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Lockvia Studios

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To delete a save, just hover your mouse over the save and press the "Backspace" or "Delete" button on your keyboard.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Hi AnnaPowers,

Thank you for your patience and your understanding. For now, we're unsure when it's going to be completed because it depends on everyone's schedule. But we can say that it will be completed in 2018.

Hi pandagurlaay,

Thank you for writing to us. We always do our best to reply to our emails. Which month did you send the email? Because I just checked our emails and we haven't been receiving any email regarding to Prank Masters since August. 

We really did seriously want to finish the game in December 2017. Our team had some unexpected issues and had to take a break before coming back to work on Prank Masters (I, myself, had to do a 9-week work placement to finish off my university degree).

And to answer your question: why Voiceful was released before Prank Masters? It's because the art was completed and since I was waiting for the other team members to recover, I figured I should do something with my time. We hired writers for Maid for You as early now because we didn't want to repeat the same delays we had for Prank Masters.

We'll definitely put a disclaimer or label to says that the game is incomplete for the time being. Please send an email to contact@lockviastudios.com if you still want a refund. 

Thank you for your feedback!


Replied to ozekeseylul in Finished?

Hi ozekeseylul,

We're hoping to finish Prank Masters sometime in December 2017. We'll update you guys when we have an exact date.

Replied to ippany in Finished?

Hi ippany,

We hope to finish it this year, 2017! We apologise for extending the release date because our writers and artists have been swamped many things at the end of last year.

Posted in Finished?

Hi rihannon172,

At the moment, Prank Masters is still in the beta phase so you won't get the whole game just yet. But once the whole game is finished, which is by the end of this year, you'll be able to download the full version.

Replied to maddmouse in Bad End?
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Hi maddmouse,

We have a hint guide here. We're not planning to release a walkthrough yet because there may be changes to the full version. But if you need extra assistance contact us here and we'll help you.

Replied to momazuniga in Bad End?
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Hi momazuniga,

If you need extra help to get to Kadin's route, send us a message here and we'll assist you.

Posted in Bad End?

Hi lorc16,

You'll need to pick the right choices in order to trigger Kadin's route. If you need extra help, let us know!