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Prank Masters Official Prologue Walkthrough

A topic by Lockvia Studios created Jun 09, 2018 Views: 4,038
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As promised, here's Prank Masters official prologue walkthrough.

Prologue: Ice Pack Emergency

  • I find... (Choices doesn't matter)
  • Should I get a cupcake?
    • Yes! Who doesn't like free food? (Kadin)
    • No. Decline Kadin's offer.
  • My name is...
    • Juliet.
    • Rosa. (Richard)
  • What should I do to get the last ice pack?
    • Try reasoning with him again. (Romeo)
    • Show him who's boss. 

Prologue: Spilling Day

  • Who should I say is the older twin?
    • Kadin. (Kadin)
    • Katrina.
  • What should I say?
    • Yes.
    • No. (Richard)
  • Should I give it a second shot?
    • Next one's a kick. (Romeo)
    • Take another swing.

Prologue: Prank War

  • What should I do?
    • Take out the hair tie. (Kadin)
    • Play with the yo-yo again. (Richard)
    • Have a closer look at the plastic shovel. (Romeo)