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Thanks a lot! C: Appreciate the feedback!

Hello!  I'm working on a narrative game for a different game jam now, and stumbled across this one!  I want to use the ideas here to inspire my story, but I was wondering: is it alright if my game isn't very violent/bloody?  It is an erotic, 18+ piece, just not a very gorey one (though I may include sexual biting in the story, I'm still working on it).

It's been hard to respond to comments since I got sick in January (I'm still fighting memory loss and in recovery at the moment, 2022 has been very heavy for me) but I had to reply to this ASAP for reasons that will become obvious.

I made Somewhere Near Romance in 2017. This was before I knew a lot of things about myself: before I realized I'm on the autistic spectrum, and more importantly to your comment, before I realized I'm on the asexual and aromatic spectrum. I didn't realize my own autism and asexuality until 2019. And as for my own place on the aromantic spectrum, that's something I didn't realize about myself until literally last month (for future readers, I'm writing this comment in August of 2022). After reading the book Loveless by Alice Oseman, it gave me a lot to think about concerning myself, and shed  light on my own attitudes towards romance & relationships.  I went into the novel just expecting to cheer for an asexual YA book and the protagonist's journey to realizing her own aceness, but came out of it with a deeper understanding of who I am.

When I replay this game, it becomes very clear to me that part of its purpose, alongside being a philosophical exploration of what love can mean between two people, was to be a space to discuss parts ofmyself before I knew who I was inside.  That's a lot of the reason why asexuality and aromanticism can both be seen in the work: it was made by an aro-ace-spectrum person who didn't realize they were on the aro-ace spectrum yet.

I've gotten a lot of suggestions for what the sequel to this game should be over the years, since I included in the list of questions. It's something I've thought about a lot over the almost half-decade this game has existed.  But what I'm realizing these days is that if I ever make a continuation, I would like it to be one that reflects the things I realized about myself since I made this 5 years ago. Most likely, it will be a discussion of what it means to be asexual & aromantic, as well as what relationships can mean to people within those spectrums.  It's something I want to navigate carefully, as I know that portraying asexuality and aromanticism as a non-human trait can bring more harm than good. So I want to take my time with this.

Please don't expect it to be out anytime soon, as I'm still in recovery at the moment; that is my main focus right now. Not to mention that because of the memory loss, I can barely remember the production of the original game right now. But, when I have some time, this is something I definitely want to do. I hope it can be out someday soon when I'm better.

Thanks for commenting. Oh, and QPRs for the win. <3


I really like this!  Seeing other's responses on the survey is a great touch.  I would love to see your other work, and if you made/make more stuff like this, I would be delighted to see it.  Thanks for this little experience.

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Hey, this looks cool; I love the cover!  Where can I download this zine?  I want to read more! C:

EDIT: OH WAIT I JUST SAW THE PAGE-TURNING THING!  Sorry, my bad!  Would still love to download this though!


Thanks for playing!  I will get to the bugs as soon as I can but I'm in a health crisis atm, more here:

In the meantime, where were these broken links?  A screenshot or a description of where you found them (which day, specific path/choices involved, stuff like that). that will definitely help when I am well enough to make a patch.

I'm glad you like the game.  Thanks again! 

Thank you so much! C,: That truly warms my heart.  If you check out my other stuff, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

HYPE! >u<

Congrats! :D

Thanks for playing! C: I'm glad you liked Ash's patience, the character interactions, and the writing overall.  And yes, the vibes are real! X3


This game is great!  I love the storytelling given by the various items, and figuring out each candle was an interesting process.  Awesome job!

Hey, this is rad as hell!  I usually expect Bitsy games to be interactive poetry experiences, so finding a different take on the engine is pretty cool!  I think the concept is super interesting and the mechanics are solid.  My one complaint is that I wish I knew how much strength I needed to hold each item, so I could use it more wisely.  Otherwise, I really liked this!  I could even see it working as a more developed project on consoles or whatnot.  Great job!

This looks fantastic!  I'd love to contribute to this zine in the future.  How can I get involved?

Thanks for the feedback; I'm glad you liked the game! C:

This is cool as hell!  I'd love to know the specifics of this generator--are there random shapes, branches, etc that it builds off of?

Thank you so much!  That's very kind of you. <3


I'm glad you found it valuble.  Thanks for reading! <3

So you're telling me to put the cover in the game?  Not sure I fully understand.

I'm glad you like it! <3 Quest is a great boi. :3

The what?  I don't understand.

I'm glad y'all liked it! <3 Thanks for playing.

What?  I don't understand what you're asking.

Tysm! C:

Thank you Gus. <3


Thank you so much for sharing and letting me know your thoughts! <3

We're glad you like the game! <3

Thank you so much for playing!  I'm glad it struck a chord for you. C: I love these characters too!  I hope to make a sequel someday.

I'm glad you liked it!  You have a great day/night as well! ^u^

You're most welcome.  Have a good one!

Looks great!

Oh, gotcha!  Yeah, I could have designed that better.  I'll keep that in mind for my next game!

(offers tissues) Aw, thanks so much! <3 I appreciate that a lot.

& can you send me a screenshot of what the game looks like on your end?

You're very welcome! <3 Thanks so much for playing!

Good luck!