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Naomi Norbez

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I saw your edit; thanks for continuing to love the game!  I appreciate that someone was so invested in it. <3

Can you send me the €20 over PayPal? My PayPal is mninorbez[at]

Thank you!

I just noticed I won first place! C,: How do I collect my prize?

Glad you like it!

Ok.  I used blockers for the door and protectors for the player via items as my safety tools.  What tools do you suggest I should have included?

I'm glad.  Thank you for playing. <3

Yay, to hear that you think I nailed it is super gratifying! ^u^ Thanks so much for the feedback.  Interesting that you went with the "no body" route too.  And I'm either way on writing a follow-up to this; there's no answer I expect there.

Thanks so much for the feedback and the wistful comments!  I also appreciate how you liked the inspirational sources that the end--that means a lot! ^u^

This looks really interesting!  It's about World War 1, correct?

@Ordoalea Publishing Looking forward to it!

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As a Murder She Wrote & Lovecraft fan, I love the ideas here!  The characters and story ideas are fantastic.  

But I don't think it's fleshed out enough, and I don't personally see the safety elements.  Also, I don't think you should just say the true truths--that's something that, in my opinion, the players and Overseer should decide for themselves.  Perhaps mark them as ideas?

Great job though--would love to see a more fleshed out version of this!

Hey y'all, I've uploaded my game!  I love feedback, so please check it out and let me know what you think! ^u^

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@metalsnail You got this! C: Please don't crunch too hard though, take care  of yourself!

I'm alright!  I saw this jam at the beginning of the month, but I was super sick then.  Now I'm starting to feel better, so I hope to write something for this! ^u^

Awesome, thank you! ^u^

Hi there!  Just a question about making a game for this jam: does my game have to be a TTRPG, or can it be something more digital, like a Twine or Unity game?  Also, what is an "analog roleplaying game"?

Thank you!

(P.S. Love that you called February 14 "Palentine's Day; that's absolutely wonderful. X3 )

Thanks so much for playing!  I'm glad it appealed to you, and that it spoke to you. <3

Thank you so much for playing!  I'm glad you got reading it, and hearing that it was like "having a long, nerdy, intellectually-stimulating conversation with a friend" is so sweet! ^u^
I'm glad you can relate to it.  I completely understand the middle ground and the guilt/shame--it's hard to find a place to stand!  But it's beautiful once you find it.
Thanks again for playing!  I hope you enjoy Ladykiller In A Bind--glad you're going to check it out! C:

Thank you so much!  I'm really glad it resonated with you, and happy to find someone else who found Ladykiller via Dan Olson's stream! C:

Thank you!  I'm glad you liked it! C:

Hooray!  Someone likes my cheesy joke! X3

Hello!  Just wanted to add: I'm also the host of the jam.  And just because I'm hosting this thing doesn't mean you need to like my game.  Give it one star!  Critique it!  GO NUTS!

. . . Alright, I'm joking. X) Slightly.  But you get my point.

Thank you for playing. Have a good one!

He Leif!  Twine is a great engine to start with--you can do it! ^u^ & Anna Anthropy is an inspiration to me too!

Hi Ash! :) That's awesome to hear.  I'm excited to see your game, too! :D

Welcome Kaiju! :D Hope this jam sufficiently motivates you.  All the best! C:

Welcome Irene! C: I hope you'll be able to contribute to this jam too!  All the best! <3

Hey Albey!  Welcome! :) If you do get to make something for the jam, good luck! C:

Hello Niel! C: Tiny games are good!  I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Thank you so much!  Thanks for playing! C:

Thank you so much!  I appreciate that a lot.  Thank you for playing! C:

Hi Ash!  Nice to meet you! C: Board games are a great full-time jam to have. ;)

I hope you have time to participate too! :D I've been blown away by the community response to this so far; it's been my pleasure to run this game jam.  Also, it's a sign we DEFINITELY need to do another one in a few months. >:3

All the best with your game, if you do have time to make one for the jam.  Have a good one!

Awesome! & thank YOU for participating! C: Good luck with your game!

Nice to meet you, thousandheads!  :D

TTRPGS are absolutely welcome!  I'll update the rules to mention that. C: Looking forward to playing it!

Hello friends!

I figured it might be a nice idea if we all had a place to introduce ourselves!  I'll go first.

I'm Naomi Norbez, an enby trans dude.  I make mostly Twines, but I've also dabbled in Construct 2 and RPG Maker.  The topics in my games include abusive relationships, romantic confusion, self-love, loneliness, and storytelling.  I like exploring real-world topics so that the player can explore more about themselves.

In my free time, I enjoy writing and drawing--I have a few YA novels in the works.  My favorite food is tacos.

What about you? C:

Thank you! C: I hope you'll check out the full game when it's out--it'll be in a similar style.

Yay! C: That's what I was going for. ;)

Thank you for playing and commenting! C: Your description of Ash and Sal are both adorable. X3

I appreciate the feedback.  Thank you again!

Thanks for playing! C: Don't be sorry for the wall of text--I super appreciate your detailed comments, and am really happy to see people responding to my feedback questions.  Thank you so much! :D


This is incredible.  Great job.

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts! C:
I do plan to make a sequel/prequel with some backstory.  Your comment about the importance of backstory to character attachment has really made me think.

Thank you again!

I finished the game a few minutes before midnight, but uploading the trailer took a bit, so I missed the deadline. :( Is there any possible way I can still be included in the contest, or is it too late?