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You should really provide details about what the game is about and what progress/assets exist, if any.

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Just so you know, I'm not even sure if you can send a direct message to someone on I just tried to do it to you by clicking on your name and it doesn't look like it's letting me.  Oh well, this is really unprofessional to do on someone else's post, but here's my project if you're interested in modelling. Has basic working codebase started. Need Artists/Level Designers for full 3D scifi Survival Horror Game.[revshare] — polycount

That sounds great.  I just attempted to add "Estrela Platina#696" 

Very early work in progress video:


The game will be heavily inspired by classic Japanese survival horror games like Extermination, Dino Crisis, and Resident Evil.  Already have decent little team underfoot, but need some concept art.  Would need things like creature designs, weapon designs...not really characters, but clothing/outfits for certain personnel, and a big plus would be the ability to draft some environmental concepts though this isn't totally necessary.  I know that a full 3D game like this is pretty ambitious, but it's a lot of fun. We're not working at a break-neck speed, but you need to be consistent enough that the concept art isn't a bottleneck for the team.

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The game will be inspired by classic Japanese horror games like Extermination, Dino Crisis and Resident evil. You'll probably need to be fairly simpatico with that style of classic Japanese game to work well on this project. I'm really not into the new-guard of minimal gameplay and dialoguey type stuff.

I have a small team started and an early, but working codebase. This is a whiteboxed prototype without final visuals (obviously).


I'd love to have anyone who can contribute 3d art, particularly hard-surface environmental. These are mostly props that you'd find in a facility. Also, anyone who can make building architecture and even anyone who's good at creating levels/environments. You don't have to be the best, but the work needs to look good. The good news is that indoor environmental hard-surface tends to be a little easier to make look good than organic, outdoors stuff, especially if you have substance painter. I should mention that there will be the opportunity to do other stuff like the creatures if you want to. Also, don't message me if you're planning on using an educational/non-legit version of software.


This is a hobby to me, but it's a hobby that I'm pretty passionate about. It needs to be that way for you too. What I mean is that I don't want someone who I have to cheerlead, you need to be independent and self-motivated, but at the same time, you don't have to spend inordinate amounts of hours a week working on this (I have a day job too), you just need to be fairly consistent and keep a decent line of communication on the discord. If you're turning things in every other week, that's great. If you're turning set pieces in every day...even better! If you're barely ever turning anything in or talking to me, you're out. Why'd you even bother?

We already have a pretty decent team under our feet, so I think this might be one of the few full-3d projects on here that actually has a decent shot. We've got a programmer (me), an animator, concept artist, and a couple of artists. Let me know if you're interested!

Would you like to possibly move the discussion to discord?

Hello, are you interested in environmental art, or possibly weapons?

Got a portfolio/examples?

Okay, I just added you.

Okay so here are my thoughts:

Your portfolio sounds good, but the style of those tracks were different from what I picture in this game.  This isn't a problem if you can produce that style of music, I just need to know with certainty that whoever I pick can get pretty close, which was why I posted that link.  If you listen to that link and feel pretty confident that you can pull that off, I think the best thing to do would be to go ahead and get started with things like sound effects, but if you're not going to produce a proof-of-concept, be forewarned that months down the line, when you do produce music, I can't accept a soundtrack that doesn't come close to that standard.  That's why l think it would be ideal to have a proof of concept that I could listen to (even something short) that's indicative of that sound.  If you don't do that, there won't be any hard feelings, but I'd be forced to try to find someone else (just for the soundtrack, not necessarily the sound effects).  Still interested?

Possibly. I will of course need music and sound somewhere down the line, and it might be good for a composer to get started on something now, but currently the game is in a very early stage, so I'm not sure what that would mean for a sound designer (I'm actually embarrassed to say that I don't know what  a sound designer would technically do since I've never worked for a proper game company. Is this the person who would actually make the sounds for the game?).  

This will be a full-fledged 3d action game, it won't have chip-tunes or "video-gamey" music.  It will require orchestral and hopefully some traditional Japanese-sounding stuff (though it can be primarily orchestral).  I would be extremely happy if it sounded close to this soundtrack:

I imagine this might be fairly hefty to produce.  If you still want to, after hearing all that, I think the best thing to do would be to try to produce kind of a short "proof of concept" track and I'll see if it fits with what I'm imagining for the game.

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I don't know if it's the type of game you'd be interested in (we're definitely not an established team, just some indies on the internet) but here's my help-wanted: <a href="<a href=" https:="""" t="" 1080596="" artist-neededunpaidrev-share-artists-needed-for-sword-action-game-in-feudal-japan"=""></a>" 

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Hey, your link is broken and I don't see your discord id, but it sounds like I might currently be in the need for someone like you.  Here's the link to my help wanted  if you're interested <a href="<a href=" https:="""" t="" 1080596="" artist-neededunpaidrev-share-artists-needed-for-sword-action-game-in-feudal-japan"=""></a>

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The title of my game is Blade of the Shogun (working title). The concept is that it will be a game featuring very tight combat, with clearly defined rules (the player should feel no ambiguity around the way the rules of the swordplay work). I plan for it to be highly focused on sword combat and stealth. The sword combat will often involve fighting multiple enemies. For this, I wanted a very different system for engaging multiple enemies compared to other 3d action games, and I have something I call "battle mode", which will be a neat, isometric camera option and alternate player rotation scheme that players can switch to on the fly designed for engaging multiple enemies. This will be a very important feature of the game. As for the story, it will involve two rival ninja clans, and a brutal Shogun who doesn't care about the ninja in his employ. There's more to the story, but I don't think I should divulge too much here. I've been heavily influenced by the anime "Basilisk".

a couple of links showing very early work in progress.

What this video is meant to show is that I am serious about making this game and have a working code-base. I do have a day job though. Progress is slow but steady, and I'm close to having all the most important gameplay mechanics in a working state. 


Everything is currently in a "greyboxing" stage, but it's getting to the point where I need to get some decent visuals and animations if I want to go further. What I need is basically all types of artists. If you're interested and you're a 3d modeler, animator, texture artist, VFX artist, etc, it'd be great to have you.  I should note that the art will be more realistic (like Sekiro) and less stylized.

The biggest things I sorely need right now are: 

* An animator/rigger.

* A character artist or a 3d generalist. 

* Someone who's good at creating levels in Unity. I mainly program and have very basic knowledge of terrains and level building in Unity. 

* UI Artist

* Some decent looking starter effects. Good examples would be torches with good looking flame. Sparks for swords clanging. Blood splatter from getting hit. On that note, someone who knows a lot about shaders would be amazing. 

* Someone who can tell me why the hell aura 2 and weathermaker aren't playing nice and are making the background art light up when I make my scene dark...No seriously though, someone who knows a lot about Unity visuals and why I'm having these problems would be great. I'm just a humble programmer who's never worked for a game studio. Of course, as I said, I could use any other types of art (even musicians), but these are things that would be very beneficial during this greyboxing stage, where I'm trying to put together a little proof-of-concept sandbox. Please realize that you'll have to make a lot of creative direction decisions with your art right now as I haven't really had the time to devote towards aesthetic design.

To Apply

If you're interested you can let me know here or email me at my old hotmail address (I know...) Make sure you tell me here if you send an email in case it goes to spam. Thanks!

I would like to humbly request that you PLEASE think seriously about some kind of official refund policy.  I would love to support this service instead of Steam, but Steam has official, and mostly-guaranteed rules for refunds, which is extremely nice when you decide to take a chance on a game you're not sure about (which tends to be most indie games).  My suggestion would be a light, optional client.  If the user chooses to purchase it DRM-free, they wouldn't have the same refund options.  Anyway, please consider it, because there are a lot of people who continue to purchase on Steam for this one reason.  Thanks for the great service!

Are you wanting it in your steam library for convenience purposes?  If so, it is possible to add a non-steam game to your library by going to Games > Add a Non-steam game to my library.