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Thank you so much for your work. Loved the update! <3 Truly a treasure. 

My dude, I CANNOT wait. So looking forward to it.

Hello! Love the game, especially the characters(Rylan my heart)  On my 3rdish play I got this error though 

Thanks for the info! Ill keep it in mind if it ever goes...weird again.  I was able to repurchase with no issue so who knows what happened lol. 

False alarm; sorta; it just dropped off my banking statement (I promised it was there!). Will try again soon.

Apologies, I do not know why but even though I paid in full I am unable to access the newly released game. Is there a reason you know of or place I can go for some direction. So sorry to bother you with this

I use both platforms so either is great for me! Itch it is and ty for the answer. 

Quick question, which will give you a better deal/revenue/ect. I plan to buy it either way so which is "better" for you?

Thank you so much for the demo! Looking forward to more! Well placed cliffhanger lol 

Fallen Lights DEMO community · Created a new topic Yes!

I adore this game! Ive played it several times and just love the writing style. I am also sooooo ready for all the angst and heartache that will come with me simping over E. 

Already in love with Sam plz send help! Love the writing, can't wait for more!

Daaaaaamn that was wonderfully hardcore and unexpected! Can't wait for more!

As a villain at heart I *might* need some guidance what those choices are 😏

Welp now I get to  break Manhin's heart cause I am in no way shape or form not able to chase Oberon. Enjoyed the first bit to pieces! Really liked the small interactions such as finding the recipe to make tea. Looking forward to the rest!! 

I enjoyed the demo! I was very impressed with the manipulation of movement (like the dance scenes). Congrats on meeting all the Kickstarter goals, looking forward to buying the finished project.

Firstly, while I did not think it was possible BUT you broke my heart in two chapters(so...thanks?). It was very well placed for as much drama and emotion that is laced in this story so far.

Like so many others I like the MC, and the relationship between "them" and Mathias.

I tried some different options experimenting and was impressed with the subtle differences that each choice builds upon. 

I like the black and white it adds to the drama of it all; and it is so rare now days. Perhaps just including them every now then as you feel the situation fits

Looking forward to more!

Can anyone else not install this via the App?