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There's a completely untextured/unrendered area that the player can visit (i.e.- the platforms and objects on them are completely magenta/hot pink). Is that working as intended for the current build?

No that definitely isn't as intended. There are a couple areas with shader effects I was a little worried about but everything looks fine on my end. How did you get to that area? 

If you get a minute would you mind testing this again for me? I may have found the problem with the shader. 

For the time being you can just hit CTRL + G to jump to that world.

I could navigate the place now, it worked for the most part! There's a few objects that are still a solid, unshaded pink, though:

... and the WISE letters in the secret area. But otherwise, I managed to navigate my way around the place this time!

Awesome! Glad to hear it. I think the untextured bits was a stupid mistake on my part, I'll look into it when I can.