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I was going to type a comment that was just "AHHHHHHHHH" but I feel like I should say more then that, needless to say I'm really excited!

woo!  Super excited for this game.  I'll keep an eye out for the demo!

I generally don't play demos because I've been burned before where I fall in love with games and they get abandoned, but I may just crack for Truths Untold.  It just sounds so good, plenty of choices, able to shape the MCs personality, and it has my favorite trope of all time: a childhood friend LI.  I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this at any rate!

Exciting news!

You should totally play it, the demo itself is already out!

Awesome!!!  Thanks for the update, I'm really excited :)

Exciting news!  Thanks so much for your hard work, It's so exciting to see this game come to life!

Take care!

Yay!!  Congratulations, this is awesome!!  Downloading now!

I am so excited!!  Thanks so much for the update, TROS is one of my favorite VNs ever and I expect to love TTOW even more!

My mother has cancer, so I know how much work/how draining it is emotionally to take care of someone who is so sick, please do take care of yourself.

Sounds like a lot got accomplished anyway!  And I love these side character designs, they're beautiful!

The new demo is incredible!  I liked the original one, but this version is indisputably better imo.  And not just because of the addition of Jori and Sebastien, though they are welcome to be sure, but in general the pacing is better and some things are better explained so it just feels improved overall.  I'm deeply looking forward to the full game and will definitely keep an eye on its progress.

Ooh I'm excited!

Oh thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out for sure!  

Hope you have a good day too!

Awesome to hear about all of the new features!  I'm intrigued by the chance to have a bad outcome, I don't think I know any other VN that does that.

I like how symmetrical the Eminence is lol.

Hope you're staying safe, but I am really excited about this so thanks so much for the update!

This was super cute!

Hope you guys are staying safe as well, thanks for the update.  I am EXCITED.  Sounds like this game will end up pretty long, I can't wait :)

Art is beautiful as well!  Fen does not look happy to see us LOL

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Most developers are working on other commercial projects, so this isn't a priority, however, it has not been cancelled.  Here's a message from Windchimes (the lead developer)  after someone asked about it on February 4th, 2020:

"Hey! Thanks for asking <3 Sorry for the late reply. I've been sick so I've been staying off the computer and didn't see this until now. 

Honestly, right now I can't really say when there'll be more game updates. Pretty much everyone in the team has been busy with their own projects / freelancing commissions, so progress has been slow. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the time to squeeze in time to work on LiD's new updated demo into my schedule lately between holiday season (Christmas then CNY) and my own commercial project which takes priority at the moment. I'll try to reevaluate my schedule and see if I can work something out and get back to you guys later on with a better answer. Sorry! And thank you for the continuous support <3"

Best bet to contact developers/get updates is likely through their discord server, I have included the link below.  I am excited too, I also loved the NaNo version! :)

thanks so much for your hard work!! :D

I am so excited to hear that!!

Love this update, thanks for continuing to work on it!

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Happy New Year!  Sounds like you're getting a lot done, I'm really excited!  Also Maddalena's dress looks a little like something I'd imagine a fairy wearing, I want it in real life please.  They are both very pretty though, excellent sprite work as always.  I'm curious to learn more about them.

nothing to play at the moment, they took the demo down to rework it, but will hopefully releasing it again later

demo is down right now (so no downloads, they will be putting it back up at a later date :)

Sounds like things are going well!  I'm super glad and looking forward to the update.  

The new background looks nice and I love Elric's sprite a lot, his smirk is fantastic and I think perfect for his background of roguish charm.

Happy New Year and thank you for all of your hard work, very excited to see what 2020 brings for this project :)

Take all the time you need!  I'm happy to wait as long as it takes because this game looks amazing :)

Sounds like things are moving along nicely, I'm really excited!   Thanks for the update, good luck you guys!

I'm up for the wait, I always save my favorite for last anyway so that works for me, but now you've really got me intrigued :)
I'll be following along closely and you'll probably get more rambly comments from me in the future lol.  Anyway, have a good day everyone!

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Okay this is going to be really long but I'm excited and tend to ramble so sorry in advance.

Okay, came back to report that I caved and played the demo and so far I love everything about it.  The art (sprites/backgrounds/CGs etc...) is lovely, the music is very pleasant and sets the mood, the GUI is attractive and the writing is pretty good, I only noticed a one spelling error I think or and maybe an instance or two where I though the phrasing was a little awkward, but it's rare for me to find a demo where I don't see that so I don't mind it and am really impressed with the quality, especially considering I think this started out in French, right?  I'm always in awe of people who can speak multiple languages, and I'm exceedingly grateful that you decided to translate this because this GENUINELY might be my perfect/dream otome.  Like if I could write and draw and stuff this is exactly the kind of game I would want to make.

I say that not only because of the beautiful craftsmanship and assets that I listed above, but also the demo had, or at least hinted at the full game having, pretty much every single thing I enjoy in the VN/game such as

- fantasy genre in a medieval setting

 - chosen one trope

- courtly intrigue and political/looming war time drama

- an MC with a personality that you can actually shape (and extra awesome, the ability to choose a background/past for her)

- choices (dialogue and action) that sound like they will not only affect how other characters think of you, but also how the main story itself will develop and resolve

- a female LI!  

- no bad endings that exist purely to punish the player for making one wrong choice (it sounds like there's endings where things can go badly, but I don't mind that, I just don't want to be immediately be punished for not following a guide, and for negative outcomes to make sense story wise)

- A CHILDHOOD FRIEND LOVE INTEREST!!!  Especially one that the MC is clearly actually close to, as opposed to one who is 'long lost'/forgotten or acts like they don't care about the MC at all.

So yeah, I adored the demo, and I'm already in love with Lioren and the MCs dynamic.  I can't wait to meet everyone else and see how the story plays out.  I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this game and cheering you on, thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing this!

I generally don't play demos because I tend to get attached and if the project gets drop I get sad, but I may have to give in and play this one because it just sounds so cool and well developed and it has my weakness, a childhood friend LI LOL.  Wishing you all the best in your development process, I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure!


Wooo!  Pledged, I really hope this gets funded.  Good luck!

I LOVED this demo!  Aldrias is my fave, but all the characters were vibrant and interesting, including the side characters.  It was just so well crafted and there were a lot of cool effects that I've never seen a VN do before.  I can't wait for KS, I'll definitely be supporting for sure!

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Me too, I'm just sorry I can't give more at the moment!  Hopefully next time.  Anyway, good luck, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on its progress!

I'm actually glad you've boosted the prices a little (I think you did anyway), I agree with the other games that I'd be willing to pay more for TOW, 400k words and I'd easily drop $20 - $30 (USD), that said I can see why you're nervous about raising it too much so you do whatever you think was best, I don't know anything about selling games, regrettably.  

My tier I'm thinking of getting actually doesn't seem to have been affected at all (an epistolary romance), so you've still got me for at least that!

The rewards all seemed very, well, for lack of a better word, very rewarding!  I think I know which tier I want so now I just have to count down the days until it's live!  Thanks for giving me something to look forward to, though I'm sorry BFF didn't get as many votes, I think you said it was your first project so i know it must be near and dear to your heart.

Omg I'm so ready!!!  I can't wait.  I'm a little sad about the date because I was hoping to get a high tier, but unfortunately my best friend has her own kickstarter happening in October and I've already pre-pledged most of what I felt like I could afford at the time to hers.  I still will definitely pledge to you as well, it just won't be as much as I would've liked to unfortunately :( but hopefully someone else will make up for my lapse!

All the same, I'm super excited and happy for you, I'll definitely keep an eye out and reblog any announcements/promotion you do on tumblr.  If you make any posts on LSF I'll be sure to comment there as well.  

I really truly do love your writing and games, I think I've said before that you are one of my favorite studios and that remains true.  I'm so excited, good luck!!

Thank you, I might do that, I still have some ways to go in planning the project before I'm actually ready to commission art, but you may see something from me in the near future.  Thanks again for the info :D

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Totally random question, but did your sprite artist do the side character silhouettes as well or did you have someone separate do that?  I'm thinking about putting together a short project but a lot of the side characters would be black silhouettes and I really liked how yours looked!  If you don't want me contacting your artist though that's totally fine, but I figured I'd ask!

400,000 words!!! That would be amazing, I feel so spoiled!!  I'll definitely fill out the survey now and I reblogged the tumblr post as well.

Good point!  Just little blurbs work too, or talking about other stuff, the main thing is just connecting with people.  Which... I don't really know how to do, but yeah basically I agree with this person.  Also tumblr is great because if you feel up for it you can have asks which is a good way to share more info about the characters and stuff and build a bond/seem responsive to the community.

And I've reached my limit for advice, I know nothing, just what I've picked up from my friend on her own journey :')