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No worries, we have a limited understanding on english too so communication is always more complicated, but in the end we manage to understand each other and that's the most important !

 There is some plan to redesign part of the UI such as the notifications, maybe it will make some difference in the end ? I don't think we can redo all the UI, but if you have specific things you didn't liked in the UI it could help us to know what we should improve in priority ? (Like the main menu ? The textbox ? The quickmenu in game? The choice menu in game ? The notification ? The credit page ? The encyclopaedia ? The saves/load page ? The preference settings ?) 

Thanks again for taking the time to give us your opinion anyway ! 

Maybe PangHerHeart means that a UI surface for our daily activities would be neat in the future. Kinda what Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem (7KPP) did. At this point I must note that the 7KPP demo is still in progress and the old UI bits need to be revamped.

Sorry I don't know about this game, and I am only finding their KS page when I look at it. That said I am a little bewildered by the "daily activity" stuff, I mean there isn't any stat rising of managment part of the game, so I really can't see what it could be ? 

Something like this:

It's a interactive map, but if that is something that serves no purpose for your game then you really don't need to have one. Oh and I misunderstood the stat raising part of your game. My bad. Sorry.