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Super excited too, even if the proofreading part isn't my favorite one x)

Glad you like it!

Eheh, I can't wait for you to meet them in game! Here a few already releases information about them:

- Myrianne is the Guardian of Knowledge , she is one of the main advisor of the MC.

- Lycia is the daughter of the previous Chosen One Adrala, she is also an Ephemeral (priest of Oriel/healer).

It sucks indeed ! But we are doing our best, and we are very glad to see our game interest you  <3

Thanks!!! I am glad you like it <3

Hey, thanks for your comment, for now only Alienor is planned as GxG route, but there is many other great woman characters on the game, once we finish it, if the game is a sucess a romance with Myrianne or Lycia could be added. So maybe in a distant futur it's impossible, but for now it's impossible for the scope of the game :/

(Yes the text is written by a child so the typo is intentional)

Hey ! Thank you for this kind word ! Developping the game takes a huge amount of time and we all work full time besides, but we really hope to release Edwyn route this year (and then a new route every year or every two year).

Also... this sequel was always planned as commercial, the cost is clear since the release of the first CP. And yes, it's still very affordable.

Thanks <3 I hope you will love him in the game too :p ! He will appears in the extended demo (common route) coming in 2021 !

Hype, hype, hype, hype

Not at all, I was expecting more actually, usually it takes several year to fully complete a act by act release ^^ I am super impatient to play it <3

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The game looks really cool but I usually wait for the game being fully release for not being frustrated. So for now only the ACT I is release ? How many acts are planned for the full game ?

Thank you very much <3

This is so kind to say, thank you so much 

You guys are so sweet, thanks for your support <3

Thank you for your kind words, it always lift my mood !

Thank you very much, much love on you too <3 <3 <3

Thank you very much, I hope too, we had enough for a decade. 

And I am glad you like Lycia and Myrianne 

Yes, people don't realise how draining it is before you actually experience it... Courage for you and your mother. *Big hug*

And thank you, we still get some stuff done (fortunately I am not the only one on the team !) and we still hope to finish it for the end of the year.

Thank you for your support <3

My grandfather is actually a really strong man, doctors wasn't sure he could even walk again and now after four month he just wander around like if nothing happens. He is not fully healed yet, but it's very encouraging. Thank you for your kind word and courage for your grandmother. Much love on you and thank you for being so understanding... 

Please take care of yourself and don't worry, games are often delayed (even AAA), 2 weeks is nothing for the joy of playing a polished game, don't feel guilty or unqualified, the whole team did a wonderful job <3

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Hey, thanks for your concern! Tbh, I hope it won't be this long, but for the full progress I guess it would be around seven years (including this one). Maybe one day we will open a patreon, but it will be more to help us creating assets we are not able to do ourselves. Because, for speeding up the process would means quit our full time job to go at least half time. Which means - even if we limit to the core team only - 4000€ per month (ok 3200 if we accept to earn less money while still being able to live correctly)  + extra to still reward the other members (like proofreader). And even if we are very lucky to have a community supporting anoldor development, I don't think we are at this level at all. Also, we can't just "try to see" since, french administration is really a pain in the neck and I am struggling to get back the money donation from itchio because of legal issues. 

Maybe once several routes are release and we proove the quality of our work and commitment, this will become possible and thus will speed up the release of the other routes ! Who knows it would be wonderful since I personnaly would love to work part time or full time dev. We just have to be realistic especially in this time of chaos ! 

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Hello ! Edwyn isn't out yet but it's the first route we will release indeed ! Then we will try to release a new route per year (or two years if necessary). The order of release is not 100% sure, I thought about Elric > Alienor > Fen > Eminence > Lioren, but maybe we will make our community votes instead ^^ 

We know it's a long wait, but since are all working for free, in our free time on this, we can't rush ourselves and just enjoy our slow but real progress !

True, I am late for this >.> I will try to do one for the end of the month SORRYYYY

Ahah, I am glad you liked the choices! And no shame, the Eminence is badass :p

Thank you so much for this kind review, I feel so emotional right now... 

Thank you very much for your kind words, it means a lot to us (especially coming from you **) we are glad to see our effort rewarded <3

I agree on the music, we will make it better on the next big update, it take us so long to understand how to have a better fade x) but I am happy you liked the MC ! It was important to us to make her badass on her own way ! 

Thanks again, we are doing our best to produce the game as fast as possible. 

Sorry I don't know about this game, and I am only finding their KS page when I look at it. That said I am a little bewildered by the "daily activity" stuff, I mean there isn't any stat rising of managment part of the game, so I really can't see what it could be ? 

Ahah, yeah, we kinda enjoyed doing some alternative ending when a player take a choice obviously not healthy (and let's so often stupid), but it's just for fun, you will have the option to get back to the last choice when you get a "bad ending" so it won't be so punishing. 

We were inspired by Little Miss Lonesome who had a lot of weird ending into the game, in the indie sphere, Royal Alchemist, have a lot of death (25) occuring during the whole game, it's kinda funny, we strongly reccomand this game if you are curious o/

Thanks for your concern, we hope you are safe too, this really are strange time... 

Have a lovely day ! 

No worries, we have a limited understanding on english too so communication is always more complicated, but in the end we manage to understand each other and that's the most important !

 There is some plan to redesign part of the UI such as the notifications, maybe it will make some difference in the end ? I don't think we can redo all the UI, but if you have specific things you didn't liked in the UI it could help us to know what we should improve in priority ? (Like the main menu ? The textbox ? The quickmenu in game? The choice menu in game ? The notification ? The credit page ? The encyclopaedia ? The saves/load page ? The preference settings ?) 

Thanks again for taking the time to give us your opinion anyway ! 

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Oh I loved royal alchemist so much (Aurelius <3<3<3<3)! It's true they have a beautiful UI but still pretty standart for renpy no ? (I mean except the stat rising part of course).

And I know about what you mean for the atmosphere it should be better with more content then ! ^^ Since the Chosen One barely stepped outside of her room it's normal she didn't assist to daily life scenes yet :p And even later, her presence will kinda disturbed the servants since they will be shy and fly when they see her but it will come in time <3

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us your opinion, it's really important for us ! I am glad you liked it, and I agree it's a shame we don't meet all the LI so we are working hard on a new demo including the 4 commons chapters and so all LI's ! 

About the castle feeling empty, are you looking more about those shadows images for NPC or you were just talking about seeing more important characters ? Or maybe people being drawn in the background like on the market place background ?

Also, we agree it's a pretty standard UI for renpy, but it's also a very ergonomic one. I would love do something more original, but I don't have any ideas right now to make it stand out more and keep it easily readable for players ! If you knows games with incredible UI don't hesitate to share with us ! We love to learn from our senpai o/ 

And yeah, we are progressing slowly but everyday, so we like to share this improvment, thanks for your awesome support <3 (The april devlog is late tho, but it is coming soon XD)

Yeah, we think it's definitely one of our strong point ! We hope it will make every playthrough unique and fun ! Thanks again for your kind word again, it really helps us to stay motivated and work hard !

Thank you very much for your comment it always makes us so happy to see people liking our game ! Especially the genesis we put so much effort on it <3

And yeah, we like POWER, hope you will enjoy this aspect of the game because it's definitely one of the most important for us ! 

Have lovely day <3

Hi ! We are glad you liked it, it really warms our heart everytime we have a nice review <3

Also, I agree with your feedback, as a matter of fact, we are experimenting several new display for the notification.  For example, it would be better if the name of the unlocked encyclopedia appeared too. I think we will move it to the left side of the screen near the textbox ! Hope it will be easier for you o/ 

Thanks again, have a beautiful day we hope you will like the game as much as the demo !

Damn, it looks really interesting, I have to try this out owo

Oooooh, it looks so fun and cute, I will try it right away !

Didn't had time to play the game yet, but I must say I really love your UI guys ! Very peacefull, sober and yet elegant **

We will thank you sweety ! Please take care of yourself too <3

Oui Héléna a fait un super travail ! En ce moment sur Twitter tous les jeudi on va montrer les WIP et les références si tu veux en savoir plus sur sa création o/ 

Merci pour ton soutient ça nous fait super plaisir <3