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Oh, it's true we didn't think about a linux built, but I think renpy allow it, so we will try to add it ! Thanks for bringing it to our attention <3

Thanks for your patience and your support ! It might takes some time but we will never stop until we finish the game <3

Ahah no problem, glad you found it in the end that is the most important ! We hope you will enjoy it ! Don't hesitate to share your thought if you ever played it <3

Hi ! We change our mind about that because we truly understand the importance it can have. 

We will now allow a color swap for the MC (only this personalisation and with one shade since it's a lot of work). You can vote for now for the shade :

We hope this will please you ! 

Thank you so much for your support ! And if you like choices there will be even more in the chapter to come <3

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Thank you for your understanding, we indeed rather take our time than do something bad ! 

Also I am curious to know what happened with all the data :p ! 

Thank you so much for your kind word, it's true the demo is short but we are really glad you liked it anyway ! We are now working on the update to DESTROY all this spelling mistakes, and to improve the the controls/accessibility. We hope you will like it... I can't say too much but it might also give... a little more content ~ 

Have a lovely day, and thank you again for your support, it's really precious to us. 

That's very thoughtful of you, we did consider the question, but it's too much pressure for us at the moment. We work in our free time, so even if so far we managed to keep a certain regularity we can't promise a released date, and we don't feel snippet are good enough as reward for someone giving us money every month. 

Tho we might consider it, once every important piece of art is ready and we can garantee full quality story content every month to the backer. 

Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words and advice, we truly appreciate your support <3

Thank you for your support, we are glad you like it so far, and we are sure 2020 will be full of achievement ! This time we are confident the update will be ready for January and we are so excited to share it ! 

Happy new year to you too, thank you again for your kind support and patience ! 

Thank you so much for your kind word ! And yes, the game will be fully free  ! 

Thank you so much for your kinds words, we appreciate your support and hope to not desapoint you, we keep working hard at it <3

Thank you for this comment, it really warms us <3 We do take a lot of consideration about ruling choices and we hope you will like them in the game ! Also, we are very excited to introduced all the character to you, we hope you will love them all and struggle to choose your LI :p !

Have a lovely day, thank you again for your support it means a lot to us. 

Thank so much for your comment, we are glad you like it (and your english was perfectly understandable) ! We also love Dragon Age, and we were really inspired by it so you should not worry about MC personality, the player is the one deciding if she is serious, if she likes to joke or if she is more like "I don't care". We look forward to release the update of the demo, and the extended version ! 

Have a lovely day, thanks for your support ! <3

Thanks for your interest ! I understand your feeling, we try to have a wide range of skin color during the game but unfortunately a MC personalisation (including skin color), is too much for our small team. Yet we truly hope you can still relate to her in the course of the game, because of her personality based on your choices ! 

Oh merci d'avoir pris le temps de rédiger cet avis, ça nous touche beaucoup ! On espère que vous serez encore plus enchanté avec l'update 1.7 ! Merci en tout cas à toi (et à tous les autres), ce genre de petits messages nous donnent vraiment la motivation de continuer ♥

Thank you for your kind support ♥ We were feeling a bit guilty to not move fast enough, but yeah, when we check everything we had done, it was still rewarding. Slowly but surely we go forward and we only want to give you top quality ! So thanks again for being patient with us, we won't desapoint you ! 

Oh my... Thanks for this comment, it really warms our heart. You will find indeed everything you said on the game and we hope you will love it as much you liked the demo. On the other hand, we must warn you, Lioren will be the last released path since there is huge plot in it. :p  Anyway, seeing people excited like that, is really helping us to keep going so thanks again to support us. It's precious for us. 

PS : For the misspeling, we are lucky to now have a proofreader, which should help destroy them all for good *evil music*

Oh thank you ! I have to admit I have the same thought than you about playing demo, so I am very moved you give it a chance ! And you can rest assure this project will definitely come to life ! 

Hi there ! Thank you for your interest ! Could you send us an email so we can speak more freely ? (If you are familiar with discord you can send you discord name on the email so I can add you !) 

Have a lovely day ! 

We are glad you liked it ! We hope to meet your expectation but we are quite confident about the shaping part ! ♥

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Hello, thanks for this coment. Indeed the english part is more refined than the french one. To be honest we never noticed before you say it, I guess it sounds more natural depending on the language used ? It's a really interesting tho !  To be honest, there is work to do on both language : french to refined a bit more naration, and english to keep more casual people who speak more freely like Adrala. That's the right balance we should aim for ! Thank you to bring this at our attention ^^ We hope you still enjoyed the overall anyway ♥

Hello ! Thank you for your comment and your concern!  We hope to find the right balance with personality choice ! We want them to have a real impact on the game without changing all the line of dialogue. That's why some of them, are just choice on the moment and somehow it still express the personality because we show who we are on action ! There is also some (as the "how I want to rule" ones) who change the line of dialogues sometime, and ultimately the Title you receive ! 

Will see if we keep our goal, but personalisation is truly a really important thing to us ! Hope you will like it ♥

Thank you very much <3 Still working on improving it a little!  

Thank you very much, we hope you will enjoy as much the full game ♥

Hello, thank you for your interest ! For now, there is only the demo (update to come soon on it). We are working on the full game but we will still need more than a year to finish it. It's a gamble but we decide to take our time to give you something really polished, than to rush it ! If you want to know more about deadline, feel free to visit our projection page ! Of course we will also announce update here and in our social media (twitter and tumblr) ! Have a lovely day ♥

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Thank you very much for your kind words we are always so moved to see our game appreciated. 

We didn't hear about GDWC before but it indeed seems interesting, we will maybe contest ^^ (Even if we don't like too much having advertisement in commentary :p)

Have a lovely day ! 

 Hello, first of all, we are really happy you took the time to try it, and you enjoyed it on the overall ! For the « back » option, it’s actually the arrow near menu. Maybe some kind of tutorial would be a great idea indeed, we will keep that in mind ! (However, not sure it will be ready for the 1.7 demo, it requires more work than it seems.) In the other hand, the auto button was purely missing, it will be corrected really soon ^^

About the writting, don’t worry, we don’t take offense at all. We asked for feedback and so we are ready for honest criticism, I – as a writer – actually really appreciate you took the time to do it. It’s the first time I write for a visual novel, it’s not quite the same than regular novel or roleplay I usually do. (Plus, english version is a translation, and even if our traductor make a truly amazing job, it’s always more difficult to transliterate, than to write.) So I am very humble about it, and perfecly aware there is still room for improvment, it’s just I never had someone to explain me concretely : « ok, this is wrong and I will tell you why ». For example, I trust you when you say sometime it feels a bit « amateurish », or the abruptness, but I can’t see what was wrong, so, I would really like if you could take the time to send an email with an example of something « off », I think it could help me to improve ! You can contact us from here : ^^

About the MC, we decide to let the player decide who she will be, so it’s true that she can feels a little « blank » sometimes, because, if we hate flavorless MC, it’s an oxymoron to make a MC with a strong personality and in the same time say « hey, you can choose her personality to your liking ! ». Since we still didn’t want her to be some hoepeless girl, she actually has two traits inherent : she is clever, and she is quite confident. We wanted her to be always strong, no matter the personality you decide to give her. Nonetheless, maybe we fail on the waking up scene to give you enough choices so you can really model her at your liking because we were to focused on exposition ? We will try to work on that (maybe on the 1.7 demo maybe just by being careful for the rest of the game.) But I do think about some choice in the extended version were you can definitely have a bold, mean or a funny MC, I don’t know if you will like her, but, at least, I can promised she will not be flavorless.

About the font, since we consider readability really important for the comfort of the gameplay, we will add an option to change the default font for a easier one (arial), or for OpenDyslexic. It will be release in the demo 1.7.

And finally, about the glossary for name, it’s planned, it will be in the « extra » menu currently in development because there will be a huge library, an interactive map, an interactive Chosen One constellation etc.

Aaaand I think we are done ! Thanks again to give us a chance, we hope to improve on the way, and you will like even more the extended demo to come and the full game !

Have a lovely day,

- Anoldor  team

We are really glad ! We hope you will enjoy the next release as much !

Thanks for this video we hope you enjoyed the game ♥

Hello, thank you for your honest answer ! We heard you about the text, and we will try to add a personalisation to it. (The possibility in the setting to : change the font and the size of the text to your liking). 

For your concern, don't worry. At the end of the two common chapter (where you will also have plenty of choices to do), you will choose who you want to romance. Even if it's not the one you have the most affection with, it's not "automatic". The prologue + common chapter, just gives you a "bonus start" when you enter the real path of the romance ! 

Moreover : 

- There will be choices which only affect romances

- There is no formal link between a trait and a liking, it only depends on the situation. For example, sometime, Alienor will like the "warlord" choice, but sometime she won't. Plus, for important choices, all the characters will often speak their mind on the subject so it's rare to be surprised about who likes/dislikes it once you know them^^ 

Anyway, thank you very much for playing the demo, and for the feedback, we will make sure to release 1.7 demo with improvment from your feedback about text readability !  ♥

Thank you very much for this coment, you don't know how it pleases us, truly. For the auto button, it was an oversight, we will correct that rapidely, thanks to bring it to us ! I hope you will like the whole game as much, we will do our best ♥

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Hello, hello ! We noticed today, that if we put our demo in "no payment", it doesn't appear on the top of our page AND the widget to embed it, didn't work (instead of opening the thing to download directly, it brings you on the page... where there is no visible button since they are in the end...) We saw an old thread speaking about metadata so we complete them all very carefully, but still nothing. (But maybe we didn't understand very well, it was speaking about listing game controls) 

Considering it is really user unfriendly we set it in "optional donation" for now, but we really wish to put it in "no payment", so, is there a way to achieve that ? Widget working properly + download button at the top of the page for a "non payment" file ? 

Thank you very much for your answer

- Anoldor team