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It's possible

A topic by kaofried created Jun 12, 2019 Views: 4,593 Replies: 17
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It's possible that something may have happened to the dev. It's pretty presumptuous to say they scammed everyone with the amount of work put into the development of the game up until the point they disappeared. I've been looking and havent seen any sight of them on any platform for a long time so it's a sad thought, but we may have to consider some serious things ie hospitalization, severe life issues, or even death. If we think about what could've happened, they may no longer have access to the internet or resources to provide an update for whatever reason.


According to everything I've heard so far, she seems to have encountered some family issues and went radio silent shortly after. Her last post online was in December of 2018,  thanking government officials for keeping her updated about the current water situation in her area (which seemed to be bad). I've tried contacting people she worked with, and they haven't heard from her in a while; she didn't reply to their messages, either. I've tried contacting her on every of her social media platforms- no response. I've recently (2 weeks ago or so)tried to get in touch with all of her facebook friends and family (and yes, most of them are still active there) and up until now, only 2 answered, and they, too, didn't hear smt from her in a long while and are currently trying to get in touch with her. I don't think the dev is a scam artist. Something bad must have happened and quite honestly, I'm terrified.

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Do you know if either of the two who responded were family members? It's already concerning that we haven't heard from her in so long, but if even her own family didn't know what was going on... Well, that'd be even more worrying.


Neither of them were family members! I think one of them was the sprite artist and the other one a regular friend.  However, I also sent messages to her family members and they haven't responded yet...I'll keep all of you updated if I hear anything new, but lord this is rly concerning😩

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Alright everyone, so I've finally received some news of one of her friends!! They said, (and I'm quoting them here:) 

"I'm sure Ali will be happy to hear people are interested in her work. She just moved to another city & is well...I will forward your message to her..."

so I hope to hear from them soon? I told them to let me know once my message was delivered to her. I'll keep you guys updated, but if the friend is to be believed, she seems okay right now, which is a relief!!


A relief, but also arguably makes things worse, as it means that there's no reason to keep ghosting everyone. Seriously, it's going to be a year soon. No job would allow you to go MIA for so long. (And yes, as people paid money, I do consider this to be a job)

I sincerely hope that she sorts things out and manages to finish the project, even if not all that was planned will make it in. As someone said elsewhere, something is better than nothing.

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I mean, there was never really a reason to ghost anyone to begin with. No matter what was happening, she could've taken a few minutes to just write two sentences to let everybody know what the deal with the game was. A big update with explanations and apologies, while nice, honestly isn't necessary. People just need something, like you said, and the sooner the better.

And while there may not be anything going on with her now, there definitely was at some point—health and family issues were mentioned in another thread. What I'm guessing happened, is that she got overwhelmed by these things and didn't post anything due to that, and now she likely feels too anxious to communicate at all since it's been so long (similar to what she described in this old update). But she really, really shouldn't think that way, since it's obviously avoiding posting that's the problem. There isn't anyone that wouldn't be relieved to hear from her, even if it is this late.

I also hope she can finish this in the future. All that seemed to be left was editing, proofreading, and maybe programming? It just wouldn't make sense to give up so close to the finish line, and it'd be such a waste of effort too. There was clearly a lot of thought, love, and time put into crafting this world with all its characters and lore. She owes it to herself, her backers, and her story to share it with everyone.


Real life circumstances happen in extremes sometimes. It's easy to say no matter what, but if you're in a situation where you lose your home and are living on the street then there wouldn't be a way to update everyone. It's easy to forget that sometimes people don't have access to the internet. Thankfully, this isnt the case here, but I think it's important for people to keep stuff like that in mind in a world where we assume everyone's online and has the ability to do so throughout their lives.


I'm in agreement with you there, it is something that should be kept in mind.  But since people saw that she had some online activity up until December, when an update was already long overdue, that couldn't have been the reason for the radio silence regarding the project.

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Hey Hiraeth, just wanted to say thank you for looking so closely into this. You spent a lot of time trying to find what happened, and I'm grateful.


Ah, don't worry about it! It was a given since we all were so worried for her haha, so I was glad to do it~ Also thank you @everyone else who helped getting some new information! I just hope that this friend of hers is to be believed and that we hear from her, soon...I wonder if she had contact with her up until recently. If I remember correctly, Lee already did move houses last year, so I'm wondering what happened that she had to switch houses again? Either she had to move twice in two years or her friend isn't up to date...Regardless, I hope everything is okay and that we'll hear from her, soon.

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I remember she moved in 2017 too. Maybe she or her husband has some type of job where they need to move around a lot? Just a guess. Might explain why she changed states.

Also, I second the thanks! Your detective work is appreciated lol


I have reached out to her friend, asking for an update on whether they could reach her or not. They haven't been able to reach her. It's been more than 2 weeks, and no one is able to contact her. 

I'm curious, how are the folks at Kickstarter doing? I think that it's time to report the project, solely so that backers can get their money back. Has anyone heard back from KS yet??


Kickstarter backer here.  I reluctantly reported the project a few months back and have yet to hear back from either the creator or KickStarter. If I had known how little it does, I wouldn’t have agonized over the decision as much as I did. I know I’m not the only one of the platform to report it, so it looks like it’s another dead end.

I really wish her the best and hope she knows it isn’t too late to give an update- on anything (how the game is, whether it had to be put on hold, how SHE is doing, and that she’s alright). It must be intimidating to re-emerge after all this time, but people are just worried and it’ll only get worse as time goes on without word. If not for us, I’m sure it’s better for her mentally if she doesn’t let this build up perpetually in the back of her mind (there’s no way she doesn’t think about us every so often).

Hang in there everyone! And hopefully we’ll hear something before a year is up.

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that's fine ( not her incident no gods, I mean that she has rl problems, we can understand that), but we want Lee to SHOW UP. SEND A MESSAGE. TELL US WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE GAME (not her life we respect her privacy). She owes us, backers, an apology and answers. you cannot just LEAVE a project and everyone out of the blue and cut communications. even if she personally couldn't get through us, tell someone ANYONE, to leave a message. she could very well have gotten out this mess she's created just being honest. it's too late now.

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This whole situation makes me sad, not gonna lie

not sure if for the unfinished game, or because I'm worried for the dev

anyways, I just hope everything gets solved sooner rather than later


Happy belated anniversary ya'll - one year since the last update on kickstarter.

I really want to keep waiting for this game but if all we end up with is an apology, I won't be surprised :/