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Is there a way to post an update to your followers without using your project blogs?

A topic by FERVENT created Oct 01, 2017 Views: 308 Replies: 3
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Hello! I was just wondering if I was missing something. I wanted to post an update to my followers along the lines of "I have a game coming soon" but I dont want to make a new project yet since there isn't much to see or download. Is there a way to do that? Thanks!


Hey, we haven't officially released generic blogging to everyone, but if you want you can create a post here:

It's a bit rough around the edges right now.

 This is perfect! How do I access it for a new post? From my Dashboard, or through my Profile? Or just type that url? I am assuming this is a new feature or am I missing the nav? Thank you so much!

It looks like users who are already following you can see your post added to their feeds, but otherwise I haven't figured out how to access a non-associated-with-a-project-blog-post yet.

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