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I could navigate the place now, it worked for the most part! There's a few objects that are still a solid, unshaded pink, though:

... and the WISE letters in the secret area. But otherwise, I managed to navigate my way around the place this time!

There's a completely untextured/unrendered area that the player can visit (i.e.- the platforms and objects on them are completely magenta/hot pink). Is that working as intended for the current build?

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Rindre, could you start tagging what operating systems your games are compatible with when you upload them? The itch app isn't smart enough to discern such info on its own yet, and people who browse using it exclusively can't download things through it if their current OS wasn't selected by the game's uploader as a compatible platform.

That aside, looking forward to playing another one of your games and maybe participating in the Pixel Horror Jam 2017 you're hosting!

Edit: Played it. It was short, unless there's more content I missed. Definitely leaned more towards Silent Hill 2 inspiration than the translated Taut demo, huh?

The game looks good so far, especially the fish-eye lens effect on the interesting, weird looking heads up interface showing phases and dream depth.

I couldn't seem to find the area depicted in the screenshot, and after falling asleep I could not really save my progress because choosing to Awaken spawns you inside the right half of the bed tiles/sprites, where you can't really move out of it. You can go back to sleep since you can examine the bed's left half, though, but I assume the trapping of the player's unintentional.

Has this game's download been taken down? I was curious about playing it a bit.

Created a new topic To the author of Dream Journey

I really liked playing through your game! I downloaded it before it vanished off the jam's page. I hope you're still participating and you only took it down temporarily and will have pinkuboa/Doc Saturn re-add it within the next five days, unless some other issue I don't know about is the reason it's gone.

Good luck!

After the latest update today, I got this error on start-up:

"Cannot open Ulyssessystem file."

From what I played of it before said update, though, it looked very nice.

Ahh. I think I had that happen to me once on a different game, but it only really triggered the one error message before crashing. I fixed it by running the affected mp3 through Audacity and making the bitrate constant instead of variable (i.e.- re-exporting it). If I knew which filename the song that's meant to play was I'd give fixing it a shot on my end (or just go through all of the mp3s one by one).

I don't know if RM2003's incompatibility with variable bitrate files has anything to do with codecs, though, or why it only seems to happen to some people when they extract RM2003 games.

I got bombarded with several Not Implemented errors when trying to leave the right of the mountainous area shown in the second screenshot. Every other area I can access appears to work fine without crashing.

Yeah, it looks like Windows Defender's under the impression the Game and Gamemgr executables are Ramnit.J and Ramnit.A trojans, respectively. I assume it's a false positive on their part, so I'm not sure what can be done about them.

Goddialga's posted a guide of sorts on the game's blog on RPGMaker.net, if that helps you any: Here.