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Bought this today, finished up Charlotte's and Sofia's routes-I have a quick q, does Sofia only have 3 CGs? Charlotte's has four, so I'm assuming every LI  does. 

(I'm enjoying the game so far! I just wanna give a proper review after I finish all the routes.)

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Hi all~! I basically just made this topic to talk about what I liked about the game. I finished all the routes earlier today, and I'm really excited for episode 2!

The two characters I liked best were Saleos and Kali. These two seem to hit Lilim's issues and past the hardest in my opinion, so they stood out to me as more emotional than the other routes. Anzu was interesting but  felt distant-which is obviously on purpose, it doesn't surprise me the character whose age is ????? is like that. She didn't BS when it came to Lilim's delusions, going straight for the jugular. I honestly can't wait to hear more about her as there's clearly a lot more going on under the surface. I don't like how she treats Kali though.

My favorite scenes were in Saleos' and Kali's routes, obviously. For Saleos specifically, it was the House scene. It's clear to me that being in a vampire House is more than just being a family, but given everything I couldn't help but view it as a touch romantic. Lilim, despite her obsession with Lucifer, considered for a moment following and staying with Saleos.  He then popped that bubble like a idiot but it was a major character moment for Lilim which stood out to me. As a whole, I viewed this route as pretty sweet - Saleos and Lilim are both outsiders looking for honest companionship and they seem to provide each other that.

For Kali, her whole ending was wonderful to me. I won't go into too much but it was nice seeing Lilim and her break free of the things that bound them, even for a moment. The two are parallels with each other and it's interesting seeing how the two of them contrast. Kali and Lilim seem to better each other and I love that quality quite deeply.  It's also pretty funny to me how Lilim is STILL so oblivious to how she feels about Saleos in his route but got it right away in Kali's lmao. Makes sense, given that Anzu's presence would speed that realization up quicker, but still. Also, Kali legit has the best design in the game imo-Anzu is not wrong when she says Kali is the prettiest thing she owns. I could look at her sprite for hours, she's so aesthetically pleasing. And cute!

Gaki is.....Gaki. His route was the funniest but also I never really like pervert characters. So he already had the deck stacked against him. Just...those endings....poor Lilim.

As to the game itself, ghosts seem to matter a lot. I have some theories, but I'll leave them to myself for now.   :D I loved how the world was shown subtly! The player is not explained everything and there are a lot of moments in-game where there's a clear implication the characters get that the player does not. It leaves everything very mysterious and I want to get to know more.

So, thank you devs for this wonderful game! I enjoyed it a lot !

I can see these and really enjoy them! Hope to hear more updates soon, I loved CUPID and can't wait for any other games you make!

Just a quick question, sorry if you've answered this elsewhere-but does the visual novel bundle with Tail Makes the Fox include the expansion? Or just the base game?


Hahaha dang, I knew this game was dark but the Twins really hammered that point in. They were the scariest out of the bunch, imo. The other two bachelors I can kinda see them having genuine desire for a companion, but the Twins? Nope. That poor girl is going to be taxidermied sooner or later. She's their "pet" now.

The epilogue was super intriguing! Really scary too, if I'm understanding it right. How is there such a huge cover up for missing persons?  Makes me think of all those classical stories where girls are offered as virgin sacrifices to the dragon. Just keep throwing girls at them and maybe they'll go away? lol I wonder what happens to the women who survive their possible 'life partners' bad ends...I can only imagine them either being forcefully inducted into the MCIP or killed by them later...

This world is really intriguing and fun, I hope you'll continue making more stories for this universe in some form or another!

I figured it out about an hour before you posted this, orz. But I really appreciate you replying! I found a few other surprising ends along the way, so it was a good thing I tried it again on my own. There are still a couple other endings I'm missing, but I haven't spent all that much time on getting them yet. Marco's ending was really nice, I'm glad I was able to see it! Thank you!

I need some help on Marco's route. I think I have all his clues (5 out of 5, right?). I've tried a) trusting him like a naive baby fawn, b) acting like a mall cop watching someone in a store, and c) aggressively hitting on him at every opportunity. And mixing those approaches together when it doesn't work. But still no dice. Any advice?