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Bought this today, finished up Charlotte's and Sofia's routes-I have a quick q, does Sofia only have 3 CGs? Charlotte's has four, so I'm assuming every LI  does. 

(I'm enjoying the game so far! I just wanna give a proper review after I finish all the routes.)


Hello Answerless

I'm glad you are enjoying the game so far. As for the CGs, most routes have three, others (Charlotte and Leopold, off the top of my head) have four. I tend to use CGs for scenes that I can't easily represent with sprites, and I found some routes needed more than others . 

Fun fact: Charlotte had three CGs until the last two weeks before publish. With the last scene of her route being as it is, she didn't originally have a kiss CG, it was just described. 

But I feel that sort of visual representation is important, especially for same-sex etc. pairings, as, otherwise, people may think I am shying away from depicting it, so I commissioned the extra one (and the artist shuffled everything around to fit it in before the deadline, like a boss). 

Thanks for playing


Ahhh!!!! As a bi girl can I just say how grateful I am you added that in?  Charlotte ended up being tied for my fave route and I loved her cgs a lot. 

Both of your games that I've played have done AMAZING at representing gXg relationships.  Not shying away from some of the unique difficulties we face, but never making it feel like all there is to the route/relationship is the ~~forbiddeness~~ of it.  You made Sophia, Charlotte, and Bridgette (from DDBS) route's feel every bit as human and genuine as all of the boys, and for that you've earned a permanent fan from me.  I'm working on a review to post in lemmasoft forum as well, but I saw this comment and just absolutely needed to get out my appreciation for how you've handled all of this right now.

Thank you so much!!!!