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I paid for this game ages ago and they stopped updating completely, seemingly abandoning the project 1 year ago. I don't mind pre-ordering games as it's a way to help out indie game devs, but I've never been cheated like this. Isn't this basically stealing?

7 kingdoms a princess problem is AMAZING- deals with stats, political intrigue, murder plots, friendships, and a TON of romance options. best "otome" game I've ever played tbh can't recommend it enough

One of the things I appreciate most about this game is that the other characters don't stop caring about you just because you don't romance them. In a lot of games it feels like if you don't romance a character then they wouldn't care if you live or die. This feels like a real family, and the fact that affection isn't contingent on romance makes me like the characters even more. Romance is important, but it's not the only kind of relationship. This game does a wonderful job with it's connections, romantic or otherwise, and I can't wait to see how they evolve from here. 

(not to mention they do the romance part really, REALLY well)

Hi! I was wondering if we purchase all of the routes separately will we get a free version of the full game? and/or a steam key?

I agree with the clothing design thing, it takes forever to earn enough money to buy all the parts needed for the masquerade ball dress!

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no worries :) I appreciate you being so prompt!! I've been waiting 2 years, I can wait a little longer :P I know this game will be worth it!

unfortunately with the new upload I received the same error but for "images.rpa"

quick fix: if anyone has both downloads, I just moved the images.rpa file from the first download to the 2nd download and got it to work.

to find the file open the main zipped folder, then go to "game" images.rpa will be there! just copy that from your original download to your new one in the same folder location :)

Hi! When I try to install the game I keep getting this error.

"an unspecified error is keeping you from copying the file. if you continue to receive this error use the error code to search for help with this problem.

error 0x800004005: unspecified error



type: RPA file"

I googled the problem and it said that the file is probably corrupted. I tried redownloading it and had the same problem again.

 I also tried skipping it but the game won't run without that file. I use Windows 10, if that's something you need to know. What can I do to fix it?