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Thanks for the update! But remember to keep your own health in check! Lots of love!! <3

I know a lot of work goes into making these, which is why I understand the price of the game. But as a person who doesn't have a lot of money, I was wondering if the game would ever go on a sale of some sort, or if it would always be $20? 

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Everything about this game is amazing 100/10. This was so well done! Like I can't express it enough! This remains as one of my favorite games! And is mostly definitely in the top three!

OMFG This was so good! I can't wait to see/play more! Thanks for all the hard work!!

I haven't even played the updated version but I just KNOW it's gonna be good! Thank you for all the hard work! 

Dear Lord this is elaborate! Thanks for all your hard work!!

Not even gonna lie. This made me cry (in a good way lol)

Congrats guys! And thanks to everyone who helped donate! (Especially since I can't! All the love!!) I'm not yet done with the demo but this game is SO GOOD! I haven't found a good one like this in a LONG TIME so thank you to everyone putting in their hard work and thanks to everyone for donating!

OKay, I don't usually comment on things BUT HOLY CRAP THAT WAS gOOD! I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler but I CANNOT wait for S2!!

At first I was like, jeez, this demo's long (not that I was complaining) and then when it ended I was SO HOOKED. Thanks to everyone for the obvious hard work (and for the future hard work!) I can't wait to play the full version!

I played this game a while back on steam. I absolutely love this game! One of my favorites!!

Can you tell us how to access the locked files?