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Oathbreaker: Season 2

A medieval fantasy visual novel / story game Β· By LarkyLabs

FAQ - Ask your questions here! Sticky

A topic by LarkyLabs created May 25, 2020 Views: 18,779 Replies: 165
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Developer (21 edits) (+2)

1 - Is this a download file? Will there be a browser version?

  • Its a download file, and no. There will not  be a browser version.

2- Does this game contain +18 content?

  • Public version does not contain any sexual nudity or scenes, but it has other mature content such as non-sexual nudity, violence, blood, drug use, pregnancy, death and ptsd.
  • Starting from chapter 1 patreon version contains animated / interactive sex scenes with sfx.

3- How often will you update this game?

  • Public version will follow the Patreon version with one or two months delay depending on the episode lengths.

4- Is this game Mac Catalina compatible?

  • None of my games are Mac Catalina compatible, and I don't give Mac support to any mac os. Please try googling your issue, as these are common amongst many games due to Mac's own gaming unfriendly nature.
  • You are using MAC but not Catalina and the game is stuck at loading? Download the app and start the game from there.

5- How do we use our save files when an update is released?

  • You can either copy and paste your old save file into the new episode's folder, or replace the entire old episode's folder with the new one.
  • app automatically updates the software, so you only need install the update through the app if you are using it.

6- When will this game be completed?

  • First season took about a year to be completed, so I imagine this will take the same amount. But since this is an episodic game, it will be updated with a new chapter every month until the end of the season.

7- Should I play the first season before playing this?

  • I think it would be better to play the first season before the second season, just to get familiar with all the terms.
    My games usually throw you into a pool of terminology without any explanation and you slowly start to learn about them while inside the game. The beginnings are always a bit confusing, and in the case of season 2, it may be even more complex.
    There is a recap in the intro and a codex system, so if you want to check it out just to see if you may or may not like this game, feel free to go ahead and start from S2, otherwise I strongly recommend playing the first season before the second.

8 - Does this game work in Chromebooks or mobile?

  • No.

9- Is it safe to download this game? What if I receive a security alert?

  • It's very common for indie games to receive a false positive. As long as you download the game from or my Patreon, it is a secure file. You can also scan the files online before you download them, for extra security.

10- I can't download this game with Google Chrome / Download doesn't launch.

  • Try another browser.

11- The update won't launch when I download it via App.

  • You need to uninstall and re-install the game every time a new update is released. Otherwise you won't be able to see the update.

More notes:

  • Windows 32 bit version coming soon.

How long does the game take to load? Mine has been on the loading page for an hour.



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MAC but it started working after I took it out of the downloads folder :) Thanks for replying and the game is amazing!! <3


:) Happy to hear! Thank you so much for playing! :)


i've been having the same problem :(( i're removed the folder from my downloads but it's still not working, do you have any other ideas i could try to fix it?? thank you!!


I have the same problem. I tried running it on the app as well, but it's still stuck on the loading page

How long do you estimate the game will be complete?

ps. You are soooo talented, icant bealive how good this game is... you are so awesome. Thank you for giving us this great story and amazing caracters. 


Season 1 was completed in about a year, so I'm expecting the same amount from S2. It's an episodic game, so I'm hoping to release a new chapter every month.
Thank you so much for playing and I'm really happy you are enjoying it! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

How do I get entry 60 in the codex? It's the only one missing and my completionist self is crying...


Hi Sia! That was a bugged entry. I'll fix it in the next update. :)

Ah, I see! Okay.
You still did a lot of good work, it's so dynamic, I love it! And the moment I realized Virion's gonna find MC first (and I chose him as LI) I was like "That's gonna be one awkward reunion" and it was glorious (and sweet) *mwah*


Happy you liked it!!! 😜😜😜

Hello I hope you're doing fine . I've played OS1 it was the best game ever ! The thing is I accidentally made my pc 32bit not knowing that OS1 and OS2 require 64 bit and I can not wait to play season 2 and I can not get my pc back to 64bit . Help please

Developer  I hope this helps! β­

If I upgrade my pc will all my files go away ? thanks a lot , love you so much .


It seems like you will have the options whether to keep your files or not, but they strongly recommend taking serious back up of your important files on a separate drive before doing this. :)

I see , thank you so much . Love u



Hello, I'm playing the game and I love it! But I have a tiny problem when it comes to the alchemy (my characters wants to help the villagers of the attacked village), I get to a certain point of creating the potion/elixir but I have no idea how to do the last steps. Is there a problem on my side? Also, I'm sorry if someone already asked about this, I couldn't find another question.

I really love this game, however and the idea is amazing!


Once you are done with the materials and mixing, just carry an empty potion bottle to the cauldron to complete the alchemy game. :)

Thank you so much for your help I couldn't understand what I'm doing wrong... 

hi there! i'm on the same part in the game, and i haven't been able to overcome this part, but i'm sure i'm doing the steps correctly :/ what did you do after adding the newt egg?

Hello, it's been a while but I think I either stirred the mix in the cauldron again and then used the glass or just used the glass. But the first option should be the one. 

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Hi, I had a bit of a problem when I went to open the game, it wouldn't let me open the game file. It said that "The application ONS2P2 cant be opened." Is there any way around this? I use MAC. (nvm i figured it out :D)

Hi! How were you able to open it? I have the same issue.

(1 edit)

i’m not sure if you need my help anymore but I’ll gladly give it! I’m not very good at explaining so ill just link a video that says everything that i can’t,

how??? what did you do? i have mac catalina, sadly... any help will be appreciated

I just followed the instructions in this video! hope this helps :)

THANK YOUu it did))

need a 32bit windows download 


Yes, seems like a number of people are requesting it, so I will export a 32 bit version soon! :) ⭐

hey rin, i have a question. Is there any way to play obs2 in 32 bit? cause it seems that it only supports 64 bit :((


Yes, seems like a number of people are requesting it, so I will export a 32 bit version soon! :) ⭐


Hey Rin, I LOVE Oathbreaker. I was a superfan of Ascension for a long while, until I heard the new series Oathbreaker was out , so I checked it out, and I can't have enough of it! I love Virion,  and I love the MC,  and the amazing worldbuilding. Ascension pales in comparison! So when I heard season 2 just came out, I kind of freaked out, with ugly crying and screaming (kind of like Virion). Anyway, excuse my happy rant... I of course played your game (with it's new amazing art and don't get me started on (in my case)  Virion's and the MC's BABY?!?!) and was wondering how the game will update. Will it update automatically? Or do I have to download it again when an update is released?


Hi Reene!
If you use the app here: it will update automatically. If you are using the manual download, you will have to download the new game files, and either paste your old save files into the new folder, or paste the new game folder's content into the old game's folder. πŸ’–
Thank you soo much for your lovely message and playing this game!

Deleted 1 year ago

Yes. There will be break up routes! :)

How do I get the game to start up? This is my first time doing this, and its downloading in the form of a file.


The easiest would be using the itch io app here instead of manual downloading:
If you want to use the manual download file, export the contents in the zip folder somewhere on your computer and click on Oathbreaker-Season2.exe

Will the upcoming episodes be free?


Yes. The sfw version will always be free. :)

Uhhhh that's really really nice of you ( but I would always support your work.) Keep it up! <3


All thanks to Patrons who are making this possible! :) All thanks go to them for funding this game for all of us! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

How can I save the file when I end playing? It doesn't save automatically.

You can rewind with mouse-wheel (after the "....coming soon..." screeen) to the last line in the game and press "ESC" to save at the current position.

Thank you very much!

Any plans to release to mobile?


Hi Renata,

Currently I have no plans for a mobile port. :)

Hi Rin! Before I ask my question, just wanna say how much I  L O V E  your work!!! I've been playing your games since 2015 and I haven't stopped even though I'm turning 16 in a few months lmao. I absolutely LOVED Ascension and I re-ran the whole game just recently because I was feeling like I needed some nostalgia (Zander will forever be in my heart)... but when I tell you I didn't get off my computer for a whole 2 days, I really mean it! Your games are always so easy to get addicted to, and when I saw oath breaker I knew I just had to play it!!! Did not disappoint one bit and I'm so excited for the whole of season 2 to release so I can bingeeeeee, also Argandea all the way. 

Okay here's my question: What made you decide to change the style so much, like why make the characters look more realistic and the backgrounds even more detailed? I loved your talent and the new look, just curious as to why its changed so much from the first season.

Hey, so, the first couple of times I played through the episode (I kept dying in the mini-game and forgetting to save so I had to completely restart) the buttons at the bottom appeared. Save, load, skip, ect. But then it has... stopped. Full screen, windowed, new save, different skin/love interest, closing out and starting it back up. None of those have brought the buttons back. The only thing I haven't tried is uninstalling and reinstalling it. Just thought you should know.


Try decreasing your font size. It's a known issue the engine dev is working on right now. :)

I am playing the game on my mac and I can't save the game. I was wondering if there was any way I could fix this?


Hi Rikanazy,
Try playing the game via the app.

Hello, first of all I wanted to say that I am completely in love with this otome and second, I wanted to know who are the options for the baby's father? In my case it is virion, i think because i spent the night with himuwu and because my IL itΒ΄s a girluwu


Male LIs who can be the father are: Virion, Raelan, Argandea, and an unknown one-night stand. πŸ™‚

Hi, Rin!

Just relly quick, if 1 Chapter will be on will I have to install the game again?


If you are playing through app, you just need to download the update. Otherwise, yes. You will have to redownload the file and copy/paste your old save files into the new folder as it's shown here:

I can't seem to get chapter 1 to work? After the prologue it just says "Chapter 1 coming soon". All I can do on that screen is hit esc and save, load, settings, or main menu. Am I doing something wrong?

(1 edit)

How did you update the game? 

If you use itch app then you can try to delete and re-install the game.  Either way just follow the instructions that relate to you from  the topic I think if you successfully re-install the game (or re-place the old files with new ones) there should be no problem.  

(3 edits)

um, maybe dumb question (also potentially spoilers?), but i decided to go to the sanctorium with theoren, and when the battle started, he couldn't do anything? i've tried [nearly everything except the solution, which was saving inside the battle]. because i can't figure out how to proceed to the next turn.

edit: i found the answer in the devlog lol. i'm sorry for wasting your time


No worries. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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hi rin! i downloaded oathbreaker today and it's already so good <3 just a question though, i've moved on to the scene where mc and theoren are battling against the unknown champion (the brunette) and i'm stuck! from what i can tell i battle as both theoren and mc, but i'm unable to click on anything... please help!


Hi Renjun! Please read the dev log! ;)

yeah haha i saw it a couple hours before your response ^^ thanks anyways!!

Is there a tutorial which explains the fighting mechanic? I'm not sure if I missed something or not. 

Hi. I played the game first with the manual download, then went and downloaded the game with, but I lost all my progress. Is there a way to integrate the savefiles from my manual downloaded playthrough  and into the app? I don't have any problem with playing the prologue again... but I really wanna get on to the first chapter... :)


Hi Reene!
Try this: Hope it helps. :) Have fun!

I would like to be a Patreon and to buy the game, with all the Patreon-only images & games, BUT I don't want to make a Abo. Is there a possibility to just buy it, like a normal game/novel?

Can I ask why ch2 release date was delayed until September?


Hi Rhys!
I'm in the middle of a major overseas move, so I couldn't update the early access version for Patreon. Naturally, it's delaying the public version too.
I'm doing the best I can to keep everybody updated as much as I can, but it's a very messy moving process. πŸ™

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I'm having trouble with the buttons at the bottom of the speech bubbles there not showing up... did I download the game wrong or something?Help please.

These buttons at the bottom of the speech bubbles aren't appearing


Try to decrease your font size. :)


Is there any way to change the size of the window? When I do click on windowed version it gives me an awkward size that doesn't allow me to access the full array of options available at the bottom of the screen

Non serious question but do we ever get a shirt?  


Here you go.

thank you great Rinmarusan


Hello! So I deleted and then reinstalled the game to update it so that I could play chapter 2. However, when I launch the game it just sits on the loading screen. I figured this might be a common issue so I looked around and I saw a post from Rin where they said that if it wasn't downloading, you needed to use the app rather than the browser. I was already using the app but, I though it might be an issue with the app so I deleted the app and then redownloaded it. I am still have the same issue and would be grateful for any and all help. Thank you in advanced!!

Hi! First of all i wanna congratulate you for doing such awesome and incredible games! I've been a fan since ascension :) (still cant believe we wont have the flash version anymore!) and i just wanted to know when will the codex be available? It says soon to me when i click on the words, so i was hoping u kinda have an idea already. Thx!

The only computer I have accessible to me in my house is a chromebook, is there any possible way I would be able to download and play the game on here or in the future at anytime. I really liked the first one cause I could play it on the browser, I'm not able to play a lot of games because of the computer I have, so I was wondering if there was a way I could play it, like be able to download it on my chromebook in the future? 


No. I dont have any plans to release this game on Chromebooks. πŸ™‚

So this may be dumb to ask but are you gonna put Oathbreaker 2 on your website RinmaruGames?


Read the post please.

Hello! i really love playing your games. It was a challenge to download and i can only play on my laptop. Thing is a quarter of the screen is broken and i cannot adjust the game screen like i can your Ascension remake! I sthere anyway to implement this as i would like to be able to see all of the game :(

Just a quick question! Is the first game standalone in relation to this one? I normally like to wait to play stories when they're fully released! If the first story ends on a big cliffhanger, I'll just wait until this entire game is finished before playing season one.


Hi Midichat,

Unfortunately, this game is episodic. Meaning, it's like a tv show instead of a movie.
The end may take a very long time to come (years), and the game already has way over 10 hours of content for each route. Furthermore, due to having an active community and support, the game's initial 6 episodes per season has changed to 12-13 episodes or more.

So, if you personally prefer movies to tv shows, this is definitely not the right game for you. πŸ™

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough with my question. I understand that this game is episodic and what episodic means -- I was referring to Oathbreaker 1, not episode 1.  I was wondering if I'd get a full experience from the first original game.

Developer (1 edit)

Sorry, I highly doubt you will get a full experience from this game (seasons 1&2). Thanks for asking, though! If in the future you are curious about partial experiences, the game is completely free for you to try out. πŸ™‚

Question!! Do you enjoy torturing me??? I'm so desperate for reunions that I just want to skip all the text until I reach them, I'm straight up giddy about them, I can't concentrate on anything else, and on first read through for each chapter I kept wondering "this scene? the next scene? WHEN??". then you had to go ahead and make the REST OF THE STORY ALSO INTERESTING AND COMPELLING so then I am also invested in all of that and I can't skip around to search for reunions because I actually want to read the whole thing. You're TEARING ME APART!!!! 

I can't download the game :/ It opens a new tab but closes immediately, and the download never starts. I already checked my pop-up blocker. Can anyone help?


Try a different browser.

(1 edit)

I'm having the same issue (using Chrome) and it's strange because I used to not have any problem with donwloading past chapters.

I tried also through itch app and it also does nothing o.o

Developer (1 edit)

With each browser update, their download policy may be changed. It has nothing to do with the game.

I have no trouble downloading with Firefox. Google Chrome is problematic. I recommend using a better browser.

As for the app, what did you try exactly? It works for me.

You're right, using a different browser does work. Google Chrome is indeed problematic, I should have remembered that XD


🀭 Glad it's fixed. Hope you enjoy the new chapter.

Yep, on Firefox it works ok. Although other games do  work on Chrome (but some also don't so for sure it's a problem with the browser).

As for the app, I simply tried clicking the donwload button and nothing happens when I do that D:


If you want to use the app, you need to uninstall and install the whole game again each time an update comes. :)

(1 edit)

For some reason I cannot get this to open on the newest MAC OS Big Sur. I get this error: "

You do not have permission to open the application β€œOBS2_3_SFW_MAC”.

Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance.

It's my computer, so I am the admin. I looked up fixes online (for other products) and none of them worked for this :/ Did anyone else have a similar problem and is there a known workaround?

Hi. your games are amazing but I wanted to ask, when I was replaying season 1, the elves keep saying Elith en Elith (Not sure it that's the right spelling, sorry) and I was wondering if there's a special meaning to that? 


Eilth en eilth is a brothel joke. It means 5 for 5. 50 trites for 5 minutes. It (in a very crude joke-y way) means, this will be very quick/easy.

Is this the last season of Oathbreaker? And how many chapters do you plan on making for season 2?


Hi, Becca!
For now, this season is planned to have 11-12 episodes. Since the episodes are long and many, season 2 may be the last.

All may be subject to change, of course! :)

(1 edit)

hi! i know this doesn't have to do with oathbreaker (which it's a wonderful game btw, i love it to death!) but i was just curious on if you were planning to continue anything regarding ascension? i absolutely adored the original games that were taken down (as was the original website due to adobe and all of that), and i also enjoyed the prologue of the planned remake. i completely respect the work you do and your decisions, but i was just wondering if there would be any plan to continue it since flash will no longer be available? those games live in my heart lol

I think the paths may be wrong, When I pick resumption, it says I kept the beast in. And when I go back and pick ruin, it says I let the beast out. I thought it was the other way around?

(2 edits)

Okay so this has been a frustration for a long time. I don't know if this is the proper place to ask this, if it isn't, I apologize. But to anyone who might know how to help, PLEASE lol. I tried to download this several times, and every time, even if I turn some stuff off and try to download it, it gets blocked by my Norton 360,  it says "malicious download detected". Anyone might know how to help?

I'm not sure if this will help, but I had a similar problem and I used the app to download it instead and that was solved. SO mayb try that? 

First, thank you! Second, what is the app...?

Basically its a computer app like chrome or safari for windows/mac and I can't remember where I downloaded it but essentially its a mini browser that only shows itch to stuff, you download stuff through there after you log in and it keeps track of your downloads but it also helps by pass the computer thinking the download will harm it. That probably didn't help explain what it is but maybe it did. 

Hello, I know this question has probably been asked 24452324 times, but what happened to ascension on itch??

wondering the same thing! i think it was removed, along with the original games. i hope it continues soon though, because i absolutely loved ascension

me too, i played the originals so many times!!


I know this is really, really, really late, but the game had so many bugs that Rin decided to take it down entirely. On her Tumblr, she said she'd re-release it once she's done fixing them.



have been playing Oathbreaker ever since I found it online and love it ! But with the download style of the second season, once I download the next chapter and copy the saves from the previous chapter to the new folder, it never takes them and I need to start all over again. Any idea what I do wrong?

Everytime I reach the Alwenn scene in Chapter 4 Part 1, it seems to freeze, the brown box goes missing. I've tried to replay it but it's the same thing. 



Hi, I just wanted to ask, has there been some problem? I see full chapter 4 hasn't been released yet, which is not a problem on me, I can wait, but I am a bit worried, did something go wrong or is it just a normal technical delay?

Hi, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but even when I follow your instructions and transport my saves into the new file, my games don't save. Is there anything you could do to help?

Currently having an issue with this Alwenn scene. between the choices I "missed" you and i will wait. If i click on i will wait, the story continues  but if i click on i missed you then it just stays there and freezes. I've tried unintalling and installing the game multiple times honestly not sure if a my issue or a game issue. 

not a question but i juts wanted to say how much i love this game and the first season and cant wait for you to finish it :)


Not sure if questions on the puzzles are allowed here but I'm curious about the rune puzzle in Chapter 4. Usually you get some kind of positive feedback if you get things correct but not this time (unless the positive feedback this time is just being able to move on). So is the goal to have all of the stones blank besides the last stone (which if the runes match up with the divines, I assume that is Xiris's purple rune)? Because that is the only instance where the game will continue for me. Having all of the runes blank does nothing and I'm not sure I've ever been able to get them all be lit up at once.

Your game is amazing and I love it! I have a few questions. Would there be a route where I could romance Alwenn and Virion? Is Queen Marianne going to be a love interest? Would I be able to romance multiple people without breaking up?

I'm pretty sure (almost 100%) you can only romance 1 person and Queen Marianne is a love interest

Hi, when i get to this part and put "i missed you" nothing happens:( and i can't continue:(

Hi, I recently downloaded the chapter 5 of O2. How many more chapters will there be? I am asking, because on website it says that the game is released so I thought it was finished, sorry to bother you.

Can you please tell me where I download  chapter 5 season 2? When I go the homepage it still says only chapter 4 full is out.

Hey! I’m a LarkyLabs patron and on their first patreon page they have a pinned message where they have everything they have ever done pinned and available for download and there is the chapter 5 sfw and nsfw for download too. So unless you are a patron already, I think patrons get β€œearlier” access to new chapters than  just free users.

aww I am not a patron user and have been waiting since the start of the start of the year for ch.5 but oh well, its worth the wait

Hi there, really enjoying the game.

If I'm using the app, is it possible to add the patreon version to it? Or must I download separate versions?

hi, i'm using the app on mac, and everything is up to date, but the game will simply not load. it gets stuck on the brown loading screen with the sandglass in the corner. when i've tried to download the game file outside of the app in the past the same thing has happened. is there anything i can do about this?

Hi I have a question about the character design if you don't mind answering! In season one, it appears that he was of a brown/darker complexion. Is there a reason that he's a much lighter complexion in season two?

Who are you talking about exactly?

I think they're talking about Virion.

Oh, ty! Huh, i guess he does have a little bit of a lighter complexion. For some ungodly reason i thought both he and Lea had red skin tones in the first game so this is definitely a step up from the old art either way lol

I'm sorry I'm just seeing this! I was talking about Virion. I think the coloring in oathbreaker 2 is also a huge improvement but I was just really surprised when I opened the game and saw how much lighter Virion was compared to the previous game.

Hm, yea I can see a difference now that you mentioned it. Maybe it's a design choice? I really can't think of any other reason ( p-p)

(1 edit)

hello! im just asking how can we put our load game (in season 1, website) into season 2? thanks!

Hi, I am just a player like you but maybe this answers your question. At the start of season 2 you can select the choices you made in season 1. So, while you can't "load" the game it is pretty easy to bring over all the relevant choices.

oh Thank you!

Is this an abandoned project? It says public release for chapter 5 was supposed to come out in May but it never did. The on instagram she claims that she would publish two chapters in July and it never happened. I'm not on patreon but I was debating it just for this game, but I've read that she hasn't posted past chapter 5 yet on there either.


The game is still ongoing. Due to asset delays, chapters aren't finished yet. Chapter six has been released for Patreon and once the next chapter is ready, two  chapters will be available for public release.

Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but what happened to your website I couldn't get on it, my browser just blocks it and doesn't let me get through.  And when I clicked on the link on the itch app it was an empty site with the usual stuff on it, when a website is just...empty? And it says in the top right corner, that the domain was just registered recently, which seems weird.  Just asking out of curiosity. 

Hello! I don't have any issues accessing the website (, maybe it was a temporary issue?

Dear Developer,
Hello, I'm one of those who have been following this game since the first season. I have played and really like it because it's so fun. I waited until the second part came out. But I'm having a bit of a problem playing the game. When I finish a chapter, I already saved the game and the game is normal. But the next day I want to resume playing, it can't be played. The message says that the file doesn't exist and I have to re-download it and it happens a lot. This problem made me stop playing. I don't know what caused this problem and is there any way to fix it? Because I really want to play this game.

P.S. I play this game on my laptop and I’m not good at speaking English, please forgive me if I make a few mistakes.

I await your reply with interest.

Hey, I'd like to talk with you about something! Can you add me on discord?


where can I download oathbreaker season 2 because non of these download links work anymore it's coming up unfounded on my mac

Hello, hope someone can help me here. I saw a preview for chapter 4th with Elius scene's and Virion's scene (it's in Recent Updayes on the community page). But I never got that scene with Virion or any heart interaction with him in this season. Have I done something wrong for his route? Did I need to save his friend to restore the relationships maybe?

Anyway, thank you for the game! I feel fully immersed.

(2 edits)

You mean you can't find CG on MC and Virion? πŸ€”

If so, you can get it if you started flirting with him ONLY in S2 in chapter 1 (without having had a previous relationship with him in S1. It doesn't matter if you saved his friend or not.)

Oh, thanks for replying!

I've chosen the preset where I had relationship with him in S1 (therefore there's their child too), so during the camping with Virion and the Champion in the forest, MC said to Virion something about that she needs time to think about their relationship. Or at least I understood it that way. And after that Virion says an innuendo from time to time, MC laughs and I don't get any flirt options. Buuut if the CG is only for a preset without the past relationship, okay. I thought I missed something. 

Thanks again!

(2 edits)

You're welcome 😊

In theory, if the MC didn't have a relationship with Virion in S1 (but they have a child together), in chapter 1 of S2, you have a chance to flirt with him and Virion hopes that someday he can have a relationship with the MC. 

Below, if you've already flirted with him, in chapter 4 part 2 there will be a CG about Virion and the MC. 

I hope I have helped you to understand better and I apologize if I did not write the first answer in English (I have noticed now)πŸ˜…

No worries, google translator is always there to help lol 

Thank you! I'll just roll with things how they're for the time being hoping I'll get something to do to/with Virion eventually :D

Hi there! Congrats on the release! I'm actually a new fan and know nothing about the story. I was wondering how many seasons you planned to make?  I'm asking because I normally wait until a story is complete to play! So I was wondering if it's okay to play these first two seasons or if it ends on a cliffhanger and there will be more seasons. Thank you!


Hi midichats,

The game is complete. There won't be another season. :) I hope you enjoy it!

is the mc only a female or is there a male mc too?


I'm having a lot of trouble downloading the game. I've tried Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Waterfox, and the app. I've also tried switching to a different internet to see if my connection was the problem. All with no luck. I tried downloading another game off and had no problems downloading and playing. OBS2  will download, often until it has "completed" and then say that the download failed. Any advice on how to fix this?

I'm having the same trouble, and it seems like the error is coming from the servers :( 

I also tried to dowload the game in various browsers, then i finally managed to dowload it on Chrome, but then i opened the game, played up to chapter 3 or 4, saved the game and closed it, when i opened it again the save just disapeared and now i have to play everything again. The worst thing is that the "skip" option isn't even working.

Now i will wait until the dev says she fixed those things, because i aint wasting hours playing all of that again :(


I can't download the game, I tried in several browsers. (sorry for my bad english) windows version 

Hi, how to you place your previous saves into the final chapter folder? Thanks!!

I tried to dowload the game in various browsers, then i finally managed to dowload it on Chrome, but then i opened the game, played up to chapter 3 or 4, saved the game and closed it, when i opened it again the save just disapeared and now i have to play everything again. The worst thing is that the "skip" option isn't even working.

is anone else able to play after chapter 4? mine says chapter 5 is coming soon but isn't the publlic version complete now?

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Pretty sure I posted the same topic some time ago, but as I could not find a solution I'm reposting.

My game begins in the minimized mode and no matter what I do I cannot force it to the normal screen. It is to small to click by mouse and the enlarge button is grayed out as could seen in the image. Anyone know how to coerce this? I'm hearing the music so pretty sure it's just a resolution issue. 

Bit late, but you click on the game bar so that it is targeted and then press alt+enter.

I downloaded the game, and it runs fine, besides that I don't see the character's. I de/re-installed the game, in the app and separately with both versions.  I checked my graphic drivers as well as changing the solutions to all possible variations. And I couldn't find anything on the Internet about this issue. I'm using Windows 10, 64bits. I never had any trouble like that before. I tried the combability options and now I'm really out of ideas how to fix it. Help would be much appreciate it. 

You could ask on the naninovel forum for help. This game was made with this engine. maybe they even have a discord.

Or fiddle around with the DPI setting under the compatibility tab of the .exe's preference.

I'm really enjoying Oathbreaker 2! I romanced Raelan in the first game, but I broke up with him near the end, and those are the choices I entered at the beginning of this one. Now I'm in chapter 2 and I'm reeeeally wishing I could start romancing Virion, but I've only have one flirt option with him so far. Is it possible to pursue a returning love interest in 2 if we didn't start the game already on their path?