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OMG! You want to kill me! I can´t wait for full game!!!!!!

What a shame, that the doctor isn´t one of that three love interests. :-D

Please take care of yourself and take a time!!!!

KLEIN please!!!!

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OMG, Klein is a HOTTIE!!! An for more, if this is something like omega verse game, I think, that my dreams just came truth!

Can you please tell me, how did you get the second ending with Heath? I play for Iscari, Gotgotha a Mavaar, everytime choose differently a didn´t get it :-(

Markus always leaves. Just when you vote for Iscari, you will get a postcard from him.

For last CG, you have to support Golgotha.

OMG, I just love Harun good ending, best ending ever :-D

Can you please help me out? I have this score, do blowjob all the time during foreplay, but I still can´t get 69 chibi :-( Does anybody know, where the problem could be?

OMG, Kei looks like Murasakibara Atsushi from Kuroko no Basuke :-D

I think, that it is the one, where Shuu is licking your finger :-D He has to be a bottom. He will do it during foreplay. It doesnť matter, what you do to him. He will do it automaticly.

Sh... I already did that, but for yourself :-( I see, there is no option to do it again but for him :-(

He has to be bottom and you have to continue with foreplay... donť click on "make love" button, on heart. Just let him to do it to the point, that he canť wait.

Oukej, I´m missing the first one. I know it it 69, but does Haato have to be top or the bottom????

Does anybody know, how can I help the guy in the shrine, that wants a boyfriend? I am genius, casanova and saint, bud he doesnť want to talk to me :-(

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please can you tell me, how can i get these 3 chibies????

That is maximum status. You can´t get more. :-)