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Hi there,

Just letting you know that we've uploaded an updated build, which may also help fix the problem you previously experienced. Thanks for playing!


Hi MakG2nd,

Thank you for sharing that with us. We'll notify the developer. We'll be sure to let you know if an update is released to address that.


We're glad you're enjoying it!

Hey everyone!

Minoria is LIVE! Get the soundtrack bundle here at a special discount price!

DANGEN Entertainment

Hey everyone!

Minoria is LIVE! Don't miss the chance to get the game at 10% during the first week of Launch Sale! :)

Hey everyone!

Minoria is now LIVE for purchase! Don't miss the chance to get it at 10% off during the first week of Launch Sale! :)

DANGEN Entertaiment


Thanks for picking up the game! Currently we are not providing Steam keys with Itch downloads, but the Humble Store does provide a Steam key as mentioned above. If things change we will let you know!


Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning into the Minoria soundtrack message board!

What's your favorite track from the game?

Hey everyone! Minoria publisher DANGEN Entertainment here. 

Thanks for dropping by our community page. Minoria releases on August 27th! Who's looking forward to this game? Who's played the Momodora games and which is your favorite?