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Thanks a lot for the tips, I guess I did it wrong because my stats were high that I was being rumored to side with the Rebellion but I was afraid to pick any forms of "rebellion" options after Heath said they would target him first and I didnt want him to die. Let me see if I can still recover my Mavaar MC and Heath relationship :(  (i like contrasting lovers so haha) 

I wont try Randal's ending if its really thay disturbing xD

Thanks for the reply! Yeah in the sex scene, I went back and just chose sit with Heath in the alley haha, f cold sex man haha. Thank you for the tips! So my mistake was actually believing what Heath said in the beginning, that peace was possible (naive of me xD) so I just equally divided my attention among all three but I guess this game doesn't allow it. I will replay the game then and will follow your advice ^ω^

Okay I have just this last question left (maybe Ill have more when I find the time to replay):

Do I have to be in the same house as my mentor in order to get the best route? Because I read in previous comments that you need to be Golgotha and get the visions to get best Markus route? >_<

ALL OF WHAT YOU SAID IS TRUE, I was also hoping for a suicide ending on my first route (and only route so far, Im just so depressed now) Id rather kill myself than get killed. 

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So I was really looking forward to playing this game, the art is gorgeous, Heath and Markus made my heart THROB. The MC customization was great, I loved the diverse dialogue choices (it felt like MC really did have personality), my head was going through so many things I wanted to do because this game had 21 FUC**** ENDINGS and I was thinking, no way I can fail with that MANY endings. Also, I saw the game had a required budget of 8K, but the support was almost double than that as it went to 15K! I was just like, this game must be very good!


So I wanted to try Heath first and then Markus, because he was so different, and very charming and...lonely. I played as Mavvar but still picked him as mentor to make it exciting. For the first 5-8-10 hours (????!) I was just so happy, with the humor, art, characters until it just went downhill when I realized that Heath was jealous/hate(both??) of my MC and he was an addict (I just thought, that's normal cause he's former Movie star and I can still fix him after I asked him to drop the cigarette), the sex scene allows you to top/bottom (my MC is male) but i felt so sad, it felt so hollow, toxic, it didnt feel like love at all. Like, is this game ENCOURAGING DRUGS??? Hell, that was the first straw, and I already felt like the game was going downhill from there and I felt GENUINELY DEPRESSED It felt like all my choices are just mistakes in the making. Next, when Heath went to Andrei, I felt betrayed by him or Saorise (I KNOW that B**** Andrei just wants to make humans his cattle) and rejected his offer. By then my gaming morale was so low but I was still hoping for any hints of a good ending. So I continued played until midnight and after returning to Saorise, I no longer had any OPTIONS AT ALL. I DIE NO MATTER WHAT AFTER ANNOUNCING THAT THE NEUTRAL GROUND BELONGS TO ISCARI-tried others I still die! I put down my laptop and sulked.


I am an overall very happy person but after THIS, (its been a while since Ive been sad) my mind cycled over one sentence for the next 3 hours: WHAT DID I DO WRONG? I felt like I was a mistake and a failure. It felt like I genuinely went though a horrible break-up, I felt Iike I couldn't do anything right, I felt like a toy passed around. Some choices also didnt make sense, I made a deal with Lazarus, but he never came to aid me nor did he many any attempts againts Andrei.

I was hoping maybe the game was incomplete somehow? And that's how I came to this comment section and created a new account. Now, I don't wanna try Markus route anymore in fear of facing that same horrible feeling. In the end, the game made me hollow, like the characters, no smile on my face, it just HURTS me and I emphasize with those who have gone through depression, this game made me feel their pain. It seems no amount of being good/kind would work for these broken people.


To those who played the game way more than I did (I just finished it a few hours ago but Im very unwilling to go for another wild depressing roller coaster), are there any partial forms of good endings with Heath and Markus? Any at all? Are they worth it? Please help, I dont care if I have to refer to a guide anymore. I just want to know huhuhu