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Awesome to hear about all of the new features!  I'm intrigued by the chance to have a bad outcome, I don't think I know any other VN that does that.

I like how symmetrical the Eminence is lol.

Hope you're staying safe, but I am really excited about this so thanks so much for the update!


Ahah, yeah, we kinda enjoyed doing some alternative ending when a player take a choice obviously not healthy (and let's so often stupid), but it's just for fun, you will have the option to get back to the last choice when you get a "bad ending" so it won't be so punishing. 

We were inspired by Little Miss Lonesome who had a lot of weird ending into the game, in the indie sphere, Royal Alchemist, have a lot of death (25) occuring during the whole game, it's kinda funny, we strongly reccomand this game if you are curious o/

Thanks for your concern, we hope you are safe too, this really are strange time... 

Have a lovely day ! 

Oh thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out for sure!  

Hope you have a good day too!