development club.

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Thanks so much for playing it. You're a  person that gets it. As for playing all the levels, there are a lot. I went on a spree with making levels. Perhaps it's time to break it up into a few episodes.

A 3 floor house without a bedroom?

Your 2022 song is definately better than your 2020 work. The 2020 work feels like you used the wrong sound, that makes it unpleasant to listen to. Like the melodies in the 2020 songs are good, but the sounds used to make them are not.

Link says: Invite invalid.

It would help to know what kind of game you're looking to make.

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I fell into a pit, and game didn't restart. The grab wall mechanic was nice. I couldn't seem to climb ladders.

You need pictures on your page. I had some issues:
 - Fox runs with a lot of momentum, making the ladder of small platforms over the death pit really difficult.
 - There are little lines between the tiles sometimes.
 - Fox seems to get hung up in the side of cliffs rather than gravity pulling him down.

Needs AI for those of us without 2 players.

Looks fantastic. Good color scheme and style.

High Score: 2,800 once I read how to play the game better. Before that it was 1,000. Innovative game. I can see this being a good play for people looking for something quicker, and more intense.

I had a few issues with this:
 - The menu to select the next level after the first requires a mouse, rather than just hitting left, right, or another button?
 - I seem to die for no reason on level 2 and respawn?

I had a few issues with this:
 - There were cracks between the tiles.
 - I could get wedged on a wall and just float in the air rather than falling.
 - With the game over / death scene, I had to use the mouse to get to the main menu, rather than pushing a button.
 - Going to the main menu after a death, rather than back to the start of a level feels like an issue.

Slight issues I had with Nihilo Fox SunnyLand:
 - Enemy sprites clipped into the ground
 - Blind jumps that I can't see where I'm landing
 - Enemy explosion is comically uncentered.
 - Need screen shots on this page.

These are more of your great compositions. Each one has a good sense of shifting elements to keep everything fresh, like taking you on a journey with good vibes. You pack more into a minute than most do into a soundtrack. I'm still hoping you go far as a composer. I'll pass these on.

Only criticism is 4 songs, 4 files. I suppose I'd rather have the whole album in one. You're also getting to be a good artist.

Boss designs are great. Player's hit boxes are a bit big compared to the player sprite. I like the reflect projectiles back at the bosses here. There's potential here, but it's a bit rough. Player health bar doesn't always function properly. Like it will flash at 100%. Maybe that's a sign of taking damage?

It's a little tough to understand without the game page's instruction. Enemies just flying at you, having to change weapons with number keys.

Unfinished game, is unfinished game. Needs a score, but a game jam is a game jam. If you were to continue, I'd like a bit of on screen instruction. Press start made me think I should use my controller, but there's no controller support.

Need some commas in those digits. Didn't seem to get more difficult. You need like "wave 2" or "level 2" to up the challenge. You went a little heavy on the gradient in the background.

Please add a controls layout in the pause menu. Your run animation isn't there. So it's just a standing animation, even when moving. I seem to be able to run out of bombs. You may want to add a bomb amount next to the health.

I love it, and I've bought it for many people over the years.

One of the most competent Mario Flash games I've ever seen.

Playing on Windows 10. No need to be sorry for the delay. It happens. to me too

Needs a randomize function. Perhaps an export to have your creation outside the customizer. It's a great start.

You sold me on playing it.

Yup, it's endless.

They all say "set color red." I like what's here. It's simple, and a bit open ended. I'm into maze games. Hopefully you've continued to develop. This shows a bit of promise, and some interesting ideas, even if I don't quite understand the color shifting, and the fact there's no end. It's a good experiment.

Needs screen shots to entice people to download it.

Alt + F4 works for me.

Seems to just be stuck on the title screen. The menu doesn't do anything. Then the game closes on its own. Could just be me.

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The save points are the desks with phones. There are several per level. In the video, the first save point is at 1:20. YOLO difficulty has no checkpoints, but that's disabled from the start. Kid's mode will restore full health from checkpoints. I could put in a checkpoint after the starting sequence to get players ready for what checkpoints look like.

Edit: For the next update. I've added the first checkpoint to show up after the tutorial stuff.

It would entice unpaid people to show why you're the best programmer they should work with. Most of the time, the unpaid graphic artists have their own ideas that they can't program, so you jump on board with them.

Step 1: Cultivate following off platform game is on (like Itch).
Step 2: Link game.

What did it look like? Minecraft? Voxel? Doom? Realistic? Sci-Fi? Jungle?