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You don't know how happy I am to hear that.  I'm rooting for you, and hoping the best.  Take care. <3

Thank you for making this and sharing something so personal. <3

I'm sorry you experienced all of those things--you deserved to be supported, not resented.  And I agree: the truth is hard, but we persist.  And we find meaning.

I'm glad I could give you the space for your voice to be heard. <3

Glad I could introduce you to it! X3

Awesome!  If you have Discord, could you add me?  My username is "norbez2.0".

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I'm looking for an artist & female/feminine-sounding voice talent for my spooky game centered around the fairy tale, "The Well At The World's End".

Synopsis: Once upon a time, a girl lived with her mother, who sacrificed people to a demon in secret. When the mother sacrificed herself, the girl was taken away and given to an adoptive family. But now, she's grown up, and the demon is calling for her. Guide her though her destroyed childhood home and decide what her next steps should be. 

Themes: water & cleansing as rebirth, nostalgia & childhood, evil dressed as the mundane, blessed/cursed bloodline.

Duties: the Visual Artist would be responsible for drawing the backgrounds & CGs--I don't think there will be sprites in this game.  I'm looking for someone who can draw in a more gothic style, not as much a cartoony one.  The VO Artist will contribute to various recordings the player can find throughout the game, that are puzzle pieces of the story.  They will be voicing the main character's mother.

If this sounds interesting to you, please reply with a link to your portfolio/reel!  You can also message me on Discord; my username is "norbez2.0".

Thank you for reading!

Are you still looking for a team?

Hi Jason!  I'm interested in working with you.  Will add you on Discord asap!

I'd be interested in working with you!  If you have a Discord account, I'm "norbez2.0" on there.

Realized I never replied to this and wanted to say thank you!  I'm glad that you found the characters cute and that the game felt comforting to you.  That makes me really happy to hear!

I read all the comments I get but realized I never replied to you.  Wanted to say thank you for playing and for the feedback; your emotional investment in the characters is clear and I feel it so much. >u< Thank you again!

Thank you so much for the truly lovely feedback! ;u; I'm very touched.

If you want to see more of what I make, my itch page at has most of my work.  But also, I just released an autobiographical project for the Interactive Fiction Competition that's yet to be uploaded on here.  It's called "My Pseudo-Dementia Exhibition":

I'm interested in working with you!  Do you have a Discord?

You're very welcome! <3

This is so fucking beautiful, wonderfully made. ;m; Thank you for making this.

I played this last year with someone, and we had a really great time!  Thanks for making such a cool & interesting game!


I'm working on a game that puts what I'm about to say in more cohesive words, but for now, I wanted to say thank you so so much for making this game.  I found it at the time I needed it most, during my time at a residential mental health facility, and it helped me a lot as a part of my own therapeutic process.  I played a lot of lyric games and TTRPGs as part of that, and this one spoke to me deeply.   The world is interesting, the prompts are guiding & give a space to be honest, and the writing is fantastic.  Thank you for making this.

This is one of my favorite games ever.  Thank you so much for making it.

Hell yeah! Thank you for playing!

Lovely, tysm!

Thank you! <3 I really appreciate it.

This game looks super cool!  Will there possibly be a build for Android?

Tysm! ^u^

I'm glad you liked the game!  I recommend playing or next, if you want games with similar themes.

Ah, got it!  I'll make some adjustments to the color now.  Thanks for letting me know!

I'm sorry to hear that!  I'll see if I can make a B&W version with higher contrast.

Tysm!  This comment really made my day. ^u^

Thanks a lot! C: Appreciate the feedback!

Hello!  I'm working on a narrative game for a different game jam now, and stumbled across this one!  I want to use the ideas here to inspire my story, but I was wondering: is it alright if my game isn't very violent/bloody?  It is an erotic, 18+ piece, just not a very gorey one (though I may include sexual biting in the story, I'm still working on it).

It's been hard to respond to comments since I got sick in January (I'm still fighting memory loss and in recovery at the moment, 2022 has been very heavy for me) but I had to reply to this ASAP for reasons that will become obvious.

I made Somewhere Near Romance in 2017. This was before I knew a lot of things about myself: before I realized I'm on the autistic spectrum, and more importantly to your comment, before I realized I'm on the asexual and aromatic spectrum. I didn't realize my own autism and asexuality until 2019. And as for my own place on the aromantic spectrum, that's something I didn't realize about myself until literally last month (for future readers, I'm writing this comment in August of 2022). After reading the book Loveless by Alice Oseman, it gave me a lot to think about concerning myself, and shed  light on my own attitudes towards romance & relationships.  I went into the novel just expecting to cheer for an asexual YA book and the protagonist's journey to realizing her own aceness, but came out of it with a deeper understanding of who I am.

When I replay this game, it becomes very clear to me that part of its purpose, alongside being a philosophical exploration of what love can mean between two people, was to be a space to discuss parts ofmyself before I knew who I was inside.  That's a lot of the reason why asexuality and aromanticism can both be seen in the work: it was made by an aro-ace-spectrum person who didn't realize they were on the aro-ace spectrum yet.

I've gotten a lot of suggestions for what the sequel to this game should be over the years, since I included in the list of questions. It's something I've thought about a lot over the almost half-decade this game has existed.  But what I'm realizing these days is that if I ever make a continuation, I would like it to be one that reflects the things I realized about myself since I made this 5 years ago. Most likely, it will be a discussion of what it means to be asexual & aromantic, as well as what relationships can mean to people within those spectrums.  It's something I want to navigate carefully, as I know that portraying asexuality and aromanticism as a non-human trait can bring more harm than good. So I want to take my time with this.

Please don't expect it to be out anytime soon, as I'm still in recovery at the moment; that is my main focus right now. Not to mention that because of the memory loss, I can barely remember the production of the original game right now. But, when I have some time, this is something I definitely want to do. I hope it can be out someday soon when I'm better.

Thanks for commenting. Oh, and QPRs for the win. <3


I really like this!  Seeing other's responses on the survey is a great touch.  I would love to see your other work, and if you made/make more stuff like this, I would be delighted to see it.  Thanks for this little experience.

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Hey, this looks cool; I love the cover!  Where can I download this zine?  I want to read more! C:

EDIT: OH WAIT I JUST SAW THE PAGE-TURNING THING!  Sorry, my bad!  Would still love to download this though!


Thanks for playing!  I will get to the bugs as soon as I can but I'm in a health crisis atm, more here:

In the meantime, where were these broken links?  A screenshot or a description of where you found them (which day, specific path/choices involved, stuff like that). that will definitely help when I am well enough to make a patch.

I'm glad you like the game.  Thanks again! 

Thank you so much! C,: That truly warms my heart.  If you check out my other stuff, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

HYPE! >u<

Congrats! :D