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LOL to the foofy dress xD Also, I don't know who invented all the bureaucracy, but it must've been someone who really likes to annoy people x(

Hold on in there.

Congratulations on the release! Happy reading everyone. :)

LOL. That's kind of a harsh lesson xD

Hopefully you'll find a solution to your problem. On another note, I totally agree with Arya! Adding Windows force-update and some programs are incompatible >__<

"...I've been working extremely hard..." - don't forget to take care of yourself. Proper rest and a bit of procrastination can save you from burnout.

Need the picture of bathing Kiara! xD

Kiara is perfect!  Sending her love and wishes for recovery! \(>///<)/

I'd like to know what's TGIF. x'D

Glad to hear you're getting better. God bless you and your family.

I agree! More doggos!!! \(>u<)/

Sorry if I made you sweat. *bows* m(_ _)m

I didn't want to sound negative. >< It just felt out of place that you mentioned religion of the workers out of the blue. Sorry again. Also, the dogs are not to blame for anything. They are just being dogs and doing their duty xD

Those dogs are absolutely adorable! I pray for your situation to be solved fast and you to be save and sound.

Also, let's not be prejudiced about others before knowing them ^_^

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Argh, had the same problem when my grandma needed the roof work. I couldn't control it, because I was studying in another country and I was just sending the money. Those people were delaying the work and overcharged my grandma. Making a new excuse every time. And disappearing for several days from time to time without any notice. Once they finally finished the work, there was a problem with missing nails in few places which was discovered after a windy day. And then we had to ask a friend to nail the  areas. Seriously, are all the construction workers so corrupted these days?

Strangely enough, that party of workers was also recommend to us by a neighbour xD.

I hope this will end up good for you and the гnscrupulous party will be punished.

\ O.O /   =^_^=

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🤣👋. I also cannot stand long nails being a programmer and liking to make things with my hands. But one of my colleges used to type with a pencil to save her pretty nails. And she was saying it's comfortable.

By the way I really appreciate how you always take the time to gives us an update. To me, you are the example of how a game developer should be. <3 

Wow, hold on! My marriage was also a hustle xD, so I truly feel for you.

Have wonderful holidays ahead! ^_^ And take good care of yourself.

Because Episode 6 is not released yet. As the devs said: "... We're just stopping by to let you all know that we've just released a new patch for the current Episodes 1-5. This patch has fixed issues such as typos and grammar errors, and there have been some minor story changes..."

It's beautiful. But there is an error when you try exit to main menu: 

The "game_menu.png" is missing. 

Не запускается. По крайней мере через приложение itch. Выдаётся два exe файла на выбор для запуска, но оба не работают.


Thank you for this demo! First of all, the quality of your project is great. The art, music and programming are very well done. I cannot say much of the story yet, because, I think, the demo was too short to make a full statement. So far it's good and it looks like there is much more to see. Also, in rare times the style of narrative was a bit confusing to me. I cannot really say why. Could be because of usage of some words or of the sudden change in the pace of the story. So consider it just me being picky. 

I want to point out a "bug" that I've noticed. On the picture below the name of the speaking character is incorrect. I assume, it should be something like "???".

On a funny note, I'm embarrassed to admit that when I toggled the "Sympathy" menu in one of the scenes, I couldn't figure out how to put it down again. And only after I was going to report it to you as another bug and tried to repeat the issue, I noticed that there actually is a "close" button xD.

Thanks again. Best of luck to you! I would certainly want to see final release.

Thanks! The canvas cropping is really something I needed.

Thank you for the update! It is very important to hear from the developers. Even if it's a bad news. I've seen several projects, that I liked, being shut down after long period of silence. Sometimes even years-long period without any news. And it's unbearably sad.  I'm relived to know that you've done major work on your novel and desire to put more efforts into making the game you'd be proud of. Do it at your own pace and take care of yourself. And if you drop a line about how your game progresses from time to time, we'll be happy. :)

Thank you for your honesty. Please, take care of yourself. I'm looking forward for the full story no matter what.

"...It's Shepard..." - My thoughts exactly xD


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So long as he has his grin xD

Концовки выглядят как баг или этот и есть баг? Если видим танцующего человечка (которого нельзя остановить/ускорить), то потом очень быстро в конце мелькает строка, которую я не в состоянии прочесть, и игра вылетает. 

Во втором варианте, на экране просто показывается одно статичное изображение, из которого выход один - выход в главное меню. Хотя снизу активируется кнопка "пропустить". Которая ничего не делает. 

Хочу заметить, что работа интересная. Но концовки (или баги) выбивают из колеи. Хотелось бы большей ясности. Спасибо.

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Impressive. Though, when the character talked to himself in the beginning it was a little bit too fast for me xD I wouldn't mind some kind of log in the game, maybe. But never mind me. Keep up the good job and good luck.

Also, I'm extremely grateful for the fonts in the game not being the tiny torture machine on wide screens. 

It's an interesting game with majestic music. But there were some strange bugs in the fullscreen mode like game not fitting the screen and mouse touching opened tabs that are behind the game, when I tried to interact with surrounding in the game. Also, the text above hero's head jumps unpleasantly for my eyes. And once it even went off the screen.

This game is so beautiful! Very good job. I would want to see more.

It's a great story for those who like to solve mysteries.  Personally, I find it difficult to find a story that would puzzle me. And every time I have a chance to use my brain I absolutely adore it. Thank you for giving me this sweet experience. Cannot wait for the full release. Good luck!

Thank you. :) 

WHAAAAAAT!!! You are a hero! Thanks. Also, I wouldn't mind some difficulty settings being a dumb chess player that I am ;)

I feel bad for the fish > x <

It's a very nice novel. Honesty, I didn't expect it to be so good. Because there is not much information on the story/features on the novel's page. I think you should add a little bit information on the story and uniqueness of your work. Nevertheless, I wish you the best. Keep up the good work.

P.S.: Also, it works on my 64bit system. Usually 64bit systems support applications for 32bit without problem. 

Great! Thank you.

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How did you update the game? 

If you use itch app then you can try to delete and re-install the game.  Either way just follow the instructions that relate to you from  the topic I think if you successfully re-install the game (or re-place the old files with new ones) there should be no problem.