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Hahaha dang, I knew this game was dark but the Twins really hammered that point in. They were the scariest out of the bunch, imo. The other two bachelors I can kinda see them having genuine desire for a companion, but the Twins? Nope. That poor girl is going to be taxidermied sooner or later. She's their "pet" now.

The epilogue was super intriguing! Really scary too, if I'm understanding it right. How is there such a huge cover up for missing persons?  Makes me think of all those classical stories where girls are offered as virgin sacrifices to the dragon. Just keep throwing girls at them and maybe they'll go away? lol I wonder what happens to the women who survive their possible 'life partners' bad ends...I can only imagine them either being forcefully inducted into the MCIP or killed by them later...

This world is really intriguing and fun, I hope you'll continue making more stories for this universe in some form or another!

I figured it out about an hour before you posted this, orz. But I really appreciate you replying! I found a few other surprising ends along the way, so it was a good thing I tried it again on my own. There are still a couple other endings I'm missing, but I haven't spent all that much time on getting them yet. Marco's ending was really nice, I'm glad I was able to see it! Thank you!

I need some help on Marco's route. I think I have all his clues (5 out of 5, right?). I've tried a) trusting him like a naive baby fawn, b) acting like a mall cop watching someone in a store, and c) aggressively hitting on him at every opportunity. And mixing those approaches together when it doesn't work. But still no dice. Any advice?