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Hm, yea I can see a difference now that you mentioned it. Maybe it's a design choice? I really can't think of any other reason ( p-p)

The last post about Ascension on their patreon is on  June this year so i'm pretty sure its still being worked on

Oh, ty! Huh, i guess he does have a little bit of a lighter complexion. For some ungodly reason i thought both he and Lea had red skin tones in the first game so this is definitely a step up from the old art either way lol

Who are you talking about exactly?

Ahh! Ok thank you! I have been checking the Patreon from time to time but since I'm not a patreon I dont have access to more information :( plus its easy for me to overlook stuff

I know its bound to be annoying receiving these kind of questions all the time, but I saw that chapter 6 has been released on your patreon since May (and chapter 5 since February). I was just wondering how long should we expect to wait for it to be public? 

Ok, thank you <3

I thought that they would be reffered to as a "demi-boy" or can both therms be used? Or do I have it all wrong, wouldnt be surprised tbh lol

Well the download file still says its 0.3.3, i didnt know there was supposed to be a new version??? ;-;

I thought those were just place holders for future CGs? I dont have anybodys full CG pages unlocked, do you? ;-; Or are you only playing Ryonas route?

Well there IS a yuri option lol

Aaa! Ok, I didn't think about that! Thank you for the clarification!

Im telling you when i saw this pop up in my e-mail I squealed like a dog toy 😭 Very excited for this! ❤

Also while reading this page I noticed a mistake (or two?). On Tamaracks step 1 info box on the second to last row it says "newcomer comer". I also wanted to point out that on Qius step 1 info box the only pronoun thats used is "he" even tho it says they use he/they pronounce maybe you'd want to mix it up?

Can't wait to see what you do with this game! ❤

"We have no plans for that at the moment, but it may be something we look into once the game is complete."

Found this on their FAQ (its linked on this page) <3

So i checked your FAQ and i didnt see anything about this.

I wanted to ask if i've already paid (the optional payment on this page) for the game will i have to pay for it again when its released?

Thanks in advance!

dayum they tall


currently crying <3

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I now literally have a folder on my computer named "Nami"! I love your games so much i cant believe i didnt find you sooner! Now, excuse me while i loose myself in yet another adorably spectacular game 💙

Edit: I can safely say this is the cutest most enjoyable slowburn i have ever read! UGH I JUST LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH! I could not stop smiling, my face hurts it was SO. ADORABLE!!! Please continue to make games they have been very enjoyable so far <3

A little late but you have to go to specific places, press the "hang out" option and then chat with them. (ex: go to park, press "hang out" and Lyrae should pop up on your screen!)

if you're logged in on your accout then it should save your subscription to your account

I just finished my first play through of the game and when I tell you I CRIED! At the end of step 3 after that beach day with everyone, I was halfway through all of them saying goodbye to the MC and this realisation that the game was most likely ending after that hit me LIKE A TRUCK and I started BAWLING my eyes out!

It took me close to 10h to finish the game with me skipping through step 1 and half of step 2 as I had played the demo and realising the game was ending was the most upsetting thing that happened to me all day (and I had 2 tests and also had to go to school early cuz I have a club)!

So let me take a moment to applaud everyone that worked on this game! This was easily the best, most immersive game I've ever had the chance to play and for FREE!? I am so extremely happy with everything! Not to forget the LGBTQ+ community representation, like y'all SNAPPED SO HARD! 

Y'all have to excuse my unprofessional writing but I'm crying from happiness and sadness at the same time.

ALSO that drawing with the bouquet at the end of the credits had me crying again in 0.00002 seconds!

I have so many good things to say but then the comment would get to long so I'm gonna leave it at that! 💞

I absolutely LOVED her! And i was pleasantly surprised by the secret route! I actually thought it was gonna be for Tailor, haha. Honestly when i first played the game i fell for Blake right away and i was kinda sad she didnt have a route, so thank you so much for adding her route in! 💞

My favourite is Lyell, but i may be biased cuz werewolfs are my favourite, haha

Nevermind! Scratch that i replayed again and apparently i missed one bad end for Victoria! I got her item now, tho im not sure if its supposed to do anything! And i also got into Xanthe's route! Sorry for bothering you 🤦‍♀️!

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Yep! Pretty sure i got all of the endings, bad and good. But i dont know if Bae's bad end (when Jaylene gets pushed in her water tank when Bae goes 'feral') counted as i didnt get the "BAD END" letters pop up on screen but the credits rolled after it.

As for the items, the two i got (Lyell's cat and the CD/cassette Bae made for Jaylene) worked! Im not sure if there was supposed to be an item for Victoria as i didnt get one.

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Love the game but i cant for the life of me figure out how to get to Xanthe's route (and yes i did look at the hint)! And is there supposed to be an item that pops up on the main menu screen when you get the good ending for Victoria cuz i cant seem to get that either?

Im probably doing something wrong but i've been replaying it over and over again and i cant figure it out :')

So i've been following this game for a small amount of time and i finally decided to make an account and comment!

Im a sucker for good otome-like games or dating sims or anything with romance and a good story really and I usually prefer everything and anything with fantasy but THIS game is honestly the best one I've played and it's not even finished yet! I have fallen in love with the characters, the story, the art - basically everything! And I absolutely love the fact that we can customize the MC and even Cove, either through our choises or the Cove creator.

This game is releasing almost a week before my birthday so this will honestly be the best birthday present I've had in a while! I want to thank everybody who has worked and will continue to work on this game, you've done an amazing job so far and I believe it will get even better! (sorry for any broken English in this comment, hehe)