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Hello from Fervent!

Hello everyone! Thanks to everyone who commented and liked our last post.

Once again, this is Ame from Fervent. If you can see this, don't panic! You just followed a certain gamedev group that made some weird games a few months ago, and we're here on your dash to attempt to make contact.


 Hi! How are you? How's your week doing? It's Friday tomorrow so hang tough, ayt?

I'm here to formally announce that we're making a new game! It's called TRUTH:VN! It's about identity, meaning, the duality of Truth and Lies, with a side helping of demonic possession. 

Sounds like fun?!

Here is our update last week, and this week. From now on, we'll be updating this space weekly so you are up to date with what we are doing. 

We'd love to hear from you too, so let us know if you have feedback. For example, I'd love to know your expectations about this project. Do you expect blood? A really scary demon graphic? Certain gameplay? Etc. Feel free to leave your thoughts!

Anyway I hope you keep watching and supporting us! See you next week!

~ Ame

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Looking forward to learning more!

Thanks Emvee-es! Hope you keep watch of our development! ^-^