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When I read hiatus in the title it was like a stab. But then I read through the post and yeah... makes sense to have a break for the holidays and new years.

Happy holidays.

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I don't know if the forums are being read anymore, but the game still flags the "save the gaelians" choice as "save the asmadi" choice. Every dialogue after the battle scene with the two Ascended Champions fighting the dragon have the wrong lines regarding this decision.

The BG corruption and pixilation in one scene of the earlier chapter is still an issue.

Virion was not partnered to the general in the first season, but I wasn't able to pick Virion before the last battle in the tent despite me flirting with Virion constantly. When summoning Raelan in the tent I was able to pick "I'm in love with Virion" and "I'm in love with Theoren", both of which I'm filtered with the entire time. I do not know why Virion's S2 friend to lover route is so bugged. I don't even know if we miss out on some other SE2 romantic dialogue with due to this. To bypass him not appearing him in the tent we have to flirt with Raelan and then tell him that we like Virion to appear in the tent at the end.

Theoren's epilogue is the same when we pick the "Start a Divine war" or "Seal the gate with the Dragons" option. Don't know if it is mean to be like that.

You could ask on the naninovel forum for help. This game was made with this engine. maybe they even have a discord.

Or fiddle around with the DPI setting under the compatibility tab of the .exe's preference.

Bit late, but you click on the game bar so that it is targeted and then press alt+enter.

Having the same problem. Was so scared that my graphic card was dying.

My system specs:

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19044) (19041.vb_release.191206-1406)                 
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor             (24 CPUs), ~3.8GHz                   
Memory: 65536MB RAM      
Available OS Memory: 65486MB RAM
Card name: Radeon RX 570 Series        
Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.           
Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x67DF)            
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)         
Device Type: Full Device (POST)          
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_341B1462&REV_EF       
Driver Problem Code: Unknown      
Display Memory: 40913 MB    
Dedicated Memory: 8170 MB       
Shared Memory: 32742 MB        
Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (59Hz)

Eh, there's plenty of people that are more of a homebody or like hedgehogs. They like the comfiness of their home. And the quietness. I also rather stay at home or go to a museum before walking into a bar. We all just have different tastes.

As for my mother. She is angry and these two haven't apologized. Basically after their father(my grandfather) died half of his children went a bit nuts. He said please don't quarrel amongst each other after I'm gone. Welp, they did it anyways. My paternal family side has their own trauma and the children just can't accept that they may be better off taking some therapy. Their grandfather was a monster. And since it's a farmers family that means a big house with many children and the grandparents under one roof. Needless to say pretty much anyone hated my great-grandfather. All these old family issues from my grandmother's and grandfather's side resurfaced with the death of my grandpa. Generational trauma and unresolved issues are a pain in the butt.

So... I don't know what's up with the family of your Ex, but maybe it's better not getting roped in. I just hope for you that his family won't turn into rats and being all two-faced depending with whom they are talking to. Slander is ugly and destructive. That's just the worst-case scenario I'm painting here. Maybe they are verbally tearing him a new one right now, because he went "whatever" on his (ex)wife.

Either way, and it may sounds callous and weird talking like over the internet, but "whatever" is not good enough. I asked my mother if I did the right think to share my opinion with you. She said that you are very brave and strong and "Thank god they don't have children. That would have made it so much worse and so much harder and scarier for her." My mother was the poor sob that had children with a man who didn't know that he was depressed and didn't wanted couple therapy for the sake of the marriage. Ended in an ugly marriage and a divorce. Whatever is not acceptable. I'm glad that you are away from him.

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I mean... his relatives are cowards too. They agree that his and his mother's behavior and attitude is bad and that it negatively impacted you, but they want you to go back to him? Nah. Maybe they like your work ethic around the store. Free labor. Yay.....

Sorry if that sounds cynical. Some families can be weird and ugly or develop hurtful dynamics. After my grandfather died my paternal side of the family went nuts and his two daughters attacked my mother who isn't even blood related. So please stay safe and don't give in.

He probably hopes that if he ignores it long enough that it will "just go away". Meaning you will give up and submit yourself to whatever him and his mother want.

Please remember that before you meet him you were fine, whole and were able to be happy. That's what my mother said to herself when my father left us. It will feel really bad and even numbing. But it's better to leave now, especially when you guys don't have any kids and while being financially independent. Whatever the future holds for you I hope you'll find something better. Maybe you won't even care about marriage and will be happy with just being a couple with whoever is going to be your love. Who knows...

Anyway... Your husband is a muppet. I wish you all the best. Eat something nice. Hug your mom. 

I'm sorry. I'm not sure how valid my advise is. I don't even know whether I should comment or not. But here I am... I come from a different cultural background, but to me your hubby sounds like a 100% momma's boy and your family in law should mind their own business. Especially his mother. You aren't wrong. You aren't bad. You aren't a disappointment. Everything about this situation sounds like old-fashioned over the top conservative bollocks. You shouldn't need to fight for your right of living your own life. You shouldn't feel trapped. Because that's what they do (Energy vampires). Or at least it sounds like that to my ears.

Your husband is stuck in the past and sounds like one of those "women should behave" numb-nuggets. Then there's the stereotypical "dragon" mom. It's 2022.

I don't want to give up, but if he keeps taking his mother's side and didn't consider my feelings, that I need him, how is he my husband?
I found out that he didn't even know why I was upset in the first place... I mean, he didn't even listen to me when I exploded and talked about many things?

I'm very sorry... but no. He is not. You should be the priority. I... ah. If he magically doesn't make a 180° turn very soon then I don't see how this will last. To be frank I can only see it getting worse from here on. He showed you his face after making this marriage official. Either "divorce" yourself from them or you bend yourself to such a painful degree at which you aren't even yourself. I don't think it's wise to let this "recent" thing turn into a sunk-cost fallacy on your side. Go while you still can.

I got Flowerhead. I actually do like poppy fields.

Fairies are known to be a capricious sort, after all.

Yes! Traditionally fairies and elves can be really nasty and shrewd. It's pop literature who turned them nice and good.

Oof. That sucks... I'm glad you still retained your muse to do something else. I understand that you are too burned and frustrated  getting back to developing CUPID for the time being.

This release is like multiple holidays and festivities in one package. Thank you, Rin and the team!!!!

I have been playing your games since Ascension. (I'm supper stoked for the remake, by the way. I absolutely love the old school RPG mechanics, level design, mobility) I'm happy to see you come this far and making games.

I'm a bit late, but congrats!

I hope you two have a happy and satisfied marriage.

Not sure. From the looks of it will be only for Windows and Mac.

Cool! Adding the additional routes after it's release may give you a breather.

Why is this project tagged as "dating-sim" or "otome"?

"Disk quota exceeded"

Does that mean your MacOs has only a limited amount of drives it can hook up into it's registry of it's system? I'm sorry, I'm a noob with MacOS. Anyway I found this troubleshooting post. Maybe it helps.

As for Jedit suddenly throwing in symbols... can you open the file in another coding program/text file like for example Notepad ++ to see if it still throws in symbols? (Notepad++ is free and opensource. No bloat or adware)

If it doesn't then something is wrong with the settings of the Jedit program.

"You can try opening those files with windows' western charset cp1252 (aka windows-1252) because the euro sign € is not in latin-1 (aka iso-8859-1). In the open dialog you can choose your encoding in Commands/Encodings. Otherwise do you know Unicode?"

Otherwise I would post your problem to a programming community. Reddit allows you to make throwaway accounts without an email. So that is a quick and painless option.

Hard to say without playing it. Maybe make the background a really dark-brown or whatever colour the room for the most part has to make the dark-gray puzzle pieces stick out a bit better?

Holy cow! The art and design is so interesting.

Mom's smart. If termites are a problem in your region then that's a good idea to use metal as a frame for the roof.

Take your time. I hope the muslim workers are fine with the dogs, for the dogs and your sake.

That sucks!  Imaging having wooden floors or having your rooms completely carpeted. Thank goodness your floors are tiled!

I hope your electronic devices are okay. If it leaks that much then I would be scared to connect any device to the apartment's power outlets. Who knows if the water has already crawled into the walls.

Yes! Congrats!


Just a heads up, but the Win download version contains both the Windows and MAC version of the game. Maybe that was intentional, but I thought you may want to know because looking at those different file sizes is weird.


Your art improved compared to your previous project! I really dig Soma's and Frey's design.
Do we get to see Yrsa in the full version?

Lol, Pritchard is such a dick.


Some Cunt    Everything"



It's the user from Germany again. We are now able to view your game on the steam store, but we cannot buy it. I can press the "Add to cart" button, then the store proceeds to go to the shopping cart. This were the customer normally says "purchase for myself" or "purchase as a gift" and then proceeds to the checkout.

"purchase for myself" and "purchase as a gift" are greyed out. I can't even proceed to buy it. This is very strange. I just wanted to let you know. Maybe the Steam team messed up and people from certain regions still can't buy it such as myself.

... Nein? Es geht bei mir auch nicht nicht... Das ist sehr komisch.

Yes!!! I can view it now on my Steam browser! Thank you for being persistent!

Thank you and no pressure! I was just worried that this going to be a permanent thing or so. Also giving your VN the adult only tag is laughable when at the same day ecchi games make it on Steam.

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Anyone here got any idea why it's not available in some regions? I'm from Germany. Does this has something to do with tags? If so then it's really weird, because I can view other VNs that are tagged with "sexual content". "Violent" can also be viewed. So I wonder what it is that makes the regional Steam block trigger on this game :(

Edit: I own and can see Absolute alchemical potion on steam. It's so weird.

Thanks for letting me know that it was an asset pack, because you never know.

I haven't reported the game or the dev in case you are wondering. That's why I asked you in the first just to make sure and to let you know. It's just that art/asset theft isn't so uncommon amongst indie dev crowd. Saw this happen often enough when Steam Greenlight was a thing. So I'm always supper sceptical. 

Anyway, thank you for the detailed answer. Hope you have a good day, dear dev.


Are you the artist of the character sprites or did you hire someone to make some custom ones for your game? If yes, then I think someone ripped your Castoria sprite (and did some edits to it) from your game and used it for their own game they are about to release on Steam: