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That's true and I agree but there are some services which can't be run to time under any circumstances. The randomisation will always result in starting late or being held at a signal so long that you'll always be late at the last stop. I'm going to make sure all services can finished in time at least sometimes.

Yeah, I'll add emergency brake in one of the train updates where new trains are added and physics improved

Yes, in the next update I'm going to adjust the timetables to make sure all services can be run to time.

You can already use a gamepad or joystick with the help of another program, here is a guide (not written by me):


Oui :) Not in the next update but in the future there will be support for gamepad/joystick

Yes, road traffic is in the plans but first I need to make the editors and improve the road layouts, so it'll probably be a very late stage feature.

An interview over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Hoping to get the beta version of the next update ready for testing by end of May but no guarantees!

I can only promise that I'll try to do very easy to use route and train editors for the community. There are many players from France so I hope some of them will try making real French routes and trains.

At first, the bare minimum to be able to make routes similar to the ones currently in the sim: track laying, semaphore signals, distants, AWS magnets, stopping areas/markers, scenery features, timetable creation... I'll be adding more advanced features in later updates!

Charlie, thank you for the very generous tip! If you have any stories or comments to share in regards to the performance or operation of the units I'm all ears! I know that the brakes in the simulator are probably underpowered at low speeds because the behaviour of the cast-iron brake blocks is not simulated quite correctly.

Updates will definitely be continued barring any force majeure! The progress might be a bit slow because of the genuine complexity of all the stuff involved.

Thanks IKB, the route editor is currently in the works and I'm excited to see what people can do with it once it's ready! I'd be interested in any knowledge that could be used for improving the realism of the simulator, based on your experience working with the DMUs!

The game's download page: at the top of the page there should be a link saying "You own this game" and a Download button.

No need to activate on Steam, updates will be continued here as well. In fact, the next update will be later today.

Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried unchecking the "move camera when right-hand mouse button is held down" checkbox under camera movement in the key configuration? You'll need to map the movement keys to some other keys in that case but you no longer need to hold down the mouse button when moving. Clickable cab controls are planned but the actual date or version to include them is not yet set.

Yes, double right clicking, but only as an additional option. The current setup would be the default. With zooming on the scroll wheel the left click zoom could be changed to work only when the button is held down. This would also help with misclicks in the future when clickable cab controls are in place.

Thanks! It seems the default keys are already pretty good although small improvements can be done. I'll definitely bind zooming to the scroll wheel but I'm not so sure about the middle click. It's easy to accidentally scroll a bit while middle clicking and I don't even know how to middle click on a laptop touchpad!

To prevent accidentally opening the camera menu pop-up, maybe an option to require double clicking instead of a single click?


Me too even if I'm more fond of the older trains! Maybe we'll start seeing modern DMUs from the community once the train editor is ready.

Hi Crystal, it's the Class 127. The gear setting in this type doesn't actually matter if the whole train is of the same type although the key assistant will tell you to select D. If there are other types at the rear of the train then you need to shift gears normally. I haven't been able to find a clear description of the operation so it may be modelled incorrectly - I'll need to do some more research.

Just a reminder: if you buy/bought the sim from here, you don't need to buy it again on Steam. Just log in and go to the download page, then click the "Get Steam key" button.

Yes, I always use the minimap myself unless it's a route I'm familiar with :)

Ok I understand, this has been asked before :) In 1960s UK there was only one sign at the start of the speed limit. You have to memorise and know where the limits are by heart. Otherwise you will overspeed because there's no time to reduce speed when you see the sign.

In more modern times a second sign has been added to warn the driver in advance unless the speed reduction is small.

Hi Overland, if you purchase the game here you get one Steam key. I'm not sure if the key is affected by the regional changes (what changes are those?)

The first picture shows the AWS magnet that triggers the yellow sunflower light. The second picture shows the distant signal giving an advance warning about the stop signals.  Is this of any help?

Regarding evaluation: yes you may be right. Exceeding the target speed by too much when braking gives you "reckless driving" penalty points. The same doesn't happen with acceleration. I can't remember exactly why I did it this way but there was a reason for doing so. It might be that the reason is no longer valid so I will reconsider!

Ah ok, for signals there's the distant signal with a yellow arm that gives you advance warning of the actual signal ahead. The AWS safety system rings a bell if the distant (and the signal) is clear, and if it's not clear, it gives a warning sound and you need to press space and be prepared to stop at the signal. If there's a special speed limit after the signal, the signal clears only after you're close to it and have reduced enough speed.

Most European countries use speed signalling where the signal itself shows a speed limit, but UK uses route signalling where the signal shows which route you will be directed to after the signal, and you need to know in advance what the speed limit for that particular route is.

Does this clarify things or make even more confused?

Yeah, I could add a passenger counter as a new optional tutorial!

Do you mean being able to use the cab controls with mouse? Many of the switches do not work because they are not useful yet. For example, there's no rain so you don't need to use the wipers.

There's no other warning for the speed limits except the minimap. Modern railways often have a warning sign by the track or a safety device, but 1960s UK apparently didn't. The drivers probably just had to memorise the limits.

Ok thanks, I think I know where the problem is with the keys. Yeah, some of the sounds can stop working temporarily when there are many trains nearby (so many sounds that they can't all be played at once). I will need to release a small bugfix update soon to correct these!

Thanks, great video! I like the way you took time to explain things in detail. One thing I didn't quite understand was around 3:30 about the key configuration. Were the default keys somehow wrong? When I programmed the default keys I tried to make them work automatically with the AZERTY keyboard but I guess it didn't go quite right.

P.S. Set gear to neutral when stopped at a station :)

No problem! It'll be useful to all French-speaking users. Everything doesn't have to be in English, there's already one video in German in the Steam community hub. Besides, I can understand French to some extent :)

Yes, the Steam and Itch versions are identical.

Thanks for the notes! Yeah, the speedometers can be somewhat inaccurate but luckily the speed they show is usually a bit more than the actual speed, so you won't overspeed if you follow them. The route schema is that way by design so it wouldn't make things too easy. You should only use it to get an idea what is coming next and then look out of the window! :) Moving passengers are planned for one of the later updates.

Please post a link to your video here or to the Steam community if you can, I'd love to watch the video once it's ready!

Thank you! I just added a batch of Steam keys to the system. You can get yours by going to the download page and clicking "Get Steam key". The key can be activated already but the download on Steam won't work until the official release on Monday.

Thanks, I tried the same and indeed, it's not the bloom. They also go away if I enable TAA or disable AO, so it must be a combination of the post effects and how they handle triangle or normal vector edge cases.

Thanks! I've sometimes noticed the fireflys on my own machine as well, but not recently, so I thought the issue had somehow resolved itself, but apparently not. It's probably the bloom effect? There might some very small or degenerate triangles in the places where the fireflys occur, will need to investigate and come up with a fix to the next update.

The key tutorial is the same as in the earlier version. It does occasionally instruct you to accelerate right before a terminus buffer stop so there's still room for improvement! For a funny example of this, see GrayStillPlays' Let's play video (he's playing version 1.0). The reason why the tutorial suggests fiddling with the brake at stations is because it's trying to match 15 inches of vacuum which is the standard for keeping the train still. The vacuum gauge works with some delay, especially in longer trains, which is why you see the needle dropping occasionally below 15in even though the brake valve is lapped. You're right though, it's confusing for a beginner and I'm still going to fine tune it in some of the future updates!

Yes, DRS is finally coming to Steam! I'll arrange the keys for itch owners after the official release.

The new version has a map button at the bottom of the service selection screen, did you notice? It's easy to miss though! There's no map during the actual run yet, this is planned for the next update.

Motion blur is perhaps the single most demanding graphical effect. Does it help if you turn that off? You might also get better performance by using the second best quality option, but still enabling some of the additional effects, rather than using the best quality and disabling some effects. The sim is nowhere near fully optimised yet so hopefully you don't need to get any new hardware!

Thank you stavka!

Thanks, I'm glad you like the sounds, they're maybe the best thing about the new version!

Thanks guys, I'm glad we all agree! :)

Edited the post again to show more realistic release dates and full content of the v1.2 update