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A topic by TheBlackestBane created Sep 03, 2019 Views: 14,207 Replies: 69
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So - I've tried to romance all three of them. Obviously.

I first tried Heath, as an Iscari, and I thought everything would be fine if I accepted the deal with Andrei, so they'd help us out. That didn't  work. So I tried playing as a Golgotha instead and romanced Heath, because I'd figure that'd count for something. And right after I declare the club belonging to Andrei, I end up getting killed, despite having a full maxed out bar with the Golgotha House. Odd. But why does he have to take drugs? Like, I'm not a huge fan of that.

I romanced Randal (as a Mavvar)  too, all seemed good and dandy, and sadly we couldn't avoid fighting the Iscari or the Golgotha, but we survived, and we had a happy ending, Or so I thought. At the end, Randal seemed to be turned into a numb zombie of a sort, staring vacantly into the mirror as if he's detached from reality with inane scribblings all over his hands. So that was nothappy ending.

Last, but not least, I went for Markus (as a Golgotha). Boy, he is tricky. He reminds me of Loki. That's a compliment, by the way, since I love Loki. Just like Loki, Markus seems to be emanating confidence, wit and charm, and you feel drawn in. But under all that exterior, he's kind of broken. I love that kind of depth. But he left me hanging with his shop, so damn.

I get you guys did alot of effort for all the endings, but sometimes, less is more. We're investing hours and hours in trying to get a happy ending (if they exist, please tell me if they do) and we end up getting disappointed. It's a real bummer for us, as we want to have an ending we're happy with, since we all want that, don't we?

Please - just give us a guide. Hints, maybe? Or remove some endings.



I agree 100%. I have over 20 hours played and I just feel lost/bummed about it. I love the setting, story and characters but the endings I have got so far have left me very ...discouraged. (I suppose is the right word.)


Indeed, I'd like to add that the "special" endings after you unlock them are extremely hidden and playing through one route 20 times to find them is maddening.  Hell, at this point I'd pay for a guide if it meant I didn't have to do that two more times. 


I did enjoy the game, I got a few of the endings gotten almost all the cgs for the respective routes barring 2 each. But all that I got seem to have zero positives in sight at all. After putting so many hours into the game already in the hopes of getting some kind of happy or just a satisfying ending with even one of the leads or on my own, instead I was left with a sour aftertaste and the hollow feeling that all my work and choices up until then meant squat. Like I said I did enjoy the game, but unless I find out there's a better ending that apparently is extremely not obvious or easy to get, I am not willing to pour another 20 hours into this game. Good job devs for making a pretty good game, but this is my only complaint.


...yeah.  The game is wonderful - awesome...but the endings are less than ideal.


Unfortunatly I feel the same way a lot of other players do. I love the feel of the game, the 90s goth vibe is spot on, the music is divine and the art is sublime. I realise the game is about vampires and that we shouldn't expect Disney endings *shudder* but even in darkness, sadness, loss and strife there can be a sence of justice and happiness. If you have seen the movie or read the graphic novel "The Crow" I think that is a perfect example of what I mean. It is a dark and tragic story but the ending is in its own sense, happy. I like the complexity of the game and of the characters but like someone said before me, feeling that everything you've done and all the choices you've made had no impact on the ending leaves you feeling empty and quite frustrated. The game was said to be about or MC and our choices but I can't help feeling that my MC has no way of really making her own path.


The Crow is one of my fave movies ever! I lost count how many times Ive rewatched. And the really love the music too, it was very hynoptizing and makes me deeply immersed and invested in the story.  

However, I think the Crow has a more "completed" ending, at least it kinda makes me satisfied. At least, Eric had his revenge, at least, he is with Shelly now. Yet most of RE:H endings left me puzzled and unsatisfied, I felt like there is more to the endings. Especially Heath's, literally none of his endings make me feel better, and boy his special was very soul crushing for me. Although, I really love him and I wish he was better of a person.


Daamn, i rushed to buy this with my broke *** because i was excited to play this since waaaay long. But now i kinda regret it seeing how everyone is saying that this doesnt have any happy-Sighly happy ending at all. I don't get tiggered easily and i do am struggling with some depression here and there but nothing life threatening so far -Thus why i dont get tiggered easily- and i can stand some gore but oh boy...

All those people rage posting about bad endings kinda make me reget broughtin this, its almos been like...20 minutes since i purchased - haven't even played yet, just the demo, and i was looking foward to markus but daaamn.

I think my biggest concern is the price for what i get, i don't mind all the politics grind and shit, but yeah, for spending almost $20 and not being able to influence shit and at least get my man with some decency....well ****. People saying that choices do not matter, and guilty trips and shit, i am overly emotional and a really simpathetic person so i may get....really invested with the characters. I do not know if this was intentional or not....Also considered asking for a refund on steam...

But i think i will play this, i would reget not doing so even if after doing it i feel a little bit broken, 

But also i would like to ask of the devs to comply with usser request to add some sort of dlc with some decent happy endings, no need to flush shit, but hey, we are **** vampires, where is the badass aspect in this game? I woulnd mind if it was me with my man vs the world lmao. Jokes aside, yeah it doesn't have to be something super fluffly and pink, but something normal when maybe we go away of all that **** and decide to have nothing to do with the **** war.

Sorry for bad english and bad context lol.

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I agree. Speaking as someone that suffers from depression and anxiety, this game is a little tough to play through; as much as I love the characters, my mood has drooped playing the game, and I'm unsure if I can continue doing blind playthroughs - especially since I'm seeing everyone say how almost all the endings, even the "true" ones, are sad.

Life can be gritty, and cruel, but there ARE good things that happen. Happiness may not last a long time, but neither does sadness. Like everyone else has said so far, "happy" endings don't have to be fluffy, and Disney-like. But kind potential could be good.


I agree too! I was depressed during my high school years, drown in self loathe and self pity, maybe thats the reason why I'm drawn to Heath in the beginning. I really love all the characters too, and I wish I could do anything to make them suffer less.


Just to make it clear to anyone wondering: 

I think there are 21 endings.

You have to complete a certain number to unlock each person's special ending. Markus may be more, or all of them? I don't recall, sorry!

"Special" does not necessarily mean "super special happily ever after", in fact I would brace yourselves.

And there are no traditionally happy endings; a couple of them are ambiguous, and many of them are soul destroying.

                                               ~This has been a PSA ~


I'm going to join the choir and say all of the endings were disappointing in one way or another. I love the game, the setting, (and to a certain extent) the characters. I get that the devs were going for a dark, gritty and realistic game - but at some point it just felt like they were slapping more flaws onto characters and pushing more depressing aspects onto the game solely in an attempt to be "subversive" to what is usually expected from something marketed as an otome/vampire dating sim.

Otome is a genre that is usually plagued with love interest on protag rape? Let's make the protag feel like a rapist, instead. Otome protags are usually a magical fix all band-aid for all the love interests' problems? Let's make it so the protag can't improve a damn thing about their love interests' life, and arguably make it even worse. Otome game endings usually contain a multitude of happy endings, and unlockable ones that are even happier?  Let's make every single ending a downer in some way - even the "special" ones they have to spend hours unlocking. 

If I sound bitter it's because I am, the devs even said as much that they were aiming for this game to be an unforgettable experience, one unlike any other you'd played before - and it is, for all the wrong reasons. In hindsight it was also really cruel of them to "hype" the routes up as being '15' on a scale of being mature/shocking, and is what contributes to me feeling like they ended up shooting themselves, the game, and all the endings in the foot - all for the sake of being a "subversive" but ultimately unsatisfying experience for the people who played it.

I don't regret buying the game on the first day of release (despite how grating the ending bugs were) and this won't make me not support them in the future. Just wanted to vent what I feel are some reasonable criticisms of this game as a whole. 

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I agree with everything you have just said, thanks for putting into words what I've been feeling for the last three weeks.


Ah I'm really relieved to see someone else feels the same way, I didn't want it to come across like I was hating on the game or anything. I loved the game, which is why the direction it took in the end really disappointed but also riled me up, because I felt it could have been so much more than what it ended up being, if that makes any sense. 


Yeah I've been hyped about the game for a long time - I even beta tested. I was so sucked in and invested  in the characters, but slowly discovering how bleak and vague everything was, and realising that everything I did was hopeless, was pretty devastating tbh. I'm still not over it. I've consumed a lot of messed up media, and REH isn't exceptionally dark, but this was a bitter pill for some reason. 

- SPOILERS kind of -

There were parts of the game that felt like we were literally being punished - I know that sounds nuts but it's kind of like "oh, you want to make out with someone do you? you want to get intimate? YOU FOOL! The only intimacy you can have is in a dumpster where you belong! And one or both of you will hate it!" or "You thought you could help?? Hah you naive CHILD, everyone is a fraud and  you aren't allowed!! Life is a COLD VOID OF DESPAIR and also it was all a dream~~... but you should stick around."


Oh man I really feel for you, I ended up discovering the demo about a month before the final release, instantly got sucked in/immersed into the world and was really hype and checking in every day to see when word of the final release was, but I still have it easy in comparison to those who were beta testers, kickstarter/patreon backers who waited so much longer (and had a higher level of emotional attachment.) 

That's not nuts, I can totally see why you feel that way - at times it DOES feel like the game is actively trying to punish you, especially when it comes to initiating any kind of intimacy. Flirting is fine, but as soon as anything physical gets involved it seems to cross a line in the sand that the game wants to punish you for. You know that one common ending where Lazarus kills you, and while you're dying he begins taunting you that he won't even eat you because you might enjoy it? That's how it feels the devs went about implementing the sex scenes - they'll give them to you (due to fan demand) but in return, they'll make sure neither the characters, or the person playing can enjoy it (in good conscience.)

Then to top it all off with the "true" unlockable ending being some vague meta message about how nothing you did really mattered? Like, how did they think that was going to be received by their fanbase? It's the literary equivalent to suddenly dunking a freezing cold bucket of water all over your audience's head after they've poured their time, money and effort into playing your product. I fail to see the message they were going for, other than punishing their players for wanting mutually consensual sex and a semi-healthy relationship out of a dating sim game.


I get the feeling that the intention was to be provocative/niche, and illiciting any reaction is a bonus. I understand that it's a very specific kind of experience, but the whole discord chat started to feel like a gathering for people with shared trauma lmao. I do believe that people should create what they are passionate about but idk, at the end of the day maybe slap a warning on it? If I wanted to depress the shit out of myself and question reality I'd just sit in a dark room for 12 hours and call it a "different experience".


On the one hand I respect them for venturing out of the expected norms of their field, if no-one ever tried anything experimental or new within a genre fiction would be terribly boring as a whole - but on the other I also feel it's a shame that it had to happen to this game in particular. I just wanted a dark, power fantasy vampire dating sim with controversial elements sprinkled in, not a sermon on why escapism is bad and there's nothing but cold, empty suffering to show for all of your efforts. It just felt like a bit of a slap in the face to the player.


Lmaoo, exactly. "I'm not here for a sermon", can my mc put that on a t-shirt? Yeah, as invested as I was in the characters, I realised quickly that the mc has very little motivation or agency. I was ready to paint the town red but I barely felt like a vampire at all save for the fact that you apparently have cold, dry genitals :/ 


Oh Lord the end of your post has been sending me, I couldn't stop laughing. Like, Markus runs a fucking sex shop! There is -no- reason why they couldn't have paused, pointed out it wasn't exactly working out as-is, dashed out to buy some vampire lube and then continued when they came back. The way these characters forced themselves through extremely uncomfortable sex made you feel like the world was going to end if it didn't happen right there and then - and the fact it isn't even implied to happen again afterwards all points to it being no fun for everyone involved.


Yes, I can forgive druggy garbage sex, but no lube? In this vamp vagina? I'm out.


Ahhh Dammit nooooooo!!! Well there went my dream ending of being special because Markus "chose" us...although he does hint at your choices not really mattering when you first encounter Lazarus .." No need to take the path less doesn't matter in the end." (cries) ..before I read all the comments I've already played 76% of the game.....I was hoping with all the choices in game that raises or lower your humanity ...or going all out vampiric would have a impact  since it hints at some thing in game, like in Markus route when your "dreaming" but actually go AWOL from the hotel in reality , Markus said " Here we stand tethered, in between"....I was kinda hoping you two evolved into Gods in his special ending. Damn the dev. misleading asses!!! He was all where I end ..You begin. If I was a writer on this I swear I'd have went Epic with Markus's route, tying in theme's from the other two stories. But hell this whole this is just disappointing....I just gonna go head on and say it the BEST part OF THE ENTIRE game is when Heath and the MC are hiding in Markus's store and he was all "...Dare I ask why you two are hidin' amidst the strap-ons? I laughed so hard I almost pee'd myself. I paid 20 for a laugh and some mental abuse I'm starting to feel like a masochist.


I'm totally with you guys! After playing the game I literally couldn't sleep and kept thinking about the characters! They felt so real in a way, and you wish there was something more, its like you wanna hold on that little piece of heaven. 


This is all very true, games should have a balance of dark and depressing with good and rewarding. In many ways the game is amazing, the atmosphere, art and dialogue are amazing but I've yet to get an ending that didn't leave me unsatisfied. 


This and this whole thread, I agree so much. I don't regret buying the game, or playing what I have; I'll play the game when my mood is at its best definitely, but I'll need to stay away from the game when it's not (I'm having to shelf it now, for instance.)

There are already so many games out there that have the "nothing you did mattered" aspect to them - and so many more where you're punished no matter what you choose.  That doesn't make the game fun, you feel punished for just playing the game. And like shock therapy, you just don't want to play it after a while.

Hell, Bloodborne and Dark Souls are some of the most difficult games to play, but they are made so they are also rewarding and you feel pumped when you get past something that was hard before you gained enough levels. And those are dark games with sad messages, but you still come out feeling like you did something. You're only punished if you rush in unprepared and not enough experience.

There's nothing wrong with dark stories. I love cosmic horror and tragic characters, but when such a genre becomes commonplace and you have no way of achieving some semblance of kindness, you grow weary. There needs to be growth in the story and in the characters, else it all just feels stagnant. That's not a rewarding experience, and it's memorable for the wrong reasons.


Daamn, your comment is gold.

Please devs listen to this, is sooo on point....

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I feel the same way. I love the story and everything, and I appreciate everything the developers do.

But we put $20  (even $17.99 or more) into the game, we might as well get a happy ending or something good.  And sadly, I feel the routes were totally "hyped" up to be more than what they were.

I really hope they add more to the game, in the future. (unless they're finished for good) :(

*SPOILER* for 1 of Heath's endings & a scene: the dumpster scene with Heath, where he wants the MC  to do drugs (or don't get the NSFW scene) and when the MC doesn't join him with Andrei, he ends up hating the MC. 
And if you do join him, the MC gets killed (or can be)

That was depressing lol

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To be fair, the game is very clearly inspired by the Old World of Darkness, which is a very bleak and depressing setting. It clearly tries to show vampirism as a curse, your humanity fades, you feel numb, all pleasures fade away except for the hunger, your powers backfire, and sex is for good reason something that most vampires don't even bother with. I get that. I knew that this wouldn't be a Twilight-inspired romp and I was more than fine with that. After all, I enjoyed Vampires: The Masquerade a lot, which is the flagship game of the Old World of Darkness. But unlike the former, Red Embrace: Hollywood takes it too far. There is ONLY bleakness. Like Markus said: Every emotion needs an opposite to be truly felt. But in Red Embrace, we do not have such an opposite. We have choices, yes, but only choices between various bad endings. With the possible exception of the very last unlockable ending, everything ends in bitterness. It's not even that your arrival fails to have any positive impact, no, everything gets worse after you show up, no matter what you do. After getting some of the endings, I began to wonder why I even bothered. Everything is going down the drain anyway, so why go on?

Don't get me wrong, for the most parts I loved the game and didn't regret purchasing it. And I'm certainly not somebody who wishes for a Disney ending. But I need a reason to care. A moment of sweetness to go with the bitterness. The feeling that my character is more than just a disaster catalyst. To truly feel the sadness, you also need to experience some happiness. And here, I find the game lacking and it seriously takes away any replay value once you have unlocked the endings. Just my humble opinion. (And forgive me if I sound stilted, English isn't my first language.)

Edit: I just wanted to add that I understand that replay value was probably not one of the main goals anywhere. After all, all those bad endings lead to the "true" ending, which basically goes "this story is broken and beyond help, so let's start anew", so the whole point is to grow beyond all this, not to fix or even endure it. So I think I get what the team was aiming for, it just doesn't work for me.

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Well said, and yeah, at every turn I just kept thinking "why can't I just leave? why I can't I just leave?", or even "can my character just jump off a building now?" - if that's the kind of reaction they were going for then, well, objective achieved. The whole time I just felt like my character was in the middle of a dumpster fire holding the gasoline with some kind of dumb, blank expression on her face. 

A lot of people have been claiming that anyone who wrote a bad review was expecting a happy walk-into-the-moonset "twilight" ending, and it's frankly insulting. Wanting your character to end up with their love interest mainly intact after like 50 hours of playing isn't an outrageous expectation, and there is nothing that would suggest this wouldn't be the case.  It's not about hating the subversive, it's about nobody realising they were paying to play 50+ hours of psychological horror. 

Deleted 1 year ago

Quite honestly, I can not see how anybody would be able to mistake this game for a "sweet, fluffy otome", not to mention "a lot of people". I certainly didn't, because it was obvious that the creators took inspiration from the Old World of Darkness, and there is a reason why it's called that and not World of Sunshine and Rainbows. I still didn't appreciate being stubbornly railroaded into disaster, especially considering that the game offers fifteen different endings. 

Clearly, we have different opinions here, and that's just fine. But assuming that the discontent stems mostly from the crushed hopes of people who for some unfathomable reason excepted some saccharine dating sim completely misses the point.


I also think you haven't really read what the thread is about... SPOILERS AHEAD SO BE CAUTIOUS.

no, nobody was waiting for a twilight-esque otome full of fluff, sweet, romance sunshine and rainbows, but rather, as the warnings said, some kind of twisted romance. The point being, this doesn't feel like romance at all. I'm not the best person to convey this thread into words that sounds coherent and makes sense, because my english is very basic tbh, but i will try....

What people is more upset about i could put it out as being that, for paying almost $20 usd for a game that obviously is very dark, we got a rollercoaster that feels like some kind of mess, and not really a good one, i mean, i don't mind playing almost 5 or 6 bad endings for each character if only i got some reward for it, i dont want a fluffy romance ending when suddenly everything gets solved out of nowhere and everyone is happy and sound, becouse this is not THAT kind of game, but i was expecting some kind of a better reaction to our character being our character and staying there at all, maybe an ending when whe can choose to run away with our LI and send the war *** and simply dont care at all. Also, maybe some bittersweet ending when it's kind of not solved, but rather paused, some mayor character deads but still some kind of reward out of it, something remotely happy amid all that chaos. But we get none.

Not only does the game feel like everything you do is pointless, because it basicaly goes down to ways: If our character didn't exist, the war would go on, we don't know how whould it develop but i am certain things wolud go ape*** and have mayor deaths, maybe set the whole hollywood on fire eventually, but with our character there, things go south rather fast, and for a game with a premise that OUR CHOICES matter, and that we hold the key to maybe solve everything, or set everything into chaos, it feels like no matter what, everything goes CHAOTIC anyways, like yup, we try to make it better, but oh noes, that isn't going to happen. We can't really be anything, and, as for being a vampire, mc feel rather usseless thought the story, being a relatively new vampire at all.

And don't even talk about the sex choices, that's some guild trip right there, it feels so wrong, and is not exactly the kind of "weird, toxic-romance" i was expecting, some of it yeah, but for it to remain that way i can't really call that a romance, it feels like there is not consent, nothing rather romantic at all, randal is the lest ankward one i think, and yeah even if vampires are dark, murderous suicidal beings -in this game context- They were also once human, i would have liked the devs to maybe explore that part and combine it better with this twisted world they created.

this game offers nothing more that a captivating storyline -wich ultimately feels bland after everything is said and done-, beautyfull characters who happend to be very haunted, and no matter what you do, you can't make it better, not only that, but if you try to make it better it will only get worse, a rollercoaster of guilt, blankness, suffering and so so many bad endings with nothing more to it, the game is so far only what seems like bad endings, and for a visual novel, that kinds of falls plain.

You can have and be anything at hollywood- because you are already death, yet, none of it really happens because the ilusion of choices fails to deliver, except for some turns here and there, someone saving your ass depending of your reputation and evading ultimate death, your characters apport to storyline is rather bland, interaction with other characters...bland. Some jokes here and there that might make you laught, but this game can be everything--- but at the end of the day, you sat in front of your pc, staring at the credits screen after 50+ hours of gamplay, to be rewarded with....nothing, just bitternest, some really bad memories, amazing storyline for the supporting characters with major and minor roles and feeling like you did nothing at all, except self-insert yourself in a rollercoaster of despair, maddness, with little to no romance at all, hell, even if you DO avoind romance, even as friends, the feelings are all the same, so the question that always lingers in the end is "What does it matter? nothing really does" Your character matters nothing at all, i get what the devs where going with this game, but it had so much potential to be something more ya'know? The twisted-romance premise could've been aproached so much better, instead is just bland, aknward and kind of put it there? It doesn't matter in the storyline at all- And as such, it doesn't really matter to the characters LI at all, for example markus, something that striked me in his story was that at the beggining when you choose him as a tutor of sorts, he asks you "What are your fears" i choose "Being lonely- because of being a vampire" that's how i would answer in real life, and he responded in the context of "I see, but we're all afraid of it, with different name and circumstances, yet all united with the same string, and do tell, what whould you seek to scape it, what do you expect to not feel it?" -not his exact words but yeah- And i answered "love- i hope to find it" and then this moment got caught in my head because he got serious all of a sudden and said "This is the right time, isn't it? all this time...for this moment" and i was like welp yeah, golgotha can se s*** and stuff, would have been so amazing to explore the way that maybe markus knew you where coming into his life all along- he just didn't know wich role you whould play into his inmortal life until he expended a bit of time with your character? and so, if you chose to romance him, this would've been soo much deep...

That is the kind of potential this game had, but fail to deliver.

Not that i was expecting anything tbh.

i expected more for the storyline choices and endings with influences, but the only one so far who had me almost satisfied was when i started a rebellion of my own -See? i pulled sneaky on you, saorise lol- and got to be the new vamp leader, aside from that, every ending just left me with this bitter taste and i just was sitting there thinking -Wow, so much for choises matter- because in the end, no matter what you choose, the outcome is always bad in some kind of way,  and not bad as in - bad game, bad ending kind of- but bad in the way of that it's always a dissasters, and that in the end of the day, you can't even protect the people you come to care for in this new, dark twisted world. 

Heck, i would have been so much pleased with an option to suicide myself after all those bad endings, maybe then, i could say, yeah, this is that kind of game, but welp, i guess even my character doesn't care about anything at all- just how this game feels.

May not be accurrated because a rambled a lot but yeah, there you have it, some pinpoints into what other people where saying and how i feel about it all.

Sorry for bad english,

Spoilers not game breaking- i think- unless you get turned down for a game who doesnt have real romance lol.


What a long but passionate answer! And I have to agree with all your points because that's just how I felt after I spend 20+ hours on the game, trying to find a good solution.

I'm the usual Otome player but I didn't expect this game to be typical sweet and soft, I prepared myself for a hell ride and twisted romance, I read the warnings and everything. I simply liked the concept and the promised content, intrigued by the demo and updates but never did I expect a gut punch like this. Playing through all routes and endings only to be told that nothing mattered and enduring so much emotional pain without any relief. I had one guilt trip after another and even felt so bad romancing the dudes that I just became friends with them only to realize that the ending is technically the same. Players felt bad playing the game. Players felt like they played the game wrong. Players had a therapy trauma session on the freaking game server.

Even a kickstarter sponsor and beta tester regretted their choice to support this project. On Steam the game already has a rating of 6/10, many raising the same concern and bitterness about the endings and the outcomes. Some theorized it's for shock value and to pull a sneaky on the players instead, well, congratualtions, you got your reactions devs, but I will be honest - you shot yourselves in the legs. Many potential customers and fans now turning away or regretting their purchase, even swearing to never buy a game from you again. And the people of tomorrow will read the reviews and comments, immediately turning away and thus losing all the money invested into it. How did this even turn out like this? The prequel is even happier and that is BL only, how did this following one turn out so frustrating? Many expectations crushed, not only from Otome players buy also those who enjoy psychological horror - where is the dark comedy in this? It ends up in a tragedy anyway, labeling it as Drama isn't the same thing. Optional romance It says that but really, you will feel uncomfortable and awkward, not in the funny way. 

So many bad endings, making you responsible for deaths and destruction, suicide and homicide and then you only get a lazy mindf*ck of an ending. A new experience and not for anyone, I get it, but what kind of niche masochists are you looking for? In the end even the masochists want a satisfying, even if not good, end. Sometimes being experimental is not always good, especially because how the game was marketed. As if lead astray after waiting so long for it, not for the romance only but the influence you were promised to have in it. This is basically a linear VN where only the last choices really matter, a story you could have told in a Kinetic VN with a set MC. I mean, to get the special endings you have to be the same house as your mentor - so much for being anything you want. 

The only way they can save this is to add better endings, step up the optional romance and/ or make the choices really worth their impact. Many already ask for a DLC to fix this or to get more information and closure about the events afterwards.

Heck, I even investigated on the hidden meanings in the BGs, CGs and ending titles! 

I really don't want to stop anyone from playing it, it was in a sense still an unique experience and story with great assets - from the art, the backgrounds, the music and the writing but I wouldn't give this more than a 7.5/10 because of this major flaw.

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Very good write-up of the meta reasons behind why some people found the game to be so disappointing. I still believe there was quite a big disparity between how the game was advertised/sold to the public VS what the end product actually ended up being, like they ripped the rug out from under the player's feet just to laugh at them when they tumble over. It's not a very nice experience, even less so when you're not expecting it.


ALL OF WHAT YOU SAID IS TRUE, I was also hoping for a suicide ending on my first route (and only route so far, Im just so depressed now) Id rather kill myself than get killed. 


Wow. I just saw the release, !!!'ed, came straight to the comments to geek, and I'm glad I did. I know myself pretty well, so I think I'll give this a pass for now. Thanks for the heads up y'all. 


If your taking a pass, I would highly recommend that you play it when it's on sale. The endings can be duds for many people, but the journey is worth a few plays. It's haunting, funny, and dark.  

Deleted 1 year ago

Eh, I agree with your last point to a certain extent. Visual novel writers should be able to write whatever the heck they want, but not on Kickstarter dime.  Though legally the project creator is only beholden to delivering the project, they are expected on a social level to deliver a project that satisfies backers. This is the implicit agreement  Kickstarter donors have with project managers when they give them their money. Not doing so incurs social consequences, and depending on the context, these consequences can be justified (i.e. marketing it in Kickstarter as one thing, and delivering it as another).  

As to whether RE:H was ever labelled as a romance...I'm not sure? I check otome, dating sim, and romance tags all the time here, so I'm pretty sure that's how I first came across RE:H. Looking at the tags on the product page now though, none of those are there, so...*shrugs* Maybe they changed it or I came across it some other way. If anyone else can chime in on that, I'd appreciate it. 

Deleted 1 year ago

Mmm, I think that particular kickstarter post you brought up is part of the issue here. 

It’s a story about you, your power, and your role in the world. The love interests are a part of your story—you don't have to just be a part of theirs.

This bit specifically. A lot of people commenting here felt like they didn't have much power in the story, because most endings ended badly. Which....that feeling isn't technically contradicting that tag line-the story is about you and your power in the the world, but the lack of it rather. However, I feel most probably took it to mean the story was about the empowerment of being a vampire, and maybe the consequences of it. So not being able to at least help your LI or having them go off the deep end for seemingly no reason felt like whiplash.

...I had a bit more here but given that it's a psychoanalysis of the writers (aka people I can't even say I know) it feels inappropriate to say anything. The game is what it is, and I hope it finds the folks out there that'll wholly love it.    


I haven't found the best endings yet, but I found the ending with Randal when you join the Iscari to be very sad and one of the romantic ones. He was willing to give EVERYTHING away to be with your character. And that is big for someone who loves his Independence and freedom.


I've only found one ending that's ambiguous w/ Randal when you choose to side with Mavvar in the war and even that's still somewhat sad. The MC and Randal stand together while they talk about how much they both really miss and wonder where Markus is. The game had so much potential to be more and it fell flat in a few areas and I'm sad about it because I've waiting a full year along with others for this visual novel game.

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lol I really need a walkthrough, am having trouble with markus xD any tips? Managed to get good ending with heath thanks to some comments 


For Markus you just side with the different factions for the three endings - Mavvar, Golgotha, Iscari. For the special ending you have to meet the requirements of playing through the Iscari ending and the special endings for Randal and Heath, also you have to play as a Golgotha to see red choices popping up, which you have to select.

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So I was really looking forward to playing this game, the art is gorgeous, Heath and Markus made my heart THROB. The MC customization was great, I loved the diverse dialogue choices (it felt like MC really did have personality), my head was going through so many things I wanted to do because this game had 21 FUC**** ENDINGS and I was thinking, no way I can fail with that MANY endings. Also, I saw the game had a required budget of 8K, but the support was almost double than that as it went to 15K! I was just like, this game must be very good!


So I wanted to try Heath first and then Markus, because he was so different, and very charming and...lonely. I played as Mavvar but still picked him as mentor to make it exciting. For the first 5-8-10 hours (????!) I was just so happy, with the humor, art, characters until it just went downhill when I realized that Heath was jealous/hate(both??) of my MC and he was an addict (I just thought, that's normal cause he's former Movie star and I can still fix him after I asked him to drop the cigarette), the sex scene allows you to top/bottom (my MC is male) but i felt so sad, it felt so hollow, toxic, it didnt feel like love at all. Like, is this game ENCOURAGING DRUGS??? Hell, that was the first straw, and I already felt like the game was going downhill from there and I felt GENUINELY DEPRESSED It felt like all my choices are just mistakes in the making. Next, when Heath went to Andrei, I felt betrayed by him or Saorise (I KNOW that B**** Andrei just wants to make humans his cattle) and rejected his offer. By then my gaming morale was so low but I was still hoping for any hints of a good ending. So I continued played until midnight and after returning to Saorise, I no longer had any OPTIONS AT ALL. I DIE NO MATTER WHAT AFTER ANNOUNCING THAT THE NEUTRAL GROUND BELONGS TO ISCARI-tried others I still die! I put down my laptop and sulked.


I am an overall very happy person but after THIS, (its been a while since Ive been sad) my mind cycled over one sentence for the next 3 hours: WHAT DID I DO WRONG? I felt like I was a mistake and a failure. It felt like I genuinely went though a horrible break-up, I felt Iike I couldn't do anything right, I felt like a toy passed around. Some choices also didnt make sense, I made a deal with Lazarus, but he never came to aid me nor did he many any attempts againts Andrei.

I was hoping maybe the game was incomplete somehow? And that's how I came to this comment section and created a new account. Now, I don't wanna try Markus route anymore in fear of facing that same horrible feeling. In the end, the game made me hollow, like the characters, no smile on my face, it just HURTS me and I emphasize with those who have gone through depression, this game made me feel their pain. It seems no amount of being good/kind would work for these broken people.


To those who played the game way more than I did (I just finished it a few hours ago but Im very unwilling to go for another wild depressing roller coaster), are there any partial forms of good endings with Heath and Markus? Any at all? Are they worth it? Please help, I dont care if I have to refer to a guide anymore. I just want to know huhuhu 


Short answer: No, no happy endings, with the possible exception of Markus' special ending. But you stay alive in most endings.

Long answer: If you get shot, it means that you choose a faction that doesn't like/trust you enough to save you. If you made a deal with Lazarus, he will indeed aid you, but not at this point, but rather in the final battle. (He also will go after Andrei and might even succeed onscreen, depending on you choices.) If you have enough influence with the faction of your choice, you will be saved by that faction and you will make it through the story alive. As for the mentors, there are no ways to "fix" Heath or Randal or even just keeping them from getting worse, though there are endings where they stay with you. Markus' endings are not quite that gloomy, though I found them still pretty depressing, with the exception of his special ending, as already mentioned.

PS: I definitely didn't feel like the game endorses drugs, quite the opposite. That Heath tries to escape from reality and numbs himself is actually his fatal flaw. Mind you, you don't have to sleep with him, and you can also just pretend to take the drugs, if you don't mind deceiving him.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah in the sex scene, I went back and just chose sit with Heath in the alley haha, f cold sex man haha. Thank you for the tips! So my mistake was actually believing what Heath said in the beginning, that peace was possible (naive of me xD) so I just equally divided my attention among all three but I guess this game doesn't allow it. I will replay the game then and will follow your advice ^ω^

Okay I have just this last question left (maybe Ill have more when I find the time to replay):

Do I have to be in the same house as my mentor in order to get the best route? Because I read in previous comments that you need to be Golgotha and get the visions to get best Markus route? >_<


You actually can go independent and sort of unite the houses, but it's pretty iffy. You not only need a high reputation with all factions, but you also have to bring up the topic with the Iscari and Randal before you declare your alliance. If done right, you can pick "My rebellion!" and Randal and his group will save you, though there will still be a fight because Saorise and Andrei will not give up that easily. So it basically plays out like siding with the Mavvar, only that at the end you are in charge with Randal as your right hand instead of the other way around, and the remaining vampires in the city are more diverse instead of consisting mostly of Mavvar. So, yes, you can bring the three houses together, but not peacefully. There will always be a final clash and Saorise and Andrei will never accept you.

As for your question, you have to be in the same house as your mentor to get the special endings. Those are not necessarily the best endings, mind you. I found Randal's special ending horrifying and Heath's was a tragedy. Only Markus' special ending has an uplifting note. Mind you, you have to get the former two before you can unlock Markus' special ending (which I consider the "true" ending, btw).

If it's alright, can you give me some more pointers in how to get the leader ending? I am on Randall's path and I had high rep points with all houses (wasn't equally high but they were close enough) and I did tell Randal, the Iscari, and that Mavvar guy that I will unite LA but for some reasons, the "My rebellion" option has never came up. Did you perhaps maxed out determination and if so, how? Or maybe I'm not supposed to agree to Andrei's deal, I don't know. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and it's getting tiring to go through his route over and over again just to get the leader ending. (Since I've already got all of Randall's other endings, including the special ending)


I would love to help you, but I'm not sure where you went "wrong" either. If you used the options to talk about it beforehand and have sufficient reputation with the factions, then I'm stumped as to what could be missing. But the deal with Andrei shouldn't be the issue, since I took that too. As for the personality traits, I'm not sure how they factor in, but since I played my Iscari as somebody who can take care of herself and isn't easily daunted, my character turned out indeed pretty determined, though the stat wasn't maxed. (Here are my exact stats at the moment of the proclamation oy my rebellion, in case anyone wants to take a closer look: I wish I could be more of a help, but maybe someone else knows more?

That aside, are you trying to get Randal's second ending? Just asking, because I tried the very same thing, only to find out that it isn't linked to that at all. There seems to be only one ending for the rebellion, whether you side with Randal or go on to unite LA, and it even plays out mostly the same, with only minor differences in the epilogue. Spoilers ahead, for those who want to know: For the second ending, you have to side instead with Andrei, while also making a deal with Lazarus. At the end, you will notice Lazarus sneaking up on Andrei, just let him do his stuff.


I just got Randal's secret ending last night and dear god, you're right. It's terrifying. I saw your post before I ever unlocked it but I was expecting Randal to go on a killing spree or something. I did not expect... well, *that*. It made it hard to sleep, man, damn.


Tell me about it. Randal's beardless face will haunt my bad dreams forever!


I hate to say this but I thought he looked kinda hott without the beard... Then my heart broke when he gave me that scornful look


You are right, he DOES look hot without the beard. Actually, I've thought "I wonder how he looks without the beard" for most part of the game. It's just that when you finally see it, well.... let's just say by that time I wanted my bearded teddybear in casual clothes back. *whimper*

Yasss! I was thinking my whole time playing through the vanilla ending that he was just a big ol' teddybear. I felt so fuzzy with him before.

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Thanks a lot for the tips, I guess I did it wrong because my stats were high that I was being rumored to side with the Rebellion but I was afraid to pick any forms of "rebellion" options after Heath said they would target him first and I didnt want him to die. Let me see if I can still recover my Mavaar MC and Heath relationship :(  (i like contrasting lovers so haha) 

I wont try Randal's ending if its really thay disturbing xD


My friend showed me this game and I fell in LOVE! I absolutely loved everything about it, I was obsessed with playing it for so many hours but I had to stop myself sometimes because I didn't want it to end so soon. I got so attached to the characters, especially Heath, which was my downfall.


When it got around to the ending, I was so excited to see what outcome I would get before I started playing. Then all of this drama happened and Heath just vanished without saying anything because of the choices I made, it made me incredibly heartbroken. The writing was so amazing that it made me feel so many emotions for a single character but I have to admit... it's terrible that there were no happy endings. I know it's a dark depressing game but I wish there were at least ONE happy ending for each romance option because getting attached to a certain character and then seeing something bad happen to them is a terrible experience. Nonetheless, I enjoyed everything else and I really hope for another installment or another game similar to it with it's choices. I also really enjoyed the character customization, it was a simple addition to the game but it made it so much more personal.

Deleted 1 year ago

No happy endings as we define them, not even bittersweetness. Markus has the happiest endings so far (Project Mayhem ending where you are the leader instead and get approved by him with the hope of him returning and his true special ending). 

One for Randal that's kind of meh is where you side with Andrei, make a deal with Lazarus and let him kill Andrei afterwards choosing to look for Randal. You have to make your headcannon that MC will find him one day and maybe have a happily ever after. 

Heath will always be tragic, either he disappears, cuts himself off from reality or well, becomes an angel

Have to agree with most here while I love its a darker game and is much more mature than other games with romance it seems they went a little over board I would say keep the endings they have now and add more happier ones I was pretty annoyed with the Heath cutting himself off from reality one it was like nothing i did  (persuading him to not take drugs for sex , maybe stopping smoking etc ) mattered at all I may aswell of just gone with it all. The writing is brilliant  the choices we get are more realistic than I have seen in other games ..even if it looks like our choices never even mattered in the end .

The protagonist just one of many vampire, a person do not have that much power to change the whole world lol And you can't change a person way of thinking that easy. That's the same in real life. A think Heath special ending is a GOOD ending, at least to him haha


But that it just the thing: You DO change things for the three mentors, just not for the better. And while that makes sense in Markus' case (he wants to show his "apprentice" the truth, which kicks off the attack against him), we are offered no such reason for Heath and Randal. If you don't pick them as your mentor, they are not shown to take an unavoidable turn for the worse. Of course one might argue that we are simply not shown, but on the other hand you can end the game by Randal's side, even if he wasn't your mentor, and it is never mentioned that he becomes withdrawn and disheveled - something that definitely should draw attention if you are his second in command or vice versa. I admit that I dislike stories where you can "fix" people with deepseated issues just with the power of love, but I'm not fond of this forced nosedive as well.


Here are my thoughts about the game.. I havent see all of the endings and just watching playthroughs

I've read some of the comments and yep i spoil the endings myself..

Im basically stalking this for the art, I like the fact that they dont look generic ('w')b

when it comes from the endings, I have a thing for psychological horror I think I played every game and visual novel around the internet

they have endings such as they are stuck in their fantasies while their real world rots... the other one killed someones enemy, hide their body and went crazy in the end it was all in his mind.

Heath's ending (normal)  this ending looks like a normal boring ending but if you put realism, this is a happy ending but it seem that heath is scarred that lead him from his addictness in TV.

I havent seen randal and markus' ending haha sorry.. 

the most creepy part of this vn is the part where you pretend that you take the drug and make love with heath and the lucid dreaming from markus' route

rating its dark and horror side, all i can say is... its rather mellow for me but the drugs make it sound taboo

if you are the type who reads touchy feel-y romance, it will just give you that pink raburabu in a short time and BAMMM! no fairytale ending for you haha

this game reminds me of a BL VN  "sweet pool" it doesnt have happy endings.. the other lover had an amnesia while the MC is watching him far away, thats the ending of that VN

i read someones post telling that the characters didnt grow

for me, they are like doors that you need to open and you are the key. I agree they didnt grow, i dont see metamorphosis either which is very common in anime romance.

sorry for the long post and bad english


Whelp this put me off buying the game 

I just finished game fpr then first time, romanced Health. I don't know if there is a good end for him but I reall like my end. I didn't followed him in his betrayal (I'm a firm believer of the Camarilla both for the Vampire and the Human, so I was not going to betray the Iskari in this univers) and remain at Saorie's side. Really like that he has vanished of my unlife and that my character coul say that bit by bit, she think less and less of him, like he will stay a bittersweet memory but nothing less.

Markus was right somehow, she was with him BECAUSE of his humanity, but as she embrace her vampiric nature, it was logical that she distance from him (the end was passionnate but ephemere). So, I don't know if that could have turned better, but this last view, at Saorie's side, was fullfilling.

I must ask, if Saorise and her Iskaris are Camarilla and Randal and the Mavvar the Arnach's, Andrei is the Sabbat right? If so, I mut say that he is one of the best Sabbat representant I ever seen. I almost wanted to join him (unilike these crazy bastard in Bloodlines 1, their were really good antagonist but Sabbat is more subtil and corrupting in book).

Your Anarch's were right in the spot too. Really nice philosophie, charismatic leader but really not viable in the futur.

Camarilla are son of bitches but even if I really don't like them, all my vampire character could see that their laws were really useful AND essential both for Vampiree society and Human society... but yeah, I do agree with anarch somewhere, they are generally full of shit and insufferable... 


I just started on this game and immediately after ending Heath's route, I requested for a refund.

The game is so depressing, I cant take it. I invested so much love and effort comforting Heath, only to end up with him being so broken and emotionless "_" 

I know the devs wanted to make it as realistic as possible. Like I get it; life isnt always rainbows and butterflies. But if you're gonna throw that kind of shit to me, might as well dont give me any romance options in the first place. 

If only I knew Heath would end up that way, I wouldnt bother going all out to comfort him. All the love and time I invested turns out to be pointless at the end. 

^Heath watching the romance movie on a continuous loop. After that war ended, he just seemed to lose all sense of sanity and comprehension. My poor baby :(  If this isnt some messed up shit, Idk what is.

Atfirst I thought I had gotten the bad ending but after researching about it online and watching playthrough of some youtubers, seems to me that all the characters are pretty fucked up. They all have some sort of issues or if they dont, they will end up with it. Just like how Heath ended so emotionless, Randal's ending was pretty similar.

I actually emailed the devs about this. I asked if there are any plans on making happy endings. And the fact that Im not the one wanting happy endings says alot. They have yet to get back to me but hopefully, i wont get dissapointed.


Like the others I agree the endings were a bummer. Tbh the only thing that made me feel like less bummed is knowing that Ash is going to be happy with David. I like to imagine that after the game is over he and David decided to leave LA to go somewhere else, I know in the og game that David is Luka's brother who became a blood pet of a vampire, so it's cool to imagine Ash and David going to Sanfran and running into Luka and then Luka realizing that David is either a vampire now or just genuinely happy to be with Ash--

I'm sorry I just really love David guys.

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I've yet to download the version from this site as for some reason after waiting for a million years for download, it refuses to install. 

Major "SPOILER ALERTS " to follow. 

As only played twice my memory of character names is rubbish so hope you understand whom I'm referring to.

Anyway using the Google Play "full version", I have found a happy ending with Heath when I was a Golgotha. Essentially I listened to him every time he wanted to talk. Flirted, complimented and had as much physical contact as possible. Also went places he wanted to go, e.g. stupid Hollywood party for famous people. I didn't take drugs and essentially tried to get him as much confidence as possible. 

With the other two "love interests", I tried to get as close as possible but not romantic, plus trying to be as diplomatic when they brought up their most extreme views. 

Spent most free nights at (can't remember name) but bar Heath owns, making sure also mix with members of all groups when there or at places with all groups I was sent on a mission to,  unless situations like trying to get girl at bar to be a spy. 

Did everything was asked by the woman in glasses, although meeting with bloke in graveyard I asked him every question I could and then agreed to join him. Few meetings later Heath was asked to join and like puppy followed me (meant he took quite few of his house with me by himself).

Making sure all the way through game interactions with others I was never 100% rude, but on occasions would have to be convinced to do something,  or e.g. when confronted  with my lack of sticking up when asked my opinion for instance I think Randal confronted on it chose the "I'll do it when needed/important". though pretty much always said (to her face) that I would do what glasses woman asked me to plus either agreed with her point of view, at most asked if there wasn't another way for  her to get what she wanted if 4 possible answers(if only 3 or less sometimes gave "..." reply). 

Once on stage said that we should follow "graveyard bloke", Heath and I escape to fight another day...together. 

Hopefully helps 


I've just completed the game on Steam (and read the  Developer Commentary Book) and wanted to say that this game is brilliant. The dev had a lot of courage to release something not cis/heteronormative, not dumb or empty (I can't find better words), but fierce, hopeful and passionate.

Though, I also laughed out loud for 15 minutes straight after reaching Randal's special ending, since it was so awfully similar to a certain scene from an RPG I've played (not VtMB). It was a very refreshing take and I truly appreciate it.

And that the NSFW scenes are neither mandatory nor they are the reward is nice. 

Finally decided to buy this game which has been on my radar for a while 'cause it was on sale and boy ho boy. I mean, *gestures at all the comments on the topic*

I played Randal's route, and I really enjoyed the game! (...until the end) The art, the music, the writing, it's all really good. I liked the touches of humor here and there, and I love the big WoD influence. VTM was the first RPG I ever played, so this vibe is defo something I like. For most of the game, I really felt like i was doing something?

(spoilers from now on) I started getting really uncomfy around Randal's sex scene. Im the kind of player who saves a lot and tries different outcomes while im still in my main playthru, I don't have the time to spend 20+ hours in a VN unfortunately. SO after the awkwardness of the scene, i went back to choose other options. I wanted to figure out what was his deal when he said he was dirty and i was too pure and didnt want to corrupt me -- finally chose the options when I agree to not do it for now and his answer...made me feel bad about having the scene previously? Like, i initially thought he was worried about hurting me so I assured him I was okay with it and we did it. But now it felt like he had some trauma he needed to work through and i forced him into having sex?? Which would make me a rapist?? That's awful, I felt horrible. That's not a game I want to play!!! I tried not to think about it too much, esp since I was now playing from the save where we didnt do it. Of course, after that I sided with the rebellion, and despite all the options i had (went back trying for a few different ones) it always ended in a bloodbath, and i kept it really worth it coming out on top? But then you just see a hollow Randal, absolutely broken from being stuck in the role of a leader, and it broke my fucking heart. After that, I had to look up a guide to try and figure out a different ending. I tried doing the leader ending for Randal, unsuccessfully (not enough iscari rep i think). And then went to this topic, and reading all of this, really relieved me. I didn't fuck it up. That's just how the game is. Bleak and depressing. I'm bitter. I didn't sign up for a fucking tragedy. I'm sorry I'm gonna be antagonistic, but to the devs: fuck you. I know that's not nice but christ. These endings are an edgy teen's understanding of what a drama is.


yea  from what i have seen a lot of the sex scenes are super weird and  mostly very guilt trippy its fucked up like marcus asexual ok cool i dont mind that i wouldn't mind if they all were  but its kinda messed up the game seems to expect us  to just know or not do it.I wasnt expected fluffy super happy endings but jfc . so much of the choices  are pointless  and lead to bad things   even vtmb has decent endings and that only has a few and none make you replay the game several times   to get yet another bleak end  but yeah writing and art and music is great  just some things need changing 


This visual novel has the not-so-pretty nature of humans their unattainable dreams of peace and happiness figured out. Definitely something worth thinking if you aim to better understand where the problems of humanity stem from. Understanding misery and its inevitableness.

I can see how some people are frustrated with the endings and romance, but I do appreciate how unconventional, dark and truly miserable it is, not to mention the food for thought it delivers.

Love Markus's character, his true/special ending gives a bit of closure to the whole game.