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A word of appreciation

A topic by griffonnet created 15 days ago Views: 179 Replies: 1
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Well I just finished the whole game. My curse started after I saw a little play-through on a YouTube chanel dedicated to VtMascarade, bought it on the spot. I'm not a Visual Novel player, last one I tried was at least a decade ago, but this caught me off-guard.

It had been 2 crazy weeks since playing every evening as much as my free time would allow. I liked and disliked and liked-even-what-I-disliked, every part of it. The game was a marvelous experience of high and down, warm and uncomfort, laugh-out-loud and whine in despair. I really took a deep swim in the universe and the characters, now I'm left with a post-game-depression. Well ^^ too bad for me, but a good indicator that the game was great. It will have a lasting impression, at least for me.

I started playing with Markus (just because he advises not to trust anybody) and at first never intended to go the other route. But Markus hints and his endings (+ special ending locked by the others) pushed my curiosity button and so I started over, chasing the other routes… 

Oh boys, I'm SO happy I did. Characters that weren't so interesting to me at first (meh, the naive anarchist, meh, the emo boy) really reveal their layers in a two fold time. The normal route that hint stuff and yet you feel there are strange gaps but you can't really guess what, then the special ending that reveal a complete different side, sometime enforcing or going opposite to what the character "seemed" to be. Big thumb up ! Didn't expected the twists and all seemed so plausible, it really worked for me. 

Overall I really liked the characters psychology and the maturity behind their depiction. I also liked the lore and overall univers, art and music are spot on ! The whole game inside the game, that I interpreted as "find a way out of this tragedy", really add an extra lecture (but that might be because I'm a god little lamb that was following Markus advise). 

Well huh… I'm still processing the very last ending, hope I can share opinion with people around because this one give so much to chew on I needed to replay it a few time to gather more elements and made my mind about it. (If anyone read this and want to open discussion I'm up to it !)

So again, good job, I'm very happy about this discovery. Just wanted to voice it because internet tend to have more the unhappy speaking than the satisfied customers. I will happily follow any new product from you, especially if in the same universe (I'm a bit thirsty for good Vampire story, the dark one without sparkles). 

Cheers !


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I don't think I can say it any better than you.... So, I'm just here to say that I also finished the game and share the same feeling as you. 

This game is bitter sweet in its own way and, for me, that what makes it memorable. I played few otome VNs myself and I can also understand that this might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially to those who's playing to seek for relieve in the typical (or twisted) otome happy ending  after completing the game. Well, this one certainly doesn't give you that. However, I love it because the characters and plot were so realistic until the end.  This game makes me re-think about what defines a happy ending (or any kinds of ending) in the real world. 

Have you also tried different Houses while having a relation with the three of them? There're slight differences in the ending texts which I think shifted the ending's atmophere ever so slight, yet intersting. 

Anyway, thank you for voicing the appreciation...I'm basically here just to say that we're in the same boat and glad that I'm not alone.

I think this game is awesome and unique in its own way. I've played it thoroughly and am glad that I bought it with the full price. 

Thank you Argent Games! I personally looking forward for this kind of game from you.