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Yay, I'm glad I could help explain! And I figured as much too. The art style for both games looks different, so I figured you had 2 completely different teams going, and I think it's great you can hop back and forth to work on the games when you have to wait for more art content from another🙌. And completely agreed, most if not all indie dev groups (or smaller game companies) need to be able to work on multiple projects if they want to stay afloat as developers. So I'm very happy that you're able to put in the hard work and dedication to man both teams and keep going, so thank you😘😆🙌! Your work is very much appreciated ☺!

Just for anyone's curiosity on possible game release dates:

Originally, the game had been planned to be finished by Q4 of 2022. But that was largely in part due to the smaller (original) amount of ROs. After the stretch goals and the many others that were added, it's become apparent to all of us fans out there and the Dev😆🙌 of this game, that they will actually need more time to create/finish the game, especially due to waiting on art CGs because they have to be worked on and tend to take the longest. Artists aren't vending machines, ya know?

Well, anyways, with that in mind --I assume the Dev can work on 3 or maybe 4 max routes a year? At least until we reach that pinnacle of 12 🥳🙌. So this game is likely to be out by the end of 2024 or 2025 (no guarantees tho, because IRL obstacles can occur) For those that don't wish to wait so long, I suggest the beta access and purchasing it whenever you find it on sale. The routes will be added as they complete, and you can finish them 1 by one. Meyaoi's games also tend to take a while to play through for me, so I personally NEEDED the beta access 🤣.

Side note for anyone interested: 

*The Baradise Escape game was actually a game put into motion BEFORE the making of BR. Due to some things, it had to get temporarily shelved. But the artists team is revving to go again on it, and the Dev is ready to work with them and continue this wonderful game🙌🥳!*

Personal note: "It's possible, that even if the Dev only worked on just BR or BE that neither would finish sooner. I think it's because, they still have to wait for things when you work with a team on games such as: BGs, regular CGs, NSFW CGs, sprites, animations, along with coding, etc. This means there will be down times where the Dev honestly can't do anything but wait. So I think it's good that during those times, they can likely hop from working on one game to the next😆🙌"

So just wanted to say: "Thanks for your continuously hard work! And keep on pushing forward 💪🙌😆"

Omg! So exciting I can't wait😆🙌

Amazing 👏 just take my money😫! I can't even wait sfsfsfsf😭😭😭. But yaaay, this looks awesome!! Will there be ways to purchase it like you have set up for your other games on itchio? And maybe a tier that includes a beta tier👀🥰🙌?

Hi, can't wait to play this game. I know you guys are busy on your other games and this one too. But if possible, could we get an update on where this one is at 👀, and maybe a guesstimate of when you guys think this game might be out? Be it next year or the year after. Anyways, just thought I'd pop in and ask, since it can't hurt. Thanks for your guys hard work on your games, loving them alot🙌

Yes! I agree with this so much! Thank you Ertal Games, for still communicating well, I really appreciate the hard work going into this! Can't wait to play this😆🙌!

Exactly. Communication is a key role in customer service for games. Up until a year ago, they were updating us. Then, suddenly nothing. Ironically, likewise...a lot of devs went dark this year in terms of communication. *cough* *cough* "All Men Are Pigs" 🐖 "Are you out there?" Does, this project feel dead? Sure.  Do they have their responsibility to keep the public informed as they took people's money? Yes. Have they been doing a good job at that? No. Are they avoiding relaying what issues they faced, and why? Most definitely. Did they at least notify their Discord members, that they're on Haitus right now? Yes. Should they maybe have updated all their platforms rather then just Discord. YES. 

Like I said, customer service is a key role in how things play our for devs now and in the future, and if they will receive further support or not. But whether or not I have money on the line in a Kickstarter I support, I go in knowing I might just not get what I'm asking for (especially with new upstarts) and that I might no get it at all (was deceived or project failed ex: Man Eater Games), and that I might not want to support said company later on if they ever come back. My original post, had more to do with the fact that people were having no compassion towards each other, and being rude to everyone during these hard times. And they have been. While my second response to you, was in clarification of that and why I choose to be more understanding. Late 2019, 2020, and 2021 have not been easy on anyone. That's for sure.

But like I said, in the end--devs don't get to be excused for taking people's money, and not producing their product, rewards, or communication well enough, or at all. And they won't be excused for it. This all aligns with customer service, and will likely head towards less support for them in the future. But that's the path they chose, and the risk or consequences that come with it. And people don't get to be excused for their words or actions towards each other either. So as to your statement, I'm not saying I don't hold them accountable, because I do. But, I also choose to try and be understanding while also holding them accountable. Of course, that's just my choice and perspective. It's not like I'm asking you to agree with me. I'm just clarifying.

Hi, How are you guys doing? Everything alright?? Hopefully, there's less complications with the game coming out soon🥺. I wouldn't mind getting another update if possible on what's going on so far🥰? Or how much longer we might be delayed until, whether that be another month or so. That's fine, but some communication again to know, would be great🙌! Have a great day, and sorry to bother😖!

Oh! Also something a character mentioned to me I'm glad I didn't miss, was that having Full Charm would allow you to bond with monsters and also have more "love" skills to defeating them. So the by using your charm all the way to max, you'll also prob be helping yourself like that too besides getting those potions and strengthening (ATK/DEF/HP/MP).  So maybe working towards a goal of getting enhancement potions plus FULL CHARM will greatly help🙌😆!

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Grill...? I don't remember getting such a request. He just told me to go fishing for salmon from the Slime Forest, and then bring 5 back to him on his second request.  He wants fish to grill for himself, if I recall. So just carry at least 5 Salmon fish in your inventory to him and he should automatically consider the request done🙌! The third request after should be the Blu jello (or whatever that dropping from slime monsters is called *I forget😅🙈*. That request is basically to collect 15 of those droppings from slime monsters you defeat. Hope this helps 😊!

Wow thanks so much! Really appreciate it!

You might have missed my "go-to" explanation down below, or maybe pictures are just always best! Here's some pictures just in case it helps more. As you can see, the last image down below has Ban now outside at night, after clicking on the town map. From there you can pick where you want to go. Hope this helps!

Ah, ok. It might be because I was loading older save files or something. As for the itchio app launcher...💀 it prob just hates me🤣. I'll try it again later and see if I can get it to update. Otherwise, I'll just un-install and re-install. I haven't gotten too far in game anyways😋

Oh! You said "go-to" lmao, see how tired I am. This is what hrs upon hrs of school work does to me🤣. Anyways, I actually didn't realize this either until today. But at the end of the day when your taken home. 

In Ban's room, in the bottom left hand corner where the map screen is. Click on that and it actually takes you to the night life aspect of Banana Ranch. The only places you can visit at night tho, is the bar, the forest, the ranch, and the love hotel I believe. If you still can't figure it out, then feel free to send me another reply and I'll screen shot where it is in-game tomorrow after my classes let out🙌

Oh man, sorry I missed your reply. I had to go back to diving into a school term paper and a group project for my professors💀, and when I dive into hw I sometimes forget my surroundings 😭.

To answer your question, I actually haven't gotten that far myself🥲. But last I went to the love hotel, I was given a quest after talking to that police duo. So I'm assuming the love hotel will open up after I complete the quest for getting the owner of the hotel to help out the police in staking out their suspect. 

For me, I couldn't outright do the quest because it said my Knowledge Stat was lacking. So I have to go back and build that first (via reading books in the library or watching the news when your at home). So I'm assuming once I have a full knowledge meter, and go back to complete the quest, I will unlock the love hotel options👀 🙌!

Thanks so much! Ya, having an update sections with a post that would allow us to comment and make thread comments for answering in game questions would be awesome🙌

No prob! Glad I could help😆🙌

@Meyaoi, when you see this, and you get the chance to reply. Would you possibly be willing to make a devlog update called "Game Guide thread"? and that way if any of us have questions about the game or even want to post tidbits about it to help guide each other.

I figure, having a specific place for asking game questions, would make it easier to find later on and also keep us from making super long thread comments on your main page. It'd be really awesome to have!! Especially, for those of us currently playing the game! Of course when you have the time or have taken a rest. I understand if not, but just thought it can't hurt to ask. Anyways, have a great day and ttyl!

Wuh oh, you must have purchased two different versions there on accident. The 45$ version should give you access to the beta and it should download (granted that there's nothing going on with itchio's platform or launcher). 

But only if you payed for the 45$. If you have purchased both tiers: the base 29.99 and the 45$. I recommend contacting support via itchio's email service: ( I believe that's the email I used when I upgraded to a different tier. It took them about 2 business days to reply). 

They should refund you one of the tiers. If you still want the beta access just make sure you ask them for a refund for the 29.99 tier and tell them you made a purchase for the 45$ beta tier. 

Sorry if it's not downloading the 45$ tier you purchased. Something might be wrong with their platform or itchio's launcher app today. Because I tried to update to the most recent beta version and it's still not working. But, I already have the game installed, and have been playing the beta. So for me, I don't know if it's the app or the file, etc. But you should def try and contact support so that you get a refund for that 29$! Hopefully Meyaoi can help you if the issue persists.

Hi! and Sorry to bother you, but for some reason Itchio isn't updating to the newest version for me I think? It still says 1.2 and when I click "manage" and then "check for recent updates" it says "found new version" but then doesn't proceed to update. Here's a couple pictures if it helps. And I am using Itchio launcher app. So maybe it's something wrong with the app? And thanks so much for your hard work!

Also side not: I know you fixed the shop error from the first beta release. But in the second, (1.2 version) for some reason the shop is empty for me. Is that supposed to be the case until later in the game? Although, that's coming from version 1.2 so maybe it doesn't happen in 1.3? Anyways thank you so much! Really appreciate all of your hard work!

-I didn't figure this out either until this morning, lol. You're not alone! It's just hiding in plain site.There's an upgrade button under the letter. So under F it will say 'upgrade' and click on that. It will tell you how much money you need, and people hired in order to upgrade. 

-Likewise, when you click on ranch employees it will also have a button that says "level up" and accordingly will tell you what you need to upgrade your ranch employees with. 

-Another thing that I didn't realize until today was the upgrade for what the employees make (milk, eggs, wool, etc). 

-As well as the upgrade button for the Milk, Egg, and Wool factories, and in the corner it gives you two different upgrade options. 

-When you click on let's just say for example, the Milk Factory. Then in the corner of the screen you will find the details needed for both the produce & factory upgrades. 

-I'll also add the images pertaining to this down below if they help! And that way anyone else that has the same question can also check here for it. Sorry if the images are super large, I wasn't able to make them smaller.

Upgrading Ranch

Hi Hi! I think you guys might have forgot something here... And just in case I've quadruple checked my itch-io app launcher and on the website. But no where on there for me does it say 'DEMO' anywhere. Perhaps the word 'free' can be interpreted as such. But not always. Perspective wise, I can see what you mean. But, unless it's stated as a Demo, I don't really expect one. Do I want one? Sure, sometimes having demo's can be really nice. But, that's entirely up to the Dev if they want to add that or not, don't you think? Is it a decision that will draw more people in? Probably. But that's a choice. Some games come with them, some don't. To each their own.  

If there's anything misleading, you can most definitely point out the misleading label system. The fact that the game is listed as 'FREE' when it's not. But, I think we should also be understanding (we don't have to, but we can) that not all game platforms have a work around for certain aspects when it come's to selling your games a specific way, putting them in EA mode, or even for subscription based games. So I think, all that really needs to be done is, perhaps re-designing this page a bit more to make that "NOT FREE' aspect more apparent despite the label saying it's 'FREE' if it has to appear this way on itch-io, and if possible --create a another page where people can connect their games via Patreon. Just to avoid confusion. But, that's just what I think. Everyone has different perspectives, and I can 100% see where you're coming from.

Just joined to try out the mechanics

& see what the fuss was about (Sorry for the long review):

-SO, YOU DO in fact need to be member of Patreon at the lowest tier level to play this game (4$) a month. That tier gives you access to most recent updates for both Uncommon Breed, and Lust. For some people that's less than a coffee every month and well affordable. For others not so much. But to each their own! I can see a lot of work has been put into this! Amazing job! Loving the art style and animations for sprites/characters!!

-There is NO FREE trial. This game's page does come off as free. And some people might not know about Patreon and be upset by that. So perhaps, re design this page and disclaimer if possible. Side NOTE: Your Patreon disclaimer says you need to be a Patreon. But then down below, it says to check Patreon for the most recent builds. This can be interpreted as there being an available build on here different from that on Patreon and one you can play without needing Patreon connections. So that might confuse some people.

-You WILL need a STABLE internet connection to run this game. This game is what I call "not workable" on non-gaming laptops./pcs, old ones, or ones with little to no graphics, as well as households with crappy routers or wifi set ups (my house) that already give you trouble streaming your anime *cries.* Don't consider wasting your money right now, if that's the case. Or you know what? Waste it however you please, it's your money!  

-For me, it runs well enough for me to play. Albeit, it is pretty slow on loading times, in game text, and such. But not really an issue for me. Also, for those worried about this game being a forever "pay per month" game. Well, the tiers on Patreon say that those members will receive both Uncommon Breed and Lust upon final completion. So at some point, I'm assuming both games will be available for purchase on here or on other platforms? But I could be wrong so don't quote me on that! I'll re-edit this later when I play more or come across new vital information.

I got an update for that 4 days ago, you should be able to go in and download it now.

Oh no! That stinks, but is also expected 🥲. Well, hopefully things come around soon! And thanks for the reply! Can't wait to play your game!

Hi hi! Any news on how Itchio and Steam are with the approval? Hopefully their not giving you guys any trouble😖. I know Steam can be...tricky🥲. But hopefully Itchio approves you guys soon! Either way, 100% buying this awesome VN!! 🙌  So, now it just comes down to the wait🤣

Yay! I can't wait! Been waiting for this game! Thnx so much for your hard work!

Hi! Thanks for your response! And of course! I def agree! Communication is a key role in customer service. 100%! My initial response was mostly to the people that were angry about the push back (and there were) as well as pointing out that there was no need for people to act rude or mean on this server, when we can all act civil. And lastly, I do agree with you to an extent (the extent being: extenuating circumstances we're unaware of) on that notion. A circumstance that could also include (but not related to) being able to not give out a short, non detailed, simple message to inform their public/customers. We as of right now, don't know both sides to the story, and why they may or may not being using this platform (vs the other one) to clearly communicate. The reasons for not communicating clearly (or excuses as some might see it) can range between anything. From Mental health, to even game image. But, I guess we'll find out when they're finally able to let us know what happened and where everything is at for them and their customers! Hope we'll find out soon tho and they're doing alright!

Ya I did! It still won't work through the itch io app installer, but I can download the games that wouldn't download from the app, at least from the website instead. Unfortunately, that just means it acts as a separate download. So when I play the game I can't do so from the itchio app launcher. I have to do so from where I downloaded the game to. Which is fine. As long as I can play the game!

I'm having this same issue with a couple of my games and for the life of me couldn't understand what it was. It also just said "undefined build" which didn't help at all. But if it's a glitch through the app, maybe I can just download the game via the website?

Hi, so for some reason after I just bought this and tried to says 'undefined'. Basically, it won't download and the message I get is this: 

Queuing install for 

While queuing for download: TypeError: Cannot read property 'build' of undefined at file: ///C:Users/(namehere)/AppData/Local/itch/app-25.5.1/resources/app/dist/renderer/7.chunk.js:894:39. 

Basically, it just goes on like this with more info. But, if someone could explain what's going on and why I can't download this and help resolve the issue, that'd be great! Thanks so much!

I'd love to try out this game and what you have so far!! It looms fantastic🙌🥰! But it doesn't seem to be working😖. When I try to download it through the itchio app, it says: While queuing download: TypeError: Cannot Read property 'build' of undefined.

So ya, if there's someway to try and download this that would be awesome. Now quick question: is the download the demo? And if so, do you have an idea of when you think the game will be finished since the last update was in 2020? Understandable if not, since I believe you're doing this on your own. But it looks great! Hope things are going well irl and please keep up the great work!

No prob! Take the time you guys need. And thanks so much for your reply! Can't wait to play it!

Hi, I'm sure this has been asked multiple times😅, so sorry if I missed those replies and if I'm bothering. But, wanted to ask if the game will be out soon,  since it's up for pre order. If so, when do you think it'll likely be finished? 

😂 I already bought it, and just can't wait to play it. This game looks fantastic 👏! Any little guesstimate would be nice, if possible. Like perhaps sometimes this summer👀? Or is it more probable that it comes out in the fall of 2021? 

Anyways, if you can't give an answer that's understandable🤣, just thought I'd try and ask anyways.

Also having this issue

To each their own😂! It's totally fine if you just don't prefer older people in games. Tbh, there's really only one 36yr old RO in this game anyways🤷‍♀️, so you could always skip that route if you really can't stand it. But ya, for sure look into dating sims cause those types of characters tend to be more of the blank slate character's. 

Oh! The former game "Dead Dating"  is currently a horror thriller dating sim on Patreon for a new campaign this month that ends on April 30th. The campaign will be anyone's only chance to pick up the 18+  NSFW content as the dev plans to release on Apple & Google Playstore .

Which have very strict rules about 18+ content. So if you do get it, just know the game isn't far along in development yet and the ENGL translation is pretty bad. But it's only in Early Access right now (only for certain Patreon supporters) so that makes sense. And the other game is on the Steam platform and not itchio.

(2 edits)

First off:

Parival, I hope your ok and that everything is alright. It's been a long time since we last talked, but I know life was hitting hard last time we did.  Hopefully soon, you will be able to give everyone an update on what's going on and where the game is at. Hopefully, it's still planned for 2021🥰. 

Secondly: I get everyone's anger for the game constantly being pushed back, especially original supporters from way back. But keep in mind, that there are an excessive amount of costs/time that have to get put in to creating these games along with IRL outside factors (mental health, school, other day jobs, having to hire other artists/writers/coders when one bails or has life issues, short on people to help produce the game, etc).

This game is also now twice the size of the original I believe 🤔, and where they had planned to go with it has changed (fyi: they needed more time/money for it, as well as new CGs due to changes in story). I know at this point alot of people are tired of waiting and just want to experience the amazing premise that went into the demo, but as this game was being developed things like story, art and more got changed along the line with also vast changes for what CG work gets put out/writing/coding.

Also: They put out the side game first to help create some more profit to help go towards finishing their MAIN game. That's why it got released first. Another thing to note is they didn't create it just to take people's money and drop the base game. As small game groups go, games can't be their first priority. Life is first. So when you purchase from indie groups/support them. Just know--they may post pone games by 1-3 yrs in order to come up with the extra costs to support the game--unless they are able to account for all of that ahead of time (isn't always possible either, but with experience and time you can get better at figuring out the costs/dates). Also, sometimes releasing something unfinished/subpar leaves people more angry, than if they had gotten a more polished game.

This game will be released, it's just a matter of when. I believe in the developer. They're not just going to take people's money, and drop something they have worked so hard for and even had to release a side game in order to help out with base game profits. Unfortunately, like I said, life is life and it sometimes it's unfair, mean, cruel, just ok,, or great. That's just how it is.


 They let people know that there were some unfortunate IRL problems the past half year since August, and that they needed to take a Hiatus from the game/updates (typically a period of 3-4+ months of leave due to emergency, mental health, physical injury, not enough profits for their work, vacationing to distress, etc). But development has still been progressing despite some life issues. They said that sometime soon they will release an update on their platforms onto what's been going on, and where the game is at now and for the future. 

Also, just a little bit of humanity calling you guys out here. But when someone doesn't post for so long. Something has obviously happened. Rather than get angry, and share hate because you're feeling petty and angry at how often the game got pushed back. Perhaps, it's best to reach out to said individuals, ask if they are OK, and be more concerned about the human being behind the service they provide. Instead of the entertainment you payed for, that has yet to be received.

I know it's hard, especially when you payed for something. But keep in mind COVID since 2019 for some--has made the past 2yrs realllllly bad years for a lot of people--and we're still going through it in 2021. I myself have lost 2 older family members (1 more distantly related, and another closely related) from 2019-present. And some people have not only lost people during the pandemic time period, their economic conditions have collapsed and are barely living right now. 

(2 edits)

Actually, none of the character's are middle aged. People that are significantly younger than someone's age (for instance prob in your case, younger than these character's, or older in fact) may feel that way however. Middle aged is actually aged....well in the middle of one's life. Between the ages of 45-65. This depends of course, on one's familial life expectancy genetics. But ya, middle aged doesn't even start until 40-45 for most individuals. 

Now side note: these are VNs. They come in all sorts of perspectives, and usually not your own. If your looking to play more BL games in your perspective, try searching for dating sims. Some great examples are: "Signed and Sealed with a Kiss", "Seiyuu Danshi", "Dead Dating", "Banana Ranch(same creator as Seiyuu Danshi, but this game is WIP. Won't be out until Dec 2022)", "Uncle Neighbor *on steam*", "Dream Daddy", or even "Coming Out on Top." These are some great stories and art content you might miss out on, if all you worry about is whether the character's are between 18-20yrs old😓😭😭. I urge you to def try them out tho and see how you feel! I've gotten past that myself as I've gotten older and realized most of VNs or Otome games I love tend to favor the younger adults.

But I do get what you mean about it being nice to have character's near your age🙌😆. I'm in the middle of my 20s, so I'm actually quite excited to finally play a game that doesn't revolve around 18yr Olds😂(cough, cough, ignoring the fact that the Protagonist is 18 👀 , "every otome game in existence" 🤣) Also, VNs come in multiple perspectives as well as with their own subgenres (like playing a VN with rpg like features) ex: Winter Wolves games tends to be like this. 

So, if u are looking for more  of blank slate character's, try the game's I listed up above (*If you can get past most of the character's being older than 20yrs old tho😅, or even translations for Eng being a bit off due to some still WIPs* You might actually really come to love those games. Or if not, just continue searching specifically for VNs that are mostly Dating Sims. Just keep in mind, you can find games with character's your age, but that will severely limit the amount of great-ness you can enjoy😍.

Hi! So first off, I love love love, and adore this game! So I def can't wait to play episode 5 now that I know what's wrong (sort of). But to clarify, here's an issue (I know ,  I'm sorry) that I came across today while finally finishing re-playing this game before I go into episode 5.  So first off, I updated the game and it gave me three exe files. I'm not sure why. But they all looked the same, so I just went with it. I figured they all worked...but I guess not. The first launch file won't load any episode 5 save files, or continue onto episode 5--instead it just takes you to the end of episode 4.  If it helps, here's a picture for reference.  Again, it's the first exe that is having issues. Buuut, no worries cause the other two work for me so I'll just do an episode 5 play through with one of those. Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know just in-case it was an issue or might be for anyone else. Have a great day and thanks for all of your hard work!

Omg 😅, ironically I remembered getting an email notification like a few weeks ago and have been too busy to check what that was about. Then this morning I was like "hmm🤔, didn't I get an email a few weeks ago?? 😍 Oh! I wonder if the next episode is already out, let's go see!!" and low and behold the episode was added an hour ago! 🤣 So I'm super stoked now to get onto my computer and make sure it updates through the itchio app. Anyways, congrats on this next episode! I know I have yet to play it, but I've loved everything up until now including all the DLC stories. You have all put so much hard work into this game and both the story and art is always sooo beautiful, so thank-you!