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Prank Masters

A romantic comedy otome visual novel game where you play as a heroine prankster. · By Lockvia Studios


A topic by Becca0825 created 18 days ago Views: 110 Replies: 3
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I’ve played through Romeo's route about 15 times now and have unlocked all endings but still cannot get his picture in the special gallery in the extras. I don’t know what choice I haven’t done considering I’ve played it multiple times and have chosen all available choices but could you give me a list of all the choices and what leads to getting them in his route? I don’t know what else to do :(

Developer (3 edits)

Hi Becca0825,

There seems to be a small bug somewhere in Romeo's special gallery, so firstly could you update Prank Masters to at least v1.05?

Romeo's route is the most complex compared to Kadin and Richard's. In terms of choices and variations, Romeo's route has many choices within a choice. So here's a list of choices within a choice that will help you unlock all other choices that exist in Romeo's route.

Romeo: Double Trouble

  • Should I tell her the truth?
    • Yes, this is the last straw. 
  • Do I investigate?
    • Of course! What if he bailed?

These two choices will lead you to a choice within a choice in the next variation and this choice will come up:

  • I can extend his detention until tomorrow, or to infinity. I just need to add a few more books to his trolley. Should I?
    • Yes! Serves him right.
    • I might have to take over his area later.

Romeo: Bonding Session

  • Am I hungry?
    • Yes! Watching them fight made me hungry.
  • Okay. Can you get me...
    • Hash browns, chips and water?
    • An egg salad sandwich and cookies?
    • Cheese pide and lemonade?

Play all three of these choices to unlock Romeo's Special gallery. After that this choice will come up:

  • Do I want pizza?
    • Yes! It’s pizza!
    • No, why should I? Stick to my option.

If you choose:

  • Do I want pizza?
    • No, why should I? Stick to my option. (from Romeo: Bonding Session)

It will lead you to this choice in Romeo: Feverish:

  • Is this a good time for ice cream?
    • Anytime is ice cream time.
    • It’s still too early for ice cream.

If you choose:

  • Do I want pizza?
    • Yes! It’s pizza! (from Romeo: Bonding Session)

It will lead to this choice in Romeo: Feverish:

  • Is this petty race worth anything?
    • It’s worth nothing. Nil.
    • It’s worth a free ice cream!

Romeo: He Said What?

  • Should we join them?
    • Eww... Not another romantic movie.
  • Sounds like you had fun. Do you want dinner?
    • Not hungry.
    • I can go for dinner.

If you chose:

  • Should we join them?
    • It might bore them enough to leave. (from Romeo: He Said What?)

It will lead to this choice later in the same chapter:

  • Should I tell him?
    • Sure. He can’t make the situation any worse.
    • I’m not telling this nosy ‘friend’ anything.

I updated and played through it again a couple of different times and the only choice I was not getting was the choice in double trouble where we had a choice to extend the detention by adding more books. Other than that I got them all and played through them all. I’m quite confused and still have not gotten Romeos picture in the special section of the extras. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Is it possible to have it sent via email?


Sure! That's fine. Send us an email here: contact@lockviastudios.com