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Is this the last season of Oathbreaker? And how many chapters do you plan on making for season 2?

I was really looking forward to this game. Is it being discontinued?

So we could wait up to 10-12 years for the full release of Anoldor? Maybe you could start a patreon page to help support the development to speed up progress?

I actually bought this game on steam not knowing it was on and on that version there’s no nightclub or gym or anything outside of work, home, park, and the shops. So I don’t know if there was an update that was put on this page that wasn’t put on steam or what but it sucks because I wanted to play the entirety of it. 

Sorry if this has been asked before but how many episodes is this going to have?

Sorry to bother you but how many chapters is this going to have? And when is chapter 6 coming out?

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I honestly want a second part that shows the relationship between the MC and the love interests and the story behind this mole and really just a second part that shows how everything plays out. I think that goes without saying that I absolutely loved this game and the choices associated with it. 

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I just found this game recently and downloaded it to play and honestly it is the best visual novel I have ever read. Imagine my face when the screen said “Season 2 coming soon” I actually started crying😂

Do you guys have an update? Maybe even a release date?

Does this have a release date or estimated release date?

I wanted to wait until the full game was finished before delving into WTNC and in fact am so excited for this game I took a day off of work just so I can stay home and play this game. Can’t wait😁

The demo was so good that I just know that the final product will be amazing and I am super excited for the release which I hope is soon?

So I got every ending except Lana’s.  I followed the walkthrough and everything was going good but when it came time to call someone after her nightmare she automatically called IIma. Not sure what I did wrong. 

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but is there an estimation on when the full game will be released? And will you release a walkthrough with the release of the full game?

I updated and played through it again a couple of different times and the only choice I was not getting was the choice in double trouble where we had a choice to extend the detention by adding more books. Other than that I got them all and played through them all. I’m quite confused and still have not gotten Romeos picture in the special section of the extras. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Is it possible to have it sent via email?

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I’ve played through Romeo's route about 15 times now and have unlocked all endings but still cannot get his picture in the special gallery in the extras. I don’t know what choice I haven’t done considering I’ve played it multiple times and have chosen all available choices but could you give me a list of all the choices and what leads to getting them in his route? I don’t know what else to do :(

Will you be releasing a walkthrough with the game as well?