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Kharon's Crypt - Even Death May Die

Nonlinear dungeon crawler full of puzzles & challenges.Inspired by old Zelda games, Pixel Art GameBoy Color Aesthetics · By hebilee

Broken Download - Linux

A topic by fxJoan created Oct 16, 2017 Views: 195 Replies: 3
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When i try to download the game it gives "invalid argument" error.

[Edit]: This error only occurs in desktop app.


Mmmmm we will take a look. Sorry for the delay!!

Just in case it helps, I am getting this for a different game, here is the log:

[2017-10-27 @ 17:19:53.545] [reactors/tasks] Should download 182904, has dl key ? false
[2017-10-27 @ 17:19:53.581] [download-watcher] 85fc615b-abdc-4b23-a29b-1c0dab929912 is the new active download
[2017-10-27 @ 17:19:53.581] [download-watcher] Starting download...
[2017-10-27 @ 17:19:53.829] [reactors/fetch] Fetching the usuals
[2017-10-27 @ 17:20:03.455] [butler] butler: Downloading 16 EiB
[2017-10-27 @ 17:20:03.456] [butler] butler: Resuming at 0 B / 16 EiB
[2017-10-27 @ 17:20:04.637] [butler] butler error: truncate /home/[redacted]/.config/itch/downloads/182904: invalid argument
[2017-10-27 @ 17:20:04.640] [download-watcher] Download threw
[2017-10-27 @ 17:20:04.641] [download-watcher] Download ended, err: truncate /home/[redacted]/.config/itch/downloads/182904: invalid argument
[2017-10-27 @ 17:20:04.642] [reactors/tasks] Download had an error, should notify user
[2017-10-27 @ 17:20:04.876] [download-watcher] Cancelling/clearing out last download

Looks like an bug, not a game specific bug?

It's not really a bug, the app is apparently not intended to support redirect links to files hosted off-site, as responded to in this git issue. In the upcoming version 25, the downloads folder (where mid-extraction compressed files and installers tend to be stored by the app) should properly empty out failed or cancelled downloads, including empty files made by redirect links mildly confusing butler.

hebilee could decide to eventually upload the demos to itch and that should let the app properly install them.