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I'm so glad you liked it! Yeah, Mother can be kinda b*tchy lol! Don't worry, there are happy endings!

Thanks for playing! Awesome work as always!

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Truly, I gotta say you're made for VN readthroughs! Your voice just has that rich quality to it! Thanks for featuring the game again!

Oh wow thank you for making a lets play and featuring us in your channel. Your voice is awesome!

Taleetos, your comment made me laugh so much! I'm glad to know you enjoyed the game, and it is my pleasure to know the story made you grow a phantom appendage. Let's hope this is for the best. Hahaha! Hope you keep supporting us in our future games!

Thanks for this! Well thought out and inspiring.

Yes, we're still finalizing the next version of the demo but it will have a Linux version. The complete game will also have it.

No problem! Enjoy the game : )

Thanks Mister!

Ending 2 is the True End in my opinion, but The secret end is my fave cos it's pretty juicy hehe! Thanks for playing monkeydreams!

Hi Maria! Thanks a lot for letting us know! I've uploaded a new version for everyone's peace of mind. Thanks for supporting us all this time and I really do appreciate your help! Let me know if there are any more issues through email: ferventdev Thanks again! ~ame

Hi Guinverre! Thanks for let's playing the game! So glad you enjoyed it!

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Hey Sora Album. Thanks for playing the game! That feedback about the responses is a good catch, thanks a lot! Let us know if there's anything else, alright? : ) Happy New Year to you! (btw, the library girl's name is Mary!)

Thank you pfail! We looked into the matter and uploaded new files. These should be clean! Thanks for letting us know ^_^

Thank you MariaDarkchild! 

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Hi pinkensteins! Thank you so much for the detailed and glowing review! I'm so happy you love the game and we want to continue making more games like this. Please continue supporting our future releases ^-^. Happy holidays! Thanks for making our day! P.S. Wow I just realized you followed us here from Steam to support us. Oh my... You are wonderful! Thank you so much!

Thanks Naomi! Hope you keep tracking our progress! ^-^

Thanks Emvee-es! Hope you keep watch of our development! ^-^

Hello ve! Thanks for always supporting us! ^-^/

Hi Xkiller642! You don't have to download the itch app to install. It's a standalone file. Hope you get to play our game!

Hi there Karen! The game is scanned with both Avast Antivirus and MalwareBytes and both came up clean. As of the time of writing, the game has been downloaded 6k+ times in Mediafire and more in Steam. Some anti-viruses just give a false negative on Ren’py files. If you're still worried, the Steam version has no complaints. It's free so please give it a shot!

Thanks Naomi! You've been quite busy with a lot of projects! I've yet to catch up to you >-<

Yay. glad to know! Thanks for checking out our new proj btw!

You've got really helpful points, ElTipejoLoco. I dont mind if only existing followers see these, actually. I'm more concerned about the culture of Do people normally expect finished games or do they like/appreciate/tolerate/hate/ignore this sort of in-progress development updates. The current game I'm making has very little art at the moment, so it kinda makes sense that only people who like our stuff might be interested in getting updates. Seeing that you have to make a new project to update your activity seems to be supporting the idea that people are more into games that gamedev updates. But that's just my theory. I realize that by creating a new project, it can be a form of marketing though. So I guess both approaches are valid. That said, is it normal for people in to post unfinished projects on their feed?

I'm so happy you played both our games, by the way! Thanks for being with us since the beginning!

Yes! Finally we can talk to you here on! I'm glad you liked Cupid. Please support our next project too! >-<

 This is perfect! How do I access it for a new post? From my Dashboard, or through my Profile? Or just type that url? I am assuming this is a new feature or am I missing the nav? Thank you so much!

Hello! I was just wondering if I was missing something. I wanted to post an update to my followers along the lines of "I have a game coming soon" but I dont want to make a new project yet since there isn't much to see or download. Is there a way to do that? Thanks!

Thanks for playing, man! It's an honor! I really enjoyed your playthrough though. Keep it up!