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Lockvia Studios

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Replied to ippany in Finished?

Hi ippany,

We hope to finish it this year, 2017! We apologise for extending the release date because our writers and artists have been swamped many things at the end of last year.

Created a new topic Prank Masters Feedback

If you have any feedback for Prank Masters, feel free to let us know!

Also, in Prank Masters Beta version 0.02 we've made it easier to get to Kadin's route from the prologue. If you're still having trouble with his route contact us here.

Created a new topic Report a Bug or Typo

If you found a bug or typo while playing Prank Masters, let us know here and we'll do our best to fix it ASAP. If you prefer to report privately you can do so by visiting Prank Masters website here.

We've updated Prank Masters Beta to version 0.02! In this update you can now unlock the 'Special' gallery and replay the endings for Kadin's route.

Created a new topic Prank Masters Beta Updates

Hi everyone!

We're going to use to post to update on the releases of Prank Masters Beta.

Posted in Finished?

Hi rihannon172,

At the moment, Prank Masters is still in the beta phase so you won't get the whole game just yet. But once the whole game is finished, which is by the end of this year, you'll be able to download the full version.

Replied to maddmouse in Bad End?

Hi maddmouse,

We have a hint guide here. We're not planning to release a walkthrough yet because there may be changes to the full version. But if you need extra assistance contact us here and we'll help you.

Replied to momazuniga in Bad End?

Hi momazuniga,

If you need extra help to get to Kadin's route, send us a message here and we'll assist you.

Posted in Bad End?

Hi lorc16,

You'll need to pick the right choices in order to trigger Kadin's route. If you need extra help, let us know!