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best xmas present ever <3 

i'm so eager to see how life will turn out with our coup d'etat boi :D second most excited to play route after too good for this world Bastien :))))

ahhh thank you so much, I'll try then, have a nice day :)

hello, I just intalled the game through the pc app and it doesn't allow me to save, in any instance. I've tried reinstalling the game but it's not working. does anyone else have this problem? 

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not a spoiler but if you save your game just as you go to the infirmary after vexx has received a blood transfussion the title for the save is "my money don't jiggle jiggle it folds" and I've had a fit of hysterical laughter for five good minutes.  thanks a6 team

we have more time with our carrot boi, now that's what I call a treat :)

happened to me too; it seemed like devs uploaded a new vesion a bit ago because I had to dowload files agan but it keeps skipping to another scene right after the knock on the door. weird.

it might be honestly, he's always been rly sweet and suportive. dev team just made an update so we'll see (plus ryona's appearing finally)

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three things, some have been said but still; 

first: WOAH. W O A H okay that plot twist? wild. 

second: either june takes our friendship as something else throrough the game or there is a bug because I led him zero times (zero choices) and still he acted disappointed/sad/jealous and I'm very confused lol

third: I know there are going to be arcs, I just missed having a bit more of intimacy choices with Vexx in this episode bc the whole thing was intense and boi, we are traumatised. but that's me and my thirst.

thanks for the hard work A6 team!!!

EDIT after update 6.1: bless yall a6 team for the extra time with vexx; I knew I needed it in my life I just didn't know you'd make it so perfect. I'm melting in a puddle of feelings ;;

thank you, how could I send you the log? I've been looking for a mail contact and I can't find one.

I've dowloaded the latest demo today and have met two problems: any time I tried to save a file further than the first page, it would give me an exception , which fortunately I could choose to ignore, save and keep playing, but after day 42 anytime I try to save it gives an exception I can't ignore, making me unable to save the game. Please take a look into it. I could send you the exception log in case you need it. 

got the 7th ending at long last but yes. I might need help with endings 1 and 6, I'm at my wits' end orz. 

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excuse me while I sit down for an indefinite amount of time trying to figure out how to get the remaining *checks list* ending 1, 6 and 7. istg, I've never seen a more thorough, meticulously written game in my life. it's driving me crazy.

you're so kind, thank you :_)

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I love love LOVE this game; it's so wonderfully written, and has so many choices which also drive me crazy and make me realise I would NOT survive a day in Mc's shoes omg. I'm still slightly bitter I could not romance Leo bc he's been my second LI after Bastien, but oh well. Also please help: would anyone give me hints on how to NOT be exiled after siding with the Duke? I can't seem to find what I did wrong in my investigations bc all the time they track back to me and I end up back home or in Dacre... thanks!!


*refreshes page every minute* 

I just downloaded the update and started playing from the beginning, but there seems to be something wrong during episode 3 when you're supposed to tell them who you rememebered to be, it just skips after calderon says "go on tell them" to their shocked reactions, the MC dialogue telling them your name and title not appearing. I checked with the previous update 4.0 and that dialogue appears.

I just downloaded the update and there seems to be something wrong during episode 3 when you're telling them who you rememebered to be, it just skips after calderon says "go on tell them" to their shocked reactions, the MC dialogue telling them your name and title not appearing. anyone else with this problem?

at this point we're sticking to this by pure, unadultered spite to the author.

I'm so mad this game's demo is still up and has so many good ratings even after being abandoned and backers were being scammed by the author.  

replaying and reading without (as much) adrenaline I found two spelling mistakes:

I figured this may be better posted here bc it's still happening after the release of chapter 5 and replaying from the beggning. There's a bug in chapter 4 when you go through cursa with Damon and Ry. when Vexx finds you in the alley after you've escaped, and you're telling them you know him MC is thinking to themselves but the dialogue looks like they're talking outloud:

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thank you for this episode, for all of it, for ALL . OF. IT except you murdered me. I will rain hell fire upon you if he dies you cant give me back my precious carrot head and then do t h is

one day!! *bounces excitedly*

i'm jumping in excitement already :D you may say it's unfortunate the release date keeps being postponed but to know the author loves their story so much the word count keeps going up with each route is amazing. bless you.  Also the fact Bastien's route is being the first to be released is making me giddy omg ma boi. thank you so much for updating us :) we'll be here to support your game

thank you so much for the update!! and for the new demo omg bless I can't wait :D

absolutely! that answer gives the insight and answers my question, thank you so much for replying <3

I'm so excited for this game, I don't know how many times I've replayed TROS, such an amazing mix of romance and politics- I srly love it!
I have a question if I may for creators; in the description it says you either "begin the game with your current lover or remain single to pursue one of the two new love interests: Sir Mathys Aurele or Ambassador Vesela Brovik"- I was wondering, in the case of being in a marriage of convenience with the Prince, does the game offer you the option to recover your "true love" from the previous characters? (I'm looking at you, Bastien). Thanks!!

me: *email announcing the dlc is out at 2:44pm and subsequently halting everything i was doing including eating lunch* time to vexx

ahh ok thank you! I downloaded the last version but was playing from a save file so maybe that's why I couldn't find it

hey sorry to ask, I've been playing the new version but I can't find the map item, could you help me?

that's fine ( not her incident no gods, I mean that she has rl problems, we can understand that), but we want Lee to SHOW UP. SEND A MESSAGE. TELL US WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE GAME (not her life we respect her privacy). She owes us, backers, an apology and answers. you cannot just LEAVE a project and everyone out of the blue and cut communications. even if she personally couldn't get through us, tell someone ANYONE, to leave a message. she could very well have gotten out this mess she's created just being honest. it's too late now.

please pLEASE any news is better than NO news. we just want to know. let them know that at least, thank you.

we wish..................

same tbh, same... i agree with what you said. there's this agreement between developer and backers where we help this project come to life and the developers get their hands on what they scripted. Needless to say, shitcan happen but they are breaking it by not keeping in touch with us. We are by no means forcing them to work, or pressuring them to finish it; that should come from them, both from their passion for this project and responsibility with us. And at this point I see none.