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I'm happy to read this! 😊

Thanks for the feedback.

Oh, crap!

I was aware there was some false positives with Avast antivirus.

Which antivirus is it? The one that comes with Windows?

You may add an "exception"  in the antivirus to make it not scan the program but I'd recommend you check the program before with an online scanner like VirusTotal (it scans one file with many antivirus software) in order to see if there is only one or two detections which should be false positives or if there are plenty, which could indicate a real infection.

Sorry you had so many issues... 😕

Oh, sorry to hear that. I have no real experience with Windows emulation on Mac OS.

I tried a Mac fork of Wine once and it worked quite well iirc (I'm not even sure to remember the exact name of the software... it' was maybe WineHQ, if you want to give it a go...).

Thanks a lot! I'm really proud of that!

Gonna take a look at your creation(s)!

Thank you for your feedback! Glad to see you spent good time on it ;-)

Glad you liked it! Thanks for your feedback ;)

Thanks for your kind feedback! It's really encouraging.

We're working on a new project, but it'll be long before it's ready!

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I'd like to join in and support with our free game I Want Out!
After all, even if we didn't put emphasis on this at all, our little hero, Luke, may be one of the few non-white video game characters! ;-)

In the start menu, search for the I Want Out! shortcuts.

Click on Configuration

Check "Start in windowed mode"

And set Windowed scale to Max round multiplier

Does this help ?

You could try this:

In the start menu, search for the I Want Out! shortcuts.

Click on Configuration

Check "Start in windowed mode"

And set Windowed scale to Max round multiplier

Does this help ?

😊 Thanks!


I'll bear that in mind if I ever play another game like this again... 😉

Hi Laura,

The Linux version works.

In order to run the program, it may be necessary (it was for me) to run a terminal window (command line interface) in the game folder and type:


Else, clicking on the file may just open an editor with the content of the file...

Maybe most Linux users are already aware of that, but you could add this information to your instructions...



Glad you liked it! Thanks for your comment...

Thanks for your kind comment, Laura!

I would remake the game with a more modern interface if it wasn't such a huge work. Maybe one day ...

And you can be proud of being the first and only one to have identified the Helloween sample at the end! (It's really where the game's name comes from after all!). Congratulations !

You're welcome, Laura!
Don't feel obliged to play my game, though... (it hasn't the 'depth' of yours). That said, if you do, I'm always happy to have a feedback  - every criticism is welcome 😉.

A game has not to be long to be good and enjoyable. Yours is a proof of that.

The background theme is interesting. The story is well written. The graphics choice is well executed. The atmosphere is strong : there's life in this game/story.

It's a really good first game!


Thanks Austin for the feedback and video (even if it's not your type of game)!

Thanks for your feedback and the video! 😀

Thanks also for pointing the fact I forgot to add Spanish language in the description. Fixed!

Thank you for your feedback and for the video!
It's really encouraging.


The issue should be resolved now, and the game should be available for Linux in the client.

There's indeed a Linux version (a .tar.gz file that should be compatible with the app according to documentation).
I don't use the app myself, nor Linux, so I didn't know about that but I'll try to take a look. It won't be right now, though, since I haven't access to any Linux machine atm, sorry...

Hi! It's not a horror game per se, but our game's atmosphere is a bit eerie... If you wanna take a look, it's here :

Thanks vanroku.

Glad you liked it!

Thanks, Jupi, for your video !

Also, I asked the developer of the game engine. The bug could be the consequence of using the Alt+Tab combination, to switch from another window.
When switching back to the game, there's a bug letting the game think a key is still pressed... and the consequence is that it skips the dialogs...

Hi arceus444,

I haven't find the bug's cause yet but I'm searching. What version of Windows do you use?

Thanks, dear beta tester!

Thanks, David!

Great demo, very promising.

Keep up the good work! ;)

I'm happy you both saw and liked these hints. Since the story is rather simple, I thought it would add a little background to it.
And happy too that you liked playing it. It definitely encourages us to make another game... Thanks!

Thanks Cryptic Hybrid for your video. It's highly appreciated.
I didn't have time to watch it entirely yet, but I'll do it. I got some glimpses here and there and the critics you made are fair... The game could be improved. But it's our very first one and we're still learning ;-)
Thanks again.

PS : I just uploaded a written walkthrough

So, even with with the dialog speed set to "Click to skip dialog", it does the same? It's really weird...
When dialog skips too fast, does all the game go to fast, or just the dialogs?

Hi arceus444,

I never encountered such a bug... so for now, I don't know what it is...

The dialogs skip too fast, right?
Normally, they are skipped automatically after a certain duration except if you click on a keyboard key or on a mouse button...
Do they skip without any keyboard or mouse input?

You can try this :
- options -> change the dialog speed
- on the main screen, press F : it will switch to windowed mode. Then exit and restart the game, to play it in a window

Could you please report if it is of any help?


You have to explore the room. By placing the mouse cursor on different objects/regions, you can interact with them. You select the action you want to do and then apply it on the object (either "look at", "pick up", etc.).
Making interactions will enable you to discover new things and hopefully a way to exit...

Thanks :)

It's planned. I'll upload a walkthrough some day next week.

Hi Ash,

I'm making  a walkthrough. It'll be available here very soon (next week).
I'm sure you'll find a way to push this damn coin and get it out of the machine ;)

Hi schivafrecce,

I'm really happy you enjoy our game. As this is our very first one, it means a lot!

I am preparing a walkthrough. I think I'll be able to make it available on this page before the end of the next week... so stay tuned ;)

A piece of advice : have you tried to speak to the kid? He may give you some slight directions...

Thanks for your comment :)

Thank you, leafo!


I present you my first ever game : I Want Out!

A kid is trapped in this mysterious place and wants to get out. Will you help him?

I Want Out! is a retro pixel art point and click adventure game, using  a 9-verb-interface like some 80's and 90's titles. But it's also a modern game with state of the art effects! :-P

It's a short game that should require about one hour of gameplay.

Story :

The kid is trapped... Why? He doesn't even know... so you've got to find him a way to get out. Along the way, you may find the explanation for all this.

Gameplay :

To find an exit,  you have to make him explore the environment and interact with it.

Some items can be picked up, kept in your inventory and then be used later. You can then use them on another item, on an object in the room or on the kid himself.

How to play :

left mouse click : walk / choose an action / perform the choosen action
right mouse click : look at items
mouse wheel : scroll up or down in the inventory

(You'll find keyboard shortcuts in the help menu.)

The game is available in English and in French.

If the game seems a bit slow on your system, look at the Troubleshooting guide...

Game page : here !