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Testing the blog feature!

*peeks in your dash*

H..Hello there! If you can see this, you've followed FERVENT's account on My name is Ame and I'm the lead writer and director of Fervent.

I've been looking for a way to communicate with our followers, and I stumbled across this blog post feature. Yay! So the news is, we're currently creating a game right now (click here to find out more), but I just wanted to test the blog feature before I post anything untoward in this space hehe.

So I'd love to see you guys comment in here. Can you see this? Would you like more updates like this on your dash?

Thanks so much for supporting our games! It means a lot to us!

- Ame

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Always look forwards for your next ones! ^^


Hello ve! Thanks for always supporting us! ^-^/

I can see these and really enjoy them! Hope to hear more updates soon, I loved CUPID and can't wait for any other games you make!

Yes! Finally we can talk to you here on! I'm glad you liked Cupid. Please support our next project too! >-<

I think posts like these will probably only be picked up by existing followers on the norm, so it might be better to still go ahead and create the game's page so that peeps can find the posts easier that way. Unless there's some sort of NDA type deal or you're waiting for a publisher's go ahead to do so, in which case yeah, these'll do fine.

I enjoyed both CUPID and Who is Mike on Steam, so I'm glad to hear you and your team are working on more stuff!

You've got really helpful points, ElTipejoLoco. I dont mind if only existing followers see these, actually. I'm more concerned about the culture of Do people normally expect finished games or do they like/appreciate/tolerate/hate/ignore this sort of in-progress development updates. The current game I'm making has very little art at the moment, so it kinda makes sense that only people who like our stuff might be interested in getting updates. Seeing that you have to make a new project to update your activity seems to be supporting the idea that people are more into games that gamedev updates. But that's just my theory. I realize that by creating a new project, it can be a form of marketing though. So I guess both approaches are valid. That said, is it normal for people in to post unfinished projects on their feed?

I'm so happy you played both our games, by the way! Thanks for being with us since the beginning!

Sorry it took me a while to respond, got a little occupied IRL!

From what I've seen, it does seem like quite a few devs I follow do upload incomplete games far before they're even in a playable early access state. These early entries tend to be associated with ongoing Jams from what I've seen, and updates posted to them serve to make said games' devlogs publicly accessible. I don't know how many people read said entries, but I do know that a few developers frequently post progress updates, even if they don't yet have a demo to show for their work.

So in the long run, it's less about "" culture from what I can tell, and more about "each individual dev's culture." Some developers' updates are just links to external sites (blog spots, tumblrs, forum threads, Ludum Dare pages), others' are just announcing that the version on itch has been updated or patched and posting a snippet of a changelog, some are screenshots or videos, others are Patreon links and inventive listings, etc. There doesn't really seem to be a standard people follow- plenty of developers just upload their new game and only really interact on their game page's comments, others only participate in jams exclusively and only post within the forum of a jam they're currently working on.

At any rate, I think you should just choose something you're comfortable with! Since the site hosts pen and paper modules, comics, and tools as well and all of these can have "devlogs" of sorts made for each, it's kind of difficult to really cement a sitewide culture.

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Of course I would like more updates on my dash! And the new game looks interesting :)

Yay. glad to know! Thanks for checking out our new proj btw!

I can see this!  I can't wait to see your next game! c:

Thanks Naomi! You've been quite busy with a lot of projects! I've yet to catch up to you >-<