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Since we don't have DRM (and never will), we can't provide an automated solution like Steam. That said, we very rarely block refunds. We would only block them if there's something suspicious going on, or the buyer is clearly trying to rip off the developers off. 

Our official refund policy is here:


From the other side of things, I'd really like a way for developers to initiate a refund without going through support. It's a bit awkward to have to tell a customer that I've requested they be refunded but I don't know when it will actually happen. Plus it seems like it's just creating more work for support. I understand if there are fraud prevention concerns but maybe there could be some sort of rule in place (e.g. for every 20 copies you sell you can do 1 automatic refund, past that they get manually reviewed).


Something we definitely need to add! We'll likely make it work like you described, automatic until some limits or conditions are hit.