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Hey Jupiter, thanks for the inclusion.  I decided to add a description of what this game is based on to alleviate some of the confusion.  So if you're curious, it's been appended to the game page info. :)

I don't think I've played a bitsy quite like this before.  I quite enjoyed the snapshot of Jakarta and it's personality.

Using icons like hands, eyes, and noses for different sensory tidbits and info was a really good idea, I think I may have to use that.

Also I looked into some of the assymetric house designs you mention, they're super cool. Look like nothing I'll ever afford but fun to browse pics nonetheless.

Office duck gets it.

Good duck.

Why thank you very much :)

Rough and tumble children who just want to watch the world burn. And before they know it they're in over their heads with a crushed bee on their wee hands.

Or do you want to be an egg?   You're definitely shipped you eggy person

Thanks for including my game in your video, appreciate it

It was a lot of fun exploring and experimenting with the many fluids.

Pretty sure I found the majority of the endings, but haven't sussed out what to do about that Immortal Skeleton and Well Witch yet.

Very happy to see that feeding the Dream Fish to the Oily Kitty did this.

Cheers, thanks for being so quick

Having fun checking this out so far but I ran into some problems with the Universal Camera. For some reason the position and rotation values will not save.  The value in editor will appear updated but the preview does not change and after pressing play all values are reset to default.  For some people this is clearly working as I've played a few games that use a fixed universal cam.

I have tried different browsers, Chrome and Firefox, using it on my android, and changing the values directly in the HTML all to no avail.  If you have any ideas about what could be happening I'd love to hear them. Thanks

You know what, I was. That's probably exactly what caused it.

Nice! Climbing is incredibly enjoyable if not a little stressful, but I was a a tad miffed by the rope.  I think it would be a lot of fun if 'Q' toggled a hold on the rope and you could climb to various lengths with 'W' and 'D' with one hand available for use.  Couple scenarios where I wanted to go half length and swing around a corner to grab a rock. Especially with those bloody seagulls. 

Also, as I scale the last rock to summit the 'Old Man of Sjor' the character kept clipping through the ground and falling back down.  Never managed to get past that. 

Excuse me, I gotta go watch some Wuxia

I am loving this so far. The presentation is on point. Excited to see how you develop this monster mascot.

Fully honest opinion, the writing was great. Gilles de Bees will be buzzing around my mind all day.

The tiles and bee sprites are on point.  A gorgeous bitsy. 

Take care of yourselves everyone.

Thanks! I really enjoyed it.  The tiny play area was cool. Distinct palettes for all the areas really helped it feel like a great distance was travelled. Good stuff

That was fantastic.

I'll pray to queen bee that your eyes may live on unstung for decades to come. 

Your flower sprites were great and I always enjoy a border frame. It would be nice if the game was embedded in the game page. Makes it a little more convenient and people are more likely to check it out. 

Not sure if it's some hack you're using or just my computer but all I get is black and the music. Tried chrome and firefox, both a no go unfortunately. Thumbnail makes it look good though.

Thanks! I'll take it.

Thanks Warlock. Glad you like the grid, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out  :)

(1 edit)

Loved how the rain tiles up top with the dripping trees carried the rain feeling through the whole scene. And that bird fly-away bit, damn. Nice stuff. I'm excited to play with those transitions in my next bitsy game.

P.S. The title is great

Thanks there fella, good to hear it

Glad to hear you have things under control now, really does sound like you went through Tooth Hell.  It was cool that you used sweet food items in that tooth hallway to tell the story. All of it fit together really nicely. 

Thank you :)

Thanks so much Emma!

Loved it! I definitely don't miss having to try everything on for a parent. This music does kind of make me want to go shopping and strut down the street though.

Thanks Adam! I always spend a fair chunk of time combing through my bitsy's writing for pacing so I'm glad to see you noticed :)

Haha, just noticed I responded to you thinking this was a comment on a different game of mine xD 

So if you thought it was a confusing response, that's why

This was great, loved those little couch potatoes.  I managed to lock in the full spectrum on the map but wasn't sure if there was anything to do afterward.  Felt like I could do more since you can move on the map screen, but only managed to move between columns and not rows.  

That's all I ever wanted

Earth's our boy 🌎👍

Nice! I want Slime Cashier as a friend. 

Also the "Ghost GF" font looks great, love it.

Just played through all your bitsies, they're great. Justin's gotta be my fav, a little bit of dark humour always wins me over. Your tiles are gorgeous, keep it up.