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Island Gods was great! I am trying out a paper prototype inspired by this right now. Unfortunately hit some bugs that wouldn't let me move units anymore and it got in the way of my victory. Nonetheless, will be back to play some more.

Loved it, managed to be both hilarious and incredibly dark. Was about to go for a walk, but now I think I'll stay inside for a bit.

We'll be in it together then

Glad you like it! It took quite a lot of time. Not sure I'll do a Bitsy game this big again, the amount of tiles and rooms was pretty overwhelming by the end.

Thank you! Don't worry you were definitely supposed to feel that way.

Thanks so much for playing Hentekorin! Glad you liked it. I 100% agree, the controls are floaty as all hell. I'll fix them next time I can get around to updating this.

Awesome! Glad to hear it. I think the untextured bits was a stupid mistake on my part, I'll look into it when I can.

If you get a minute would you mind testing this again for me? I may have found the problem with the shader. 

For the time being you can just hit CTRL + G to jump to that world.

No that definitely isn't as intended. There are a couple areas with shader effects I was a little worried about but everything looks fine on my end. How did you get to that area? 

Thanks for letting me know. It should be fixed now.

Can't beat you but I got 1596

We need the data folder to play it!