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unfortunately you can't play this unless you have a specific code that is unavailable to people who don't know the game creator, so downloading this was useless

very compelling writing style, and the NPCs are already intriguing and unique. Can't wait to play more!

Hi! since there isn't sa full screen mode, I can only see part of the text. There also doesn't seem to be a scroll down option, so I can't get past "Maybe it's the draft that filters lazily through the room, sending shivers through your"

cause when I click on the word "your" (the rest is cut off), it takes me back to the first page, where the only option I can click is 'monster of his nightmares" since for me the text is cut off after the sentence "You're not sure if he takes his tea so sweet, or if he's over-medicated it in a case of nerves."

I'm not manually zoomed in, I don't have anything in particular disabled, and I'm able to play other twine games. Just wanted to give you a heads up 

this game... I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. It hit hard, especially just getting out of COVID lockdown. it's not the same ofc, but the sense of isolation, while simultaneously knowing you're not alone... But it also not being enough. This was really well done, short, funny at times, and also poignant. 


Hi!! Loved the demo, do you have a tumblr or something we can follow to see your progress? :)

This was a ton of fun!! I'm excited to see where this goes for sure, this is an INSANE amount of customization for the MC,  I  ended up googling like 20 different names of rocks  so I could pick just the right color lmaoooo 

Also, Jesse is adorable I love them so much 😭❤️ I will give them the world. Allie is shaping up to be endearing too, I feel bad that they're stuck watching over the 2 detectives who share 1 collective braincell 😭

Hi!! congrats on the kickstarter! I was wondering which tier would give us a copy of the game once it is released? I might just be dumb and missed it, but I didn't see it listed! Very excited to support this game and fingers crossed your kickstarter is successful, from the demo, the game definitely deserves it :)

I'm such a sucker for retellings of classic tales that humanize the characters :) :) I really love the princes, and Addie!! I love the bonds the 4 of them share, whether they're romantic or platonic, it's clear they all care very deeply :) super excited for the rest!! Will definitely buy the full release :D

I absolutely love what you have so far, I'm dying to see what happens next- the characters have drawn me in already

I was scrolling through the description when the dude on the right blinked AND SCARED THE ABSOLUTE LIFE OUT OF ME!!! Was not expecting that, can't believe I was jumpscared by a blink 😭😂

ugh love that you're letting us live out our isekai dreams 😭😭❤️❤️

This is such a unique and fascinating premise for an IF!! Love what you have so far, I'm already curious about the mysteries you've set up, and can't wait to see where you take the story :D 

ahhh I love the characters and I love the group's dynamic 😍🥺 is this gonna fully be found family trope (if we have positive relationships?) cause that's absolutely my kryptonite. can't wait to see where the story goes!!

Loving the game!! do you have a tumblr or anything we could follow your progress on?

pls I'm so invested 😭😍

YESSSSSSS!!! I  have been DYING for answers in this game, so pumped for the new route! Congrats on the PS, Xbox, ans Switch releases :)

This was funny and a little touching and INCREDIBLY satisfying

he's even more adorable than I imagined 😍🥺 Every time I think I've settled on who I want to romance, you post something that makes choosing impossible!! 😭 (I guess that's what multiple playthroughs are for)

I'm in love with Nour. Is it because:

  1.  we're childhood sweethearts
  2.  they're the only one who treats us kindly after our ordeal
  3. their route has the MOST DELICIOUS ANGST 
  4. all of the above

Is there a particular order that you would recommend we play the routes in? 

Hello! In the description you mention that we can "buy a key on this page," unfortunately I don't see that option in the browser version, and if I use the itchio app, it has a purchase now option, but it takes you to a broken link saying the page cannot be found! Not sure if it's a bug or what have you, but I definitely would like to buy the pass when it is available!

omg was this once on the CoG forums??? I'm so thrilled to find it here!! I adore your work and can't wait to see where it goes next :)

What I love so much about this story is that while, yes, it is mostly about you and Cove, the love you have for your family and friends isn't lessened in any way, and in general, the game shows that platonic and familial love are just as important as romantic love (if not moreso sometimes!). Usually when I'm playing a visual novel type game, I'll just focus on the romance option to the exclusion of all else, because the game is set up that way. This game, not so much. While there is still a TON of sweet and amazing moments with Cove, I'd also find times where I'd reach out to my sister or parents for support instead, and the scenes were JUST as heartwarming and full of love.  

I love that you can be any type of person and as long as you're not like, cruel, your family and friends still love and care about you. And even then, just like in real life, you can be cranky at times and still be forgiven. There's no such thing as the "right" dialogue option, you don't have to like all the same things Cove likes in order to maximize relationship points, you can just chose to care about each other, and be yourself. That's enough :) 

The writers also really capture what it feels like at each stage of life, the way kids think, their logic, their mindset, their speech patterns etc.  The best-written child characters I've come across outside of famous children's stories like Junie B Jones, and I loved watching each character grow and change in a realistic way.

This reminded me of things I had forgotten about my own childhood, it even made me reach out to my former neighbors who I used to play with every day. I hadn't spoken to them in years, it was amazing to see them again (even if it was just over zoom) and I have this game to thank for that.

how much money does it cost to just fully unlock everything in one route?  I understand that it's a kind of pay per choice system, or if you save for awhile you can unlock it with in-game currency, but if I just wanted to play one with every option opened how much does that cost? do you have a sale or deal if I want to buy a full route's worth of choices at once?

didn't think this game would make me cry any more than it already had.  What a fool I was 😭❤️😭

gotcha!! I completely understand. I apologize if that came across as rude or demanding in any way, it was probably a very entitled question. at any rate, this is an amazing game and I can't wait to see where it goes next :) thanks again!

Hi! I absolutely adore this game, thank you for making it. I was wondering, and maybe this is not possible, but is there a way for us to set the genders of the ROs if we choose to play as a character attracted to any gender? After playing through multiple times, in my head I see the characters as the gender I used for all those playthroughs. With the new update I had to reset, but if I start a new save from the beginning, some of the characters match their old gender, and some have switched which is a bit jarring. 

Idk if this is feasible, and if it's unreasonable I apologize. But if it's not too difficult, having the option to select the gender of the characters instead of it being completely randomized would be great :)

This game was SO much fun and went into a ton more depth than I was expecting! I adored all of the characters, and liked the episodic nature of the stories. I'm so glad I played this,  I can't wait to see what else you create :D 

Hello! When I'm in the app, it shows a pop up option at the bottom of the game page to buy this game for 24.99. When I try to buy it I get an error saying the page cannot be found. I came here but I can't find the option to buy the full game. Am I missing something? I would love to be able to buy the game if it is at all possible! Was that just an error or something? Either way, I adored the first game and I WISH I had seen the kickstarter for this one. Thank you so much for giving us more of this world!!!

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For some reason I cannot get this to open on the newest MAC OS Big Sur. I get this error: "

You do not have permission to open the application “OBS2_3_SFW_MAC”.

Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance.

It's my computer, so I am the admin. I looked up fixes online (for other products) and none of them worked for this :/ Did anyone else have a similar problem and is there a known workaround?

Question!! Do you enjoy torturing me??? I'm so desperate for reunions that I just want to skip all the text until I reach them, I'm straight up giddy about them, I can't concentrate on anything else, and on first read through for each chapter I kept wondering "this scene? the next scene? WHEN??". then you had to go ahead and make the REST OF THE STORY ALSO INTERESTING AND COMPELLING so then I am also invested in all of that and I can't skip around to search for reunions because I actually want to read the whole thing. You're TEARING ME APART!!!! 

This game is so amazing I should not be playing it at every update bc I'm only left wanting more I should wait until it's done, but I can't help myself 

I was intending on replaying the game but I got the "Do Androids Dream" ending and it was so perfect I couldn't bring myself to change a thing. Do you have a ko-fi or something people can donate to?

I paid for this game ages ago and they stopped updating completely, seemingly abandoning the project 1 year ago. I don't mind pre-ordering games as it's a way to help out indie game devs, but I've never been cheated like this. Isn't this basically stealing?

7 kingdoms a princess problem is AMAZING- deals with stats, political intrigue, murder plots, friendships, and a TON of romance options. best "otome" game I've ever played tbh can't recommend it enough

One of the things I appreciate most about this game is that the other characters don't stop caring about you just because you don't romance them. In a lot of games it feels like if you don't romance a character then they wouldn't care if you live or die. This feels like a real family, and the fact that affection isn't contingent on romance makes me like the characters even more. Romance is important, but it's not the only kind of relationship. This game does a wonderful job with it's connections, romantic or otherwise, and I can't wait to see how they evolve from here. 

(not to mention they do the romance part really, REALLY well)

Hi! I was wondering if we purchase all of the routes separately will we get a free version of the full game? and/or a steam key?