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Thanks Jon, e-mail sent!

You can claim a free Steam key for DRS here on itch, so you can access the Workshop free of cost if you want to.

Thanks! The easiest way to share routes is via Steam Workshop which is basically a download hub. If you don't wish to use Steam then it might be possible to use websites like Or, just e-mail your route to me and I'll include it in the core package with appropriate credits! The file sizes are very small since there won't be any custom textures yet.


Hi Yury123, I don't have or use Skype at all, how about an e-mail instead:

The most important new feature for the next update will be the route editor. I've posted a couple of videos:

In addition there will be optimisations, bugfixes (like fixing the key configuration with AZERTY keyboard) and graphics improvements. The update will hopefully be ready for testing this month and the official release in January. I'm sorry it's taken this long to make the update but it turned out to be much more difficult to do than I expected.

Hi gulp78, I'm really sorry for missing your question earlier, I don't think I received a notification! Anyway, I'm going to enlarge the current route box in the main menu and automatically add the workshop routes there. The whole user interface could use a redesign which I'll do in one (or several) of the later updates, so I'll rethink the main menu layout then.

Still plenty of Steam keys left! There should be a button for claiming the key somewhere around the middle of the download or purchase page, but it might require you to first link your Steam account before you can claim the key. It's been a while since I did this myself so I don't quite remember the details.

I thought about adding support for different formations in the same template but it turned out to be a bit complicated so had to drop the idea. If I figure out how to make it work in the future I'll certainly do it. For now you'll just have to create separate templates for different formations.

Yes, headlights, signal lamps and other lighting will be added in one of the future updates, though not in the next one. Maybe in the one after that.

Yes, the latest version (1.30) has a timetable editor which you can use to create your own traffic to the existing routes. The editor can be started from the top of the service selection screen. The next update (1.40) is to include a route editor.

Thank you Donstover! Yes, I guess it would be a good idea to implement actual derailments. It would add to the realism and make the sim more credible, knowing that there are consequences (other than just losing points) for breaking the rules.

Switch (Am.) = Point (Br.)  :)

So when you come to a turnout to join another track but the switch is set to the other track, you can use this to split your train onto two tracks.

It's been there from day one :) You'll just have to overrun a trailing point set against you and then reverse, and the front of the train will go to the other track.

I respectfully disagree :) In real-life you can exceed the line speed limit at the risk of derailing or damaging equipment. You can also exceed the train's designated maximum speed at the risk of derailing or damaging the train. You shouldn't do either though. In the case of the 1st gen DMUs the max safe speed is probably limited by the power train, but for safety reasons, many other trains have lower max speeds than what they could actually reach.

In real world the continuous railway network is a large complex web that can't all be modelled as one route so you'll end up with some branches and stubs that lead to unmodelled parts of the network. These are often modelled as portals of some kind in the other train sims as well. Then again the current routes are fictitious so the portals could be replaced with terminus stations to form a small-ish but complete railway network. Another option would be to have the run start and end at a non-terminus station instead of a portal.

I'm probably not going to make any more routes but I'm going to improve the existing ones. Hopefully people will use the editors to create new routes but if that doesn't happen then I'll look into making some more (real-world ones).

I think you've already asked this :) Yes, there will be full controller support later. In the meantime you can use an external program to configure a joystick for the sim as described here:

That's true yes, these features would be nice and I'll try to fit them in at some point, but they're relatively minor details compared to some of the other missing stuff so they're not yet a high priority.

It's quite possible, there's a screenshot of it with temporary textures in the RPS interview.

There's a more up-to-date plan over at the Steam discussions forum (no account required for reading). The locos will be 03 and/or 08 and/or 37 with Mk1 coaches and/or freight wagons but I'm going to release two editor updates before that. Developing the editors is taking a lot longer than I originally expected because they're technically quite complex. I shouldn't really give any dates because I've done such a poor job of estimating them in the past, but the next update is quite likely to be released next month.

Just more zoom? Yeah I can do that for the next update

Sure, what kind of improvement are you thinking of?

Hey thanks for the encouragement!

Can you share a link to that mod?

If you had the chance to design the multiplayer for a train sim, how would you do it?

I've watched a couple of videos of Trainz, Open Rails and Run8 multiplayer. The problem is that they don't seem very fun. Train Simulator 20xx is still the most popular train sim even if it doesn't have multiplayer.

In reality there weren't advance warning boards for the speed limits in 1960's UK so I'm leaving them out. For more modern routes there will be advance warnings

Probably not because it's difficult in many ways. I'll reconsider after DRS is complete!

Not yet, but the editors will be gradually released within the next 6 months

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Yes an update is probably going to be released next week, but it's a small one with some bugfixes and optimisations. The route editor is still not ready.

Thanks! I'll need to revisit the scenery loading mechanism and release another beta. The performance issues in general are something I didn't expect or really notice on my own laptop, but I'll go again through the changes I did to see if there's anything obvious there that might have an impact.

It's under the "Tutorials" button in the service screen where you select Drive/Watch

Yes, you'll be able to load, edit and save again any route. If people want it, I can consider doing some kind of protection so that you can distribute a route you've done without letting others make changes to it.

Thanks Jakkson! Diesel-electric support will be coming eventually as soon as I get some other stuff out of the way first (the editors for instance). I'll need to research how it works in detail to model it to the same fidelity as the mechanical and hydraulic transmissions. The train editor will allow the community to add the classes you mentioned while I focus on developing the core sim.

It's true that the diesel-electrics share a lot of similarities with purely electric locos but I don't yet know to what extent. There might be some differences in the control mechanisms. The infrastructure is also a major point, not just in the 3D-modelling of the power rails or overhead electric lines, but because of how multiple electric trains drawing current from the same transformer affect each other's performance, unlike steam or diesel locos which are independent of each other.

Multiplayer is probably quite difficult to do so that it works reliably, is fun and doesn't suffer from abusive players, so I'm going to leave it out unless I figure out a way to solve all the problems easily.

That's true and I agree but there are some services which can't be run to time under any circumstances. The randomisation will always result in starting late or being held at a signal so long that you'll always be late at the last stop. I'm going to make sure all services can finished in time at least sometimes.

Yeah, I'll add emergency brake in one of the train updates where new trains are added and physics improved

Yes, in the next update I'm going to adjust the timetables to make sure all services can be run to time.

You can already use a gamepad or joystick with the help of another program, here is a guide (not written by me):

Oui :) Not in the next update but in the future there will be support for gamepad/joystick