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Hi Idajock! Thank you so much for your kind words! Mmm, that mysterious, purple meat...what is it? Where does it come from? Only the kid knows! XD

To get the image: when the creature asks who you are, tell him you are a man (this picture is the gender variation of the 1st picture of the 1st row). Don't kill him in the cave, believe in his words and when the game lets you choose beetween leaving or staying with him, leave the cave. Hope this helps!

Thank you, LAF! 

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Hi Angie! Thank you for playing the game :)

to get ending 6: 

get away from me! - who are you? - is that the only thing - I'm not going to answer - Where am I? - No - I'm not hungry - no - insult - leave it there - be aggressive - be evasive - start a fire - have you seen yourself? - sleep - Stay

For the Gallery images:

1st row: 4th image (play as a man and kill the creature)

2nd row: Play as No one, pick the brave options like "go with him, eat the meat raw, enter the cave". Always be kind to the creature and tell the truth (important: remember to start the Fire).

       For the 1st image, don't kill the creature and after the choice, leave him; for         the 2nd kill him; for the 4th, stay with him

3rd row: 3rd image (pick:  Hi ---- I'm No one --- where am I? --- go with him --- eat --- don't say anything --- eat it raw --- be aggressive --- be evasive --- start a fire --- have you seen yourself? --- sleep --- Enter the cave --- Don't kill --- Yes --- Stay with him)

Hi anmanarrative, thank you SO much for playing the game and for leaving your feedback, words like yours are always a huge motivation! 

For the picture you can't find, try picking these options:

Hi ---- I'm No one --- where am I? --- go with him --- eat --- don't say anything --- eat it raw --- be aggressive --- be evasive --- start a fire --- have you seen yourself? --- sleep --- Enter the cave --- Don't kill --- Yes --- Stay with him 

let me know if this is the right picture, and thanks again!

Thank you!

and yes, it's possible. In the game option.rpy write:  define config.has_voice = True

then in the game script you can code like this:

label start:

    stop music fadeout 0.9

    play music "music/music1.mp3"  ###if you put the audio file in a different folder inside the game folder, write the path, like -> "music_folder_name/music1.mp3"

    voice "voice1.mp3" ###same as above, if you have a different folder write the path -> "voice_folder_name/voice1.mp3"
    m "Hello!"
    p "(. . .)"
    voice "voice2.mp3"
    p "Who are you?"

   stop music fadeout 1


also, if you download this other game you will have a wonderful example on how to do it: the scripts are uncrypted, so you can learn a lot on the process by examine the game files (and the game itself is very, very good! One of my favorites)

If you don't have an artist, you can ask to collaborate with someone by writing here for a free project:

or if you want to do everything for yourself, you could always use pre-made, cc free assets (this link is just an example, but if you search "free assets renpy" you'll find a lot more):

Again, I encourage you to read the cookbook because it's a life changer (XD) and also the people on the forum are very helpful and nice, they always answer all of your doubts on coding and stuff.

I appreciate the offer for a translation, it's always so awesome to have my game in other languages :D but right now I am abroad and I don't have the project on my pc, so I can't generate a translation script for you. If you want you can leave me your email so that I can contact you when I come back, or email me at

I thank you again for playing my game, and I will gladly play yours when it's done! Don't give up! 

Have a wonderful day (and btw, your english is perfect )

Hi salehodinie,

since I'm not an expert at coding (this was my first game, and I'm still learning) I wouldn't recommend using my game as a reference, but what I can recommend is browsing the lemmasoft forums and in particular the cookbook (I took a lot of the coding from there):

Hope this helps :)

And thank you for your gameplay! :D

This really motivates me, thank you so much!!!

Hi Sioray, thank you for playing my game and for writing such a wonderful feedback! :D

To answer your question...

(For everyone else, beware! SPOILERS)

1)To obtain the TOP LEFT picture, just play the game as a Woman and then don't kill the creature but just LEAVE the cave (you can pick whatever choices and the outcome won't be affected);

2)For the TOP RIGHT pick these choices:  ---- I'm a man ---- am I dead? ----go with him ----eat----thank----cook----are you alright?----creature?----say something----everything ok----be kind----tell truth----have you seen yourself----sleep----stay here----kill him

3)For the one below the tob right, choose: ---- hi---- I'm no one---- where..---- go with him---- eat---- thank---- eat raw---- be kind---- tell truth---- start fire---- thanks---- sleep---- enter cave---- don't---- yes---- stay

Hope this helps ;) and if you're still stuck don't hesitate to tell me

Have a great day!

Hi GDWC, thank you for the interest in my game!

BLACK was made in 2017, so it can't compete, but if I'll release another game in the future I might consider participating ;)

Thank you for your gameplay! :)

Try this:

1)...hi - I'm no one - where am I - go with him - eat - thank him - eat raw - be kind - tell truth - start a fire - thanks - sleep -enter cave - kill him

2) (follow step 1 and then:) - yes - flee

3)get away from me - i'm a man - am i dead - no - i'm not hungry - no! - insult - cook it - eat - don't say anything - thing - are you dead? - you din't choke - be aggressive - tell truth - have you seen - sleep - stay - don't kill - yes - stay with him

Hope this helps! And thank you so much for playing the game ;D

Thank you! I know, I'm sorry about the errors ^^' if you can, let me know what needs to be corrected and I will fix it in the next update ;D

Thank you! So glad you liked the game ;)

Hi Pulcinator! I hope you'll like the game!

And yes, I'm Italian ;)

Hi Mokou17! I'm happy you liked the game ^^

Thank you for offering a translation, I'll contact you on twitter :)

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Hi Mr. Mendeskl, I'm so  happy you liked the game!

Since the game is free I can only accept free contributions so if that's ok with you contact me at and I'll send you the script :)

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Thank you! It's nice to hear that you enjoyed the story and yes, it'd be awesome to have the game translated in Chinese (plus, your motivation is a noble one XD)

I'll send you an email with the details ;)

Thank you so much!

Of course you can! Just remember to  put a link to credit me ^^

Happy Holidays!

Hi Coline! I sent you an email ;) thanks again

Thank you for your gameplay! I'm glad you enjoyed the story ;)

Yes ;) and thank you! ^^

Thanks for the gameplay! ;)

Thank you! :)

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Loved it! Short, but absolutely worth it. Now I need a sequel ;D

Thank you so much for your gameplay! ^^ I'm glad you're liking the game, I hope the other endings won't disappoint you ;)

I'm sorry  to hear that, are you using Sony Vegas by chance? I had the same problem once, and I fixed it following a guide on youtube, maybe it could any case, thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you liked the game ^^

Hi giulkau,  

I don't think this game requires more music or fxs, but if you have a website where I can listen to  samples feel free to leave the link.  As long as your prices aren't too high I may consider using them for future projects ;)

Thank you for your gameplay, I'm happy you liked the game :)

Hi! Thank you so much for playing the game, I'm so happy you liked it (even though it was confusing XD) 

To shed a little light, here are some--spoilers!


Ok, about the Rudy matter and the double "nature" of the creature: I wanted the player to craft the story and the characters, so based on your behaviour towards the unknown creature (you can either be kind or a jerk to him, but also be "brave" or "scared") the game decides if YOU are the human or the monster of the story. Basically there are 4 combinations:

1)You are the human, the "kid" is a monster

2)You are the monster, the kid is human

3)You are both humans

4)You are both monsters

For the gallery image: I'm not sure if I understood the picture you are talking about, but I think it might be either the one for ending 3 (walkthrough, in the download section) or this one, try to pick:

Hi -- I' one -- where am I? -- go with him -- eat -- don't say anything -- eat it raw -- be aggressive -- be evasive -- start a fire -- have you seen yourself -- sleep -- i need to find him -- don't --  yes -- stay with him

Let me know if this is it, if not I'm at your disposal 👍 and thank you again for leaving your feedback, I really appreciated it :)

Also, to i_want_out: I finally finished the game, and I reconfirm what I said...great job!  I don't have any critics about it, the puzzles solution was logical (so everything made sense and didn't require an "impossible" way of thinking like Monkey Island, back in the day XD) and overall, the experience was engaging and fun. I was also very pleased to have guessed the "reveal"...the little hints were a nice touch!

So...I'm looking forward to your next games: the world needs more of them ;)

**Hats off** Thank you, kind sir! I had totally missed the "thing" at 6:23, eh eh ^^ 

Really glad to hear that! ;D Thank you

Thank you! ^^

Thank you! :)

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I've been playing for a couple of hours now and just got stuck, so I'm taking this opportunity to drop by and tell you what an amazing job you did with this game: I LOVE IT! I really enjoyed the puzzles so far, and I can't wait to discover the mysterious story behind it all. there a walkthrough somewhere or maybe hints that can help me progress? Thank you ;D

Thank YOU for your kind words ^^

Hi! Thank you for your gameplay and for your feedback on the game  ;)

The other story-related endings are 1 and 3 (they expand only a little, though) - also,  the ?? ending is the only one ^^ 

Thank you :)