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You've probably run into the same problem I did on the Steam version: A Node-Webkit (nw.js) profile version mismatch error triggered right as the ending movie was meant to play, and when you restarted you're actually in the room right before the door that triggers said ending but without a source of light- so it looks like a black screen.

Try walking two steps right, one step up, and then pressing the interact button/key after the game's loaded. You should be able to get the movie to play this time.

No clue how to avoid the error, personally, or even what exactly caused it. All RPG Maker MV/MZ games use nw.js and obviously the game shouldn't have magically changed its version while you were playing.

It's been years but I figure I might as well share this in case someone's still about and willing to reopen their *.uproject file.

Try checking the Input tab in the Unity start-up prompt (the one that lets you specify resolution, windowed mode, and graphics quality on the default tab it's opened to) that should occur on game launch: It should ideally show you what Unity's set default controls to therein for whatever region/language you've got your keyboard(s) set to.

As far as I can tell: WASD or Arrow Keys to Move, E to Interact.

It looks like the game was removed from wholesale, yes. I don't know what to say. While I have a working copy of the last version of the game I downloaded, it feels like it'd be wrong to upload it without permission. It might be better to just see if someone can get in contact with the developer and let them know their sites are down and to consider actually uploading a copy to itch itself, assuming they themselves don't just want the games to be unavailable.

As a Ren'Py title, it should actually available for all three major platforms.

If you're using the itch app, though, it won't let you install it via it unless a developer marks the supported operating systems for each individual download on the itch site itself.

I'm sure eventually either the developers will figure out to do that by default whenever they upload files, or the "butler" system developed concurrently with the app will advance to a point that it can identify operating systems somehow, whichever comes first.

It's not really a bug, the app is apparently not intended to support redirect links to files hosted off-site, as responded to in this git issue. In the upcoming version 25, the downloads folder (where mid-extraction compressed files and installers tend to be stored by the app) should properly empty out failed or cancelled downloads, including empty files made by redirect links mildly confusing butler.

hebilee could decide to eventually upload the demos to itch and that should let the app properly install them.

No prob! If anyone's complained about the itch app not installing it: what you've done should have fixed their issue, so you should let them know.

Hey, it looks like the epic.ogg and love.ogg files are corrupted in the PC version's zip file and therefore don't extract properly. Might want to check if the rest are similarly affected. Just thought I'd bring it up in case nobody else has yet.

Sorry it took me a while to respond, got a little occupied IRL!

From what I've seen, it does seem like quite a few devs I follow do upload incomplete games far before they're even in a playable early access state. These early entries tend to be associated with ongoing Jams from what I've seen, and updates posted to them serve to make said games' devlogs publicly accessible. I don't know how many people read said entries, but I do know that a few developers frequently post progress updates, even if they don't yet have a demo to show for their work.

So in the long run, it's less about "" culture from what I can tell, and more about "each individual dev's culture." Some developers' updates are just links to external sites (blog spots, tumblrs, forum threads, Ludum Dare pages), others' are just announcing that the version on itch has been updated or patched and posting a snippet of a changelog, some are screenshots or videos, others are Patreon links and inventive listings, etc. There doesn't really seem to be a standard people follow- plenty of developers just upload their new game and only really interact on their game page's comments, others only participate in jams exclusively and only post within the forum of a jam they're currently working on.

At any rate, I think you should just choose something you're comfortable with! Since the site hosts pen and paper modules, comics, and tools as well and all of these can have "devlogs" of sorts made for each, it's kind of difficult to really cement a sitewide culture.

I think posts like these will probably only be picked up by existing followers on the norm, so it might be better to still go ahead and create the game's page so that peeps can find the posts easier that way. Unless there's some sort of NDA type deal or you're waiting for a publisher's go ahead to do so, in which case yeah, these'll do fine.

I enjoyed both CUPID and Who is Mike on Steam, so I'm glad to hear you and your team are working on more stuff!

It looks like users who are already following you can see your post added to their feeds, but otherwise I haven't figured out how to access a non-associated-with-a-project-blog-post yet.

I could navigate the place now, it worked for the most part! There's a few objects that are still a solid, unshaded pink, though:

... and the WISE letters in the secret area. But otherwise, I managed to navigate my way around the place this time!

There's a completely untextured/unrendered area that the player can visit (i.e.- the platforms and objects on them are completely magenta/hot pink). Is that working as intended for the current build?

The game looks good so far, especially the fish-eye lens effect on the interesting, weird looking heads up interface showing phases and dream depth.

I couldn't seem to find the area depicted in the screenshot, and after falling asleep I could not really save my progress because choosing to Awaken spawns you inside the right half of the bed tiles/sprites, where you can't really move out of it. You can go back to sleep since you can examine the bed's left half, though, but I assume the trapping of the player's unintentional.

Has this game's download been taken down? I was curious about playing it a bit.

I really liked playing through your game! I downloaded it before it vanished off the jam's page. I hope you're still participating and you only took it down temporarily and will have pinkuboa/Doc Saturn re-add it within the next five days, unless some other issue I don't know about is the reason it's gone.

Good luck!

Ahh. I think I had that happen to me once on a different game, but it only really triggered the one error message before crashing. I fixed it by running the affected mp3 through Audacity and making the bitrate constant instead of variable (i.e.- re-exporting it). If I knew which filename the song that's meant to play was I'd give fixing it a shot on my end (or just go through all of the mp3s one by one).

I don't know if RM2003's incompatibility with variable bitrate files has anything to do with codecs, though, or why it only seems to happen to some people when they extract RM2003 games.

I got bombarded with several Not Implemented errors when trying to leave the right of the mountainous area shown in the second screenshot. Every other area I can access appears to work fine without crashing.

It does in fact look like most if not all of Soyasushi Productions' associated sites are down.

In the meantime, try the mirror here.

Yeah, it looks like Windows Defender's under the impression the Game and Gamemgr executables are Ramnit.J and Ramnit.A trojans, respectively. I assume it's a false positive on their part, so I'm not sure what can be done about them.

Goddialga's posted a guide of sorts on the game's blog on, if that helps you any: Here.