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Simply love it! Can't wait for the full version (and dlc).

Hoping this project would be a smooth sailing for you ^^

Hi,  congrats for the beautiful demo! I really love the artwork and am hoping there' d be some sort of (dlc) wallpaper collections coming along. 

Keep up the good spirit, I'll be looking forward for the final version!

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I don't think I can say it any better than you.... So, I'm just here to say that I also finished the game and share the same feeling as you. 

This game is bitter sweet in its own way and, for me, that what makes it memorable. I played few otome VNs myself and I can also understand that this might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially to those who's playing to seek for relieve in the typical (or twisted) otome happy ending  after completing the game. Well, this one certainly doesn't give you that. However, I love it because the characters and plot were so realistic until the end.  This game makes me re-think about what defines a happy ending (or any kinds of ending) in the real world. 

Have you also tried different Houses while having a relation with the three of them? There're slight differences in the ending texts which I think shifted the ending's atmophere ever so slight, yet intersting. 

Anyway, thank you for voicing the appreciation...I'm basically here just to say that we're in the same boat and glad that I'm not alone.

I think this game is awesome and unique in its own way. I've played it thoroughly and am glad that I bought it with the full price. 

Thank you Argent Games! I personally looking forward for this kind of game from you.

Love it.... The only thing is that you're awfully generous for giving away a hardwork like this for free. Thank you so much! Definetely looking forwards for your next ones.

Hi, just want to congrats you for the new game!

Wow, it's been years I believe? Love your Halloween's otome by the way^^

Best wishes and good luck!

I usually included it when I payed for their next commercial game, that'll be Queen's Crown for Agashi ;)

Always look forwards for your next ones! ^^


Hi, thanks for the info.

And,'s not that I complained though^^

It was just a friendly though that you might need some feed back for your next ones... which I definitely will look forward to and won't mind to pay either ^^ Good luck!

Hi,  I love your game, especially the storyline/plot.  However, I only rate for 4 star, just because I think this game could be better...particularly in grammar (and additional CGs, maybe) ;) Anyway, definitely looking forwards for your next ones! Best wishes! ^^

Hi again ^^ 

I hope I didn't cause any misunderstanding to you. "The old version" that I mention in my previous post was referred to it's about your format in the demo version, not the typical VN format (I know's kinda like a test format or something  ^^)

I like your choice format in the demo version. 

I just thought that maybe a change in font size / style / color will just do without further additional ornaments.  So when I said "impressive and unique" I was talking about your choice format in the demo version.

So sorry if this somehow got complicated ^^;

Keep growing!

I'm so sorry...I know you've worked hard on this, yet I personally prefer the old version.

The new one seems too distracting for me as if it rips the choice away from the story line. You mentioned that you dislike the typical box...well, for me, the new one seems as if the box just transformed into a different shape.

The old version maybe more plain, but its simplicity makes the choices naturally blend into the story.  And this feature stands out and makes me impressed from the very first time. It suits my taste because when playing a VN  I don't like to pursue a certain ending. I'd rather flow along the plot and see where my choices lead me to. 

In my personal opinion, the old version is already impressive and unique as it is, and I love it.

However, this is just my small the end, I will go along with any of your decision ^^

I love it!!  Looking forward to more VNs like this from you ^^

(hopefully  the point of view could be from  only one particular character)

Great job!

the voice acting obviously outshined the image artwork (not that I complain though). Great job! ^^

I love it that makes me wonder how could you just give it away as a free game (not that I complain though).  Thanks so much!

Definitely look forward to anything comes from you in the future!! ^^

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I fell instantly for all the characters from Martasco that somehow a tiny bit disappointed that the MC is not Autumn (didn't read the description before hand). The Martasco charas seem to be fresher for me, and The Citelle are more of the typical VN charas (except Charlie). 

Sorry, it's just my personal opinion. Also, few bgms a bit distracting for me, particularly in Autumn's intro and convo with Nick (I need to lower the volume setting).

Regardless, I like this game. It made me laugh a lot, especially Emmeline's line. ^^

Looking forward to the full version, Good luck! ^^

Hi, I really love it,  especially the different layout from typical VN and how the sprites' expression changing, even according to the choices.

I wonder if there'll be an option to choose Reina's point of view...?

Also, is the text speed set automatically? I feel more comfortable if I could choose my own reading speed (by clicking it).

Anyway, good luck on this great project! ^^

I will definitely look forward to the full version!

This might be more of questions than comments, but I hope you don't mind.

First of all, thank you for such a lovely VN!

I like Rod. Can I ask which character did you enjoy creating the most and why?

Is there actually the 'true' route? Seems Waltz's is the one...?

And most importantly, I fall in love with Rod's good ending's bgm (titled 'piano'), is it your original bgm? or from download source? If so, may I know the source?

Looking forwards for your next games and to support them!!^^

Congratulations for wilder's release! ^^

I've been waiting for few years for this...and hopefully just few months away from the full version.... Purchased Ran's and getting even more sure that this game is really worth waiting for!!

Thanks for your hard work! Keep growing! ^^

Sorry, this reply some what got extended^^;

but please kindly bear it...and if it possible I want to hear your own opinions (even though I understand if you don't want to spoil too much ^^) just so to ease this hanging feeling you caused me... *puppy eyes*

About the love interests,

I feel that Noah and Emry could be similar in certain way;

both are definitely smart, sharp, but also observant, only they're both stand in different pole regarding action:

Noah seems more practical, even though he's observant, he won't hesitate to act only to see the result, then figuring want to do next. You gave him such sharp eyes to emphasize that…and maybe that what makes the ladies swoon…but careful, he as if could spit acid and sneer in ease at someone that he thinks doesn't match his wit.

Emry seems more strategic and analytic, even though he's sharp, he would wait and think thoroughly to anticipate every possible outcomes. You gave him soft eyes yet couldn't hide his sharpness. Yes, actually things might hardly surprise him, when he seemed not taking any acts, it just means he's observing or analyzing...or think that it just simply doesn't worth his act.

As for Teiran, I think it's obvious that he's not what he seen:

He's like a frustrated (young) person: due to too many brands that people put on him, and no matter how much he tried to shine his own self, it seemed not working. Then he thought maybe it's better to be just ignorant and give those people what they expected from him.

He has potentials in him yet he's still confused about himself and how to anticipate his surroundings.

May be he needs someone to encourage him to realize and find his real self? I believe he could shine brighter than ever once he found his confidence and true self. Only that someone needs to prove him that she's worth his trust and smart enough to understand his circumstances. sorry if it as if I am the one who made, it's actually the glimpses I caught about them when playing the demo...whether I'm just being overboard, could I know (at least) did I catch it (mostly) right...?

Because all of them are attractive physically (I like the artwork) but I'm so impressed with such (glimpse) of depth you gave them. They all indeed different and need different kind of wit and attitude to approach, but the real challenge is that those such subtle different choices you put that could actually lead to different reactions from them. For me, it's so realistic. And I adore this point even beyond their artwork. There are many beautiful artwork for male love interest out there, but for me it's easily boring that they just as they seen. You give your characters such life, not to mention other characters as well. I don't how you could pull this's beyond my words. (And it's just making me feel greedy…wondering if there is possibility of a forth/secret love interest…? haha…I know, you're hands are already full…sorry ^^;)

Haha...sorry, just wanna take a little revenge on you leaving me hanging,

but, it's kinda smart, though; you've tickled people (at least me) to feel curious/eager to look forward what will come next ^^

A beautiful piece could never be build in an instant,

and it'll always be worth waiting for!

Hope everything will favor you for this project, or

even though it's not, hopefully it's for the better version of it!

Best wishes, ^^

I honestly regretted playing this...

it ended too soon!! Gosh, it's been a while since someone made me hanging like this >.< so unbearable!

When will you release the full version? Can't hardly wait!

I love how you put choices so that the player could 'personalized' their character, I personally prefer characterization rather than story line. It always interesting if our choices as a character also matter to determined how the story goes and (realistically) couldn't pleased everybody in the same time, hopefully could also made differences on how the story would end; rather than following the given/plotted story line or just about how to get the targeted love interest.

The characters are not merely fall into the typical types of VN/otome games' male (the prince, the smart, the bad boy, the tsundere, etc), you put more unique in depth for them. I also like that.

If it's going to be a big story, I will never have a second thought to buy it for any price you name. I'm sure it will be worth every cent!

Keep on going, so looking forwards for the next good news from you!