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Steam keys with purchase?

A topic by Trebuchette created 23 days ago Views: 309 Replies: 4
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Would you consider providing Steam keys with purchases on Itch?


Interestingly, if you buy if from Itch, you get the Humble Store downloadable package (no Steam key), but if you buy it from the Humble Store, it looks like they offer a Steam option there. 

Momoroda III gave out Steam keys to Itch purchases, if I recall correctly, but that doesn't guarentee they will again.

I just went ahead and picked it up on Itch; if I get a key to add it to my Steam library, even better, but not the end of the world for me. 



Thanks for picking up the game! Currently we are not providing Steam keys with Itch downloads, but the Humble Store does provide a Steam key as mentioned above. If things change we will let you know!


Are you wanting it in your steam library for convenience purposes?  If so, it is possible to add a non-steam game to your library by going to Games > Add a Non-steam game to my library.

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Yeah, I just added it as a non-steam game, but I understand some people like to have it from the Steam store so that functions such as achivements, cards, reviews, time played, etc. as well as more functional stuff like automatic updates, broadcasting and cloud saving works.

You don't get those features with the "Add a Non-Steam Game" function, just the ability to launch it from Steam and let your friends see what you are playing.