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I agree 100%. I have over 20 hours played and I just feel lost/bummed about it. I love the setting, story and characters but the endings I have got so far have left me very ...discouraged. (I suppose is the right word.)

I don't mind some bad or slightly sad ends but I would like to have one good/happy end for each of the guys to work at. As soon as I saw it on Steam I rushed to buy it but kinda wishing I had held off a few days now to see what others were saying. It is a good game and story but playing something that I know will have no ending that will satisfy me seems pointless.

I got the same ending with Markus (steam version) and while I WANT to play again that ending left me wondering what was going on lol. Not sure I will play again till I can see a guide.

Really interested in this game but I have to ask... Could cheats be enabled from the start? Honestly the only thing keeping me from buying it is the thought of having to play through some characters I don't want to play through just to make it less of a grind for the ones I do want to play. If not I will still pick it up later but just thought I would ask.

Sorry if it has been posted already but can the MC name be changed? Thanks!

Loved it, I looked (and probably overlooked) but when might Bahadur be released? And the other stories actually. :x